Monday, June 30, 2008

Laundry Update

Because I know you have nothing better to do than wonder how my laundry situation is.

When I was out sick last week, I asked my neighbor in #2 if I could throw a load of laundry in. It was her laundry day, but I know she's retired and is home every day, so I was hoping it wouldn't be a big deal to her.

When I explained that I was home sick and even though I was hacking up a lung, I wanted to take advantage of my day off because my laundry day was Friday, and I was never home on Friday evenings, so I felt the need to do laundry when I could...


She said, "Oh, take Tuesday!"
I said, "Really, you're okay with having Friday?"
She said, "Sure! I'm home every day. Tuesday, Friday, it doesn't matter to me. Please, just take Tuesday."

Then she asked if I needed anything. Tissues, cough drops, soup. Total grandma. Just wanting to take care of the sick little girl. I told her I was good for now, but thank you.

Now I can do laundry on Tuesdays. Which is normally my walk with Rachelle and Val day, but if I throw a load in as soon as I get home from work, it will be finished by the time I leave so I can throw it in the dryer and then get it out when I return from my walk.

Are you as relieved as I am?

I may still drop it off at the wash-n-fold place if the social life gets a little too crazy or I run out of quarters. I like how they fold my Hanky Pankies.

Weekend Update.....And Then Some

One of the perks of dating Todd is that he's so quick to get his post about our weekends up so you guys are In The Know come Monday morning. Thus, alleviating the pressure for me to get something written. Because, believe it or not, I get emails asking me how my weekend was and just why have I not posted yet this morning!

Almost makes me feel famous.

Side note: artichokes kind of look like chicken in the pasta salad I'm eating for lunch, but taste nothing like chicken. So, it's quite a shock to expect chicken and get artichoke. Very different experiences. I'm just sayin'.....


While I didn't consider this past weekend to be jammed packed, in retrospect, we were quite the little social butterflies. Todd has even created a google calendar for us to which we can both contribute. Planners unite!

As you may have read, we partied it up with some of my co-workers Friday night. And somehow the party ended up at the Lock-n-Keel. Okay, maybe I was the one who suggested it. Who knows. You remember the Lock-n-Keel. My old home away from home. When I was apartment hunting last summer, one of the requirements was that it was walking (or, stumbling) distance from the Lock-n-Keel. Then I had the bottom of the barrel night in October and well, the desire to hang out there suddenly disappeared.

And Friday night, I made the declaration to Todd that I did not need to go there again. Too many memories. Memories that I would rather put to bed and then forget about it. There were some fun times with the Ex there, but that's a different life ago. Time to move on.

Saturday morning, I declared that I did not need to drink jack-n-cokes again, either. My stomach was not at all happy with me. So my little bottle of Jack Daniels that I bought when I first moved into my apartment went home with Jessica and Sam.

And speaking of Jessica, I bawled like a baby when she left. It's one thing to not have her spending the night with me every week (she was great blogging material), but now I won't even see her at work. Luckily, as the fates would have it, Todd has family in Bellingham, so here's hoping there will be some road trips up there.

After my crying fit, Todd and I ate some breakfast, then headed to Costco. Where I thought Todd was finally going to get see Very Cranky Raechelle. Lemme tell ya, it took a ton of energy to not just whack people upside the head as I walked by them. I don't do people. I don't do large groups of people who are completely unaware that they are not alone on this planet. For the love of puppies people, just be aware!

So, we made it out of Costco in tact and Todd didn't have to see my head spin around while I called people very bad names. Probably for the best.

Then, that afternoon, was the big joint birthday party. It was a good time and I met lots of cool, new people who just absolutely adore Todd. I was introduced to a few people who had heard of me but that I'd never met, so I was a bit on the spot for a while.

(Todd, posing with his girls.)

Then the granddaddy of On The Spot happened.

Trish asked if I wanted to give a toast to Todd, as The Girlfriend. She was going to give the toast to Dan, her husband. I very politely said, "Um, hell no". I can get on stage and belt out "Angel from Montgomery" with a moment's notice, but ask me to actually form coherent sentences in front of a bunch of people I just met, who I feel are already paying way too much attention to me? I'll pass, thank you.

So, I made my way to the back of the room to stand by Ann and Doug, because I know them, while Trish toasted Dan and Todd and said really nice things about them. Then one by one, the guests starting saying nice things and it was all well and good until Val toasted Todd. She said she was happy for him and this great place he's in and he's a great guy and (something to the effect of) best wishes to him and his new girlfriend, Raechelle.

At which point EVERYONE in the very large room turned to look at me. Whadya gonna do?

I smiled as best I could and waved.

And Doug said, "Why, Raechelle. You color up real nice."

I thought the tops of my ears were going to burst into flames.

Once the moment of utter spotlight was over, I poured myself a big ass glass of white wine and mingled like a mad woman. That's where Ann, Natasha and I decided we MUST go shopping for shoes and make up. Because that's what women do.

So, the party wound down, we packed everything up and caravaned over to Todd's. There was dinner out, then a movie, then more socializing, and finally at 11:30pm, it was bedtime. Whew. Suffice it to say, I did not need my codeine cough syrup in order to sleep through the night. I was plum tuckered out (getting ready for West Virginia).

And Sunday morning, Todd had to bribe me with a latte to get me out of bed. Finally. At 9am.

Remember when I used to sleep in until 10 or 11am? Yeah, those days are gone. Tyler was at the bedroom door at 5:30am asking if we wanted eggs for breakfast. Sigh. You can't really get upset when a 14 year old is offering to cook you breakfast. Even if it's before dawn.

Apparently, it was even too early for Tyler, because when we left for Starbucks at 9:30am, he was asleep on the couch. And he only had on one sock. It was very cute.

The latte helped my energy level, at least enough to try on a few things at Target. I have a couple new sparkly tank tops for West Virginia now. And a cute skirt.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging because it was too freakin' hot to even think about doing anything else. Well, until I got on a cleaning fit. I simply washed up the wine glasses, which turned into loading the dishwasher, which turned into wiping down the counter tops, which turned into wiping down the front of the cabinets.

Which turned into Todd scrubbing the stove top. Hee hee. I infected him.

But then Jamie arrived for dinner, so I had to put the sponge down. We had a lovely celebratory dinner and then celebratory ice cream and then just hung out chatting until 8:30pm.

I kept saying, last week, that I was going to leave West Seattle around noon on Sunday. I had some shopping I wanted to do, Ruby needs a bath very badly and I wanted to start preparing for my trip. But it's funny how none of those things seem very appealing when I'm laughing my ass off with Todd. The man just cracks me up.

I finally made it home, got some administrative stuff done, and crashed for the night. It was quite warm in my apartment, so I opened all the windows and just slept with a sheet. It's baffling to have such warm weather after freezing our butts off for eight months.

So, this week will be some last minute shopping for shorts and capris (mine are a bit too big and baggy on me) and hopefully a dinner with Shaun. Then I fly out Friday morning!

I'm already giddy.

Well, would you look at that?
I accidently took a two hour lunch. Huh.

Guess I should get back work now........

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Very Last First

Welcome Back

By Eliza Gilkyson

It was the summer of my discontent
It was the fall of a lifetime
It was the winter of my penitence
Waitin' on the springtime

It was all sackcloth and ashes
Four a couple of years
I took my licks and my hundred lashes
I cried a bucket of tears

Well, that distant shore is forever out of reach
Before you know it you're washed up on the beach
And it's welcome back
It was a pretty dark day
But now the sun is shining
Welcome back
I guess I'm on my way

I was bent but I was not broken
I was sinking but I did not drown
I was reeling but I was still hoping
I could be lost and found

I was temporarily disconnected
In a state of disrepair
Disoriented and dejected
I had to climb out of there

Through the labyrinth and down
Til you land on solid ground

Welcome back......

Friday, June 27, 2008

All Kinds of Randomness

My doctor called in a prescription for cough syrup with codeine yesterday, and boy howdy, did I sleep well last night! I wish I'd ask for that sooner. With the exception of the very high range of my voice (which, honestly, who really wants to hear that? The lower range is much sexier) I have my voice back and am singing my fool head off in my office today.

Song of the day: Communication by The Cardigans
"And I hold the record for being patient...." Ha! Damn straight, baby.

Also, making a frequent appearance: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.
"So, I won't hesitate no more, it cannot wait, I'm yours...." Oh, Rae-rae, just give in and do it!


I have gone through boxes and boxes of apple cinnamon instant oatmeal and cannot find one that is as good as McCann's. Apparently, the big BM (Ballard Market) stopped carrying this particular flavor of McCann's and now my world is completely shattered. One brand tastes like cardboard, one brand has so much cinnamon it's almost syrupy, one brand had no apple-like flavor whatsoever. I'm avoiding buying the Quaker's brand, but I'm running out of options. I may have to just suck it up and go for the unacceptable amount of sugar. Poo.

Should you see this brand (green box) while grocery shopping, please email me. I'm willing to bribe someone to mail me this stuff. Like the Coco Wheats.


It's actually supposed to hit 80 degrees today. And from the looks of it, I think it may happen. This weekend is supposed to be in the 90s. Seattlites are going to freak out. If you want to see half naked people, this is the weekend for it. People start wearing shorts when it hits 55 degrees. Can you imagine what they wear (or don't wear) when it's 90? Good times.....


In a mere seven days, I will be in West Virginia. Well, actually, at this time next week, I'll be landing in Pittsburgh and then driving two and a half hours to Nestorville.

Once in Nestorville, my sister will greet me with a glass of wine, I will kick of my shoes and feel my cares just slip away. I may take a quick dip in the creek before supper and then I plan to be a bonafide country gal for a whole week. And I get to see my mommy and daddy!


I'm ready for this day to be over. I ate lunch at 11:30am. That was stupid. Just makes the afternoon crawl. Ack.

Well, if we want to think about this in a positive light, early lunch means I get to eat again before I leave. Round two!


I'm wearing my white frilly skirt today. I feel pretty.

Funny story though. I wore this white frilly skirt to the :20 Festival a few weeks ago. And for some reason that is still not clear to me, I thought black panties wouldn't show through.

Guess what?

Black panties showed through. And I didn't know this until the end of the night when Todd and I were headed back to the car and I popped into the bathroom. Doug and Ann (along with everyone else who walked behind me that night) must think I'm one of those crazy chicks who likes her underthings to show. Which I am. Maybe just not when I first meet people.

My panties are white today, in case you were wondering.
I have to be a bit more reserved at work.

Good Bye, Dearest Jessica

My part-time roommate, Jessica, is leaving me.


She got a job in Bellingham. Now she actually gets to live in her own house, seven days a week, and be with her man.

So, today we are having a vegetarian gluten free potluck. Fun times! And quite the challenge. I made some kind of quinoa salad with a tahini sauce. And no, I'm not eating it. Because I discovered that I don't like tahini sauce. Know what tahini is? It's ground sesame seeds. Found in the peanut butter aisle. I asked Jessica if she wanted the rest of the jar because I don't want that crap anywhere in my kitchen. She got all kinds of excited.

"Rae-rae! You can use that for falafels!"

Um, okay. Because I make falafels? No.
No, I don't.

So that's my parting gift to Jessica. Tahini sauce.

And a slumber party.

There is a big drinkfest after work and I was told that "everyone" was coming over to my place, then we'll walk down to Ballard. And I was told that people could stay over if they're too drunk to drive afterward.

Whatever. Only for Jessica.

Slumber party at Rae-rae's!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Horoscope For Today

I think the Universe is telling me to slack off.

From Yahoo:
You'll benefit from the ambition of others. Let them do the work while you relax.

Sounds good to me.
Cause, ya know, if the Universe wants me to slack, well then.....slack I must. Who am I to question it?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Almost Maybe Kinda Better

I've had the song "Thrill is Gone" in my head all day, but I changed up the words a bit:

"Phlegm is gone.......phlegm is gone away for good...."

With the exception of some ovary busting coughing fits, I feel pretty good. I'm not wheezing and I've gotten a little more of my voice back. I haven't felt the need to nap all day. Even did some work. Yes, I may actually be on the mend.

So maybe now I can muster the energy to go to the grocery store. Because things are looking pretty pathetic in my fridge:

I don't know how long those eggs have been in there and I'm scared to look at the feta cheese. I did finish off the two heels of bread (which I absolutely hate), the turkey and the cheese, so there's even less in there. But I got butter! And wine! And tofu!

Life is good.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Sick

So, I could give you a weekend update, but Todd's post sums it up just fine. I will say that having him appear at the bathroom door with a big ass latte in his hand was my idea of perfection. I'm a simple woman.


I went to the doctor yesterday. Primarily to get a note for my boss saying I was still sick, but also because the coughing is starting to make my lungs burn and I absolutely do not need pneumonia before I fly to West Virginia on the 4th. And I don't know what pneumonia feels like so I wanted to nip it in the bud. It appears that I may have a sinus infection, so she gave me antibiotics, and she gave me a new prescription for my inhaler to help ease the wheezing.

Did you know I have asthma? I was diagnosed when I had my house cleaning business. All of the pet hair and dust brought it to light. There were times when I would take in a breath to say something and you could very clearly hear a whistle. So I have an albuterol inhaler for quick fixes. They wanted me to use a steroid inhaler to help the lungs heal but that caused some side effects that I was not willing to tolerate. I'll take the wheezing, thank you very much.

Where was I?

Oh, right. Doctor. So the doctor said bad cold, maybe a sinus infection, few more days of rest. I'm stocked up on tea, cough drops and NyQuil. Yes, it's a party around here.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Ruby!

(photo from June 21, 2006)

It was two years ago today that I brought my baby, Ruby, home. And she has been my constant through this last year.

Through the break up, homelessness, couch surfing and sadness. I sat in her often, when I wanted to be alone, and cried, with my head on her steering wheel. Her trunk held bags of my clothes and her backseat was home to my shoes. And today, in happier times, her passenger seat is my breakfast table on the drive to work and we rock out to Rilo Kiley when we're feeling all tough and grrr.

She has one major knick on her - on the top of her rear, passenger wheel well. Someone in an orange car opened their door and dinged her. But other than that (and a slight grease stain from some butter that slid off my english muffin one morning) she's perfect.

I love my Ruby.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Solstice!

Summer officially begins here in Seattle at 4:59pm. (I don't know how they can narrow it down like that, but whatever.)

And magically, the high here today is supposed to reach 74 degrees.

Holy crap.

Heat wave!

But then, Sunday, we're back down to 66. Sigh.

It's hard to dress in weather like this. And it may be warm outside, but my office is still freezing, so I'm in my khakis (summery!), my pink cable knit sweater (wintery!) over my Hanes boys white tank (summery!) and my shiny black ballet slippers (year round!). I'm feeling very balanced today. Once I leave work, I can shed the sweater and soak up some vitamin D.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I feel guilty for not posting much lately and I'm giving you something to cling to since you probably won't hear from me all weekend. Aren't I sweet?

And here.
Here's a bunny.

Happy Summer!

Here, But Not Really Here

I'm at work today. Woo.Hoo.

But I am dreaming of my sweats and my bed. I am exhausted. I'm not as stuffy, not hacking as much, but still.....pooped. I think my boss was actually surprised to see me today. Good. Then she won't be surprised when I leave early.

I haven't had coffee since Sunday. Can you believe that? Actually, the real question is, should I take this opportunity to wean myself from it completely?

Naaa. That's just crazy talk!

On my drive in this morning, I declared to no one in particular, "You bet your ass I'm having coffee this morning!" Then I quoted Hedwig: "Deny me and be doomed". And then I chuckled. Cause I think I'm funny.

But I haven't had coffee today. Sticking with Throat Coat tea. It's probably best.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

RIP Edith Macefield

Edith Macefield died on Sunday.

I wrote about Edith back in February. She was quite the talk of Ballard, as she was offered a million dollars for her house and she turned it down. Instead, they've been building the Trader Joe's around her.

She has no living family, so no one is sure what will happen to the house. Rumor has it, she left it to the senior construction superintendent. He had been checking in on her and even taking her to doctor's appointments during the construction.

Edith was 86 years old. And died in her house.
Just like she wanted.

I Suck

Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't posted in a few days. I'm still sick and the ol' noggin' just isn't working too well. And since I've done pretty much nothing but lay around in my apartment watching Buffy, nothing blogworthy has really happened.

I did go into work yesterday for a mere three hours. I figured my boss would fire me if I didn't at least make the effort. So I got through my emails, cleaned out my inbox, then came back home and got into bed.

I am very much looking forward to this weekend though. Lots o' Todd time. A birthday dinner on Friday night, breakfast with the godparents, who are in town from Houston, Saturday morning and a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for a wine tasting on Sunday with another couple. A nice, little trip that Todd planned. And I didn't have do anything.

I love that.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm home today. Somehow, I picked up a cold from someone over the weekend. Hmmm. Who could that have been?

Doesn't matter. It was totally worth it.

Friday night's movie was Control, the story of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. I had never heard of Joy Division until a month ago, but I like their stuff. The movie was beautiful. Then there was some Robot Chicken, which I had never seen, even though I love Seth Green. Very funny. Very un-PC.

Saturday, Todd and I had planned to go through the boxes of stuff from the fire, but we decided it would not be the best project to take on since he was still sick and hacking up stuff. So the day was spent in PJs, watching gobs of movies with Kayleigh (Tyler had gone to a friend's for the evening) . We did eventually put on pants to go get dinner. We were all pretty stir crazy come 7pm. After dinner, we tried to watch Sweeny Todd but I just didn't care about it at that point and Todd was sounding even worse than he had the past night, so I went to get NyQuil and he medicated up. Since I didn't wake up much during the night, I'm guessing he didn't wake up much during the night and he seemed to have some energy on Sunday.

Sunday - Father's Day.
And what a freakin' beautiful day in Seattle! Blue skies, in the high 60s. Just beautiful. We had a nice low key morning (and my throat starting hurting), then went downtown for lunch and to see The Incredible Hulk.

Honestly, I probably would not have had any desire to see this if it weren't for Todd and the kids. I simply went along for the ride and to have some quality time with my man. But I really liked the movie. Edward Norton and Liv Tyler had great chemistry and there was some very witty, unexpected dialogue. And granted, the Hulk is CGI, but it still doesn't take away from how good the movie is. And it emphasizes how freakin' strong he is, which I don't think they could have done with an actor. Yes, thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Immediately after the movie, Todd looked at me and said "I need to go home." Guess it was a little too much fun for one day. So, home we went, then I packed up and headed back to Ballard.

My skin, my muscles and even my teeth were hurting at this point, so I loaded up on Advil, took a hot epsom salt bath and snoozed on the couch until 9:30pm. I don't remember waking up at all last night, so I must have slept pretty well. When my alarm went off at 6:45am this morning, my throat hurt so bad I could hardly swallow. I've looked in there with a flashlight, and I don't see anything abnormal.

Now I've had my chicken soup and may just go back to bed. After I check my work email, because I'm dedicated like that. The weather is beautiful again today, but I just want to sleep. I hate that.

There will be a more personality infused blog post tomorrow.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

For The Non Believers

I often go back and read my own blog, both the old one and the new one.

Narcissistic? Maybe.

I've also been working my way through my old journals. I started a diary when I was seven or so (it was pink, had a little lock on it), and wrote up through age 22. It's been an eye opening experience. I tend to say "When I was 14 and friendless and alone....blah blah blah" but after re-reading the journals from those days, it appears that I was not friendless and alone. I was quite the social butterfly. Boys were asking me out, I was asking out boys, dad was saying no regularly. I had a couple of very constant, good girlfriends. But when I flash back to that time, that's not the stuff I remember.

My therapist said that powerful emotions can take the place of reality when we think back. It's like a snapshot. He asked me what I see in my snapshot when I say "When I was 14....". Know what I see?

I see me, sitting on the edge of my bed in my bedroom that is red, black and white, with walls covered in New Kids On The Block and Corey Haim posters. My mom is sitting beside me, with her arm around me. She's consoling me because my plans for that night (I'm guessing it was a weekend night) have just been cancelled and I'm extremely upset about this. Now I have to stay home and that equals "no friends". My mom is stroking my head and apologizing.


Telling me she sorry that she didn't put me in sports or activities so that I would have more friends. And the next day she'll take me shopping to make me feel better. Cause that's how she operated. Which is why we're such good friends, I think.

So that "powerful emotion" (love and comfort from my mom) that has taken the place of reality (Miss Social Butterfly has to stay home one night. Poo). That "powerful emotion" has skewed the memories I have of my past. So going back and reading my journals has clarified some things for me.

However, there are no pictures in my journals, so I'm still convinced I was fat in high school.


Going back and reading the first blog is just a nice stroll down memory lane and re-reading the new blog reminds me how strong I am and how far I've come in a year.

It can also shed some light on things. In the re-reading of my new blog, I came across this post: Gimme A Break, Will Ya? That horoscope now takes on a whole different meaning. And hanineal's comment flat out gives me the shivers. I don't know who that person is, but I am almost convince it was the universe itself. Cause, you know, the universe blogs.

I mentioned this post to Todd back when we first met, and I said "I guess this "new group of people" is you and your group of people?" His response was, "Well, duh." (he's so wise, that one) I guess I forgot about the exchange.

Until this morning.

I've always believed in horoscopes (and the fact that sometimes they're just way off) but this one has just solidified that belief. Someone, somewhere knew what was about to take place in my life. They gave me hint and then let me go.

Oh, Dee had an inkling too, but I know her so it's not as Twilight Zone-y.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Domestic Tranquility

My horoscope for today:

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Romance, hugs, and bonds of affection all figure prominently in the stars. You will find success by pairing up with like-minded individuals who share your views and ideals. Enjoy domestic tranquility.

Funny, too, because I'll be using my lunch to pick up cough drops and chicken noodle soup for Todd and the kids, who are all sick today. Poor things.

This is where I thrive.

I'm a helper. I like making lives easier and taking care of people. I think that's what the baby meter is all about. Having a little ball of goo that can't do anything without you. Well, I don't have a ball of goo, but I have three sick cutie pies who aren't moving from their couches today and who need something.

And that'll do just fine.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Last of the Firsts

Despite my utter joy in this wonderful, new relationship, I am still struggling through this first year of life after The Ex. Six years with someone, when you're in your mid 20's, is a long time and although I've bounced back from the break up almost completely, I'm still stricken with moments of sadness and mourning. That first christmas, the first anniversary in January, my birthday. And now we're coming upon a year anniversary of the break up itself. Once all of these firsts are done, I'm home free. I'll start a new post break up first free year.

But until then......

Today marks the year anniversary of the big party. The night that made it so very clear that even though I loved The Ex very much, my heart just wasn't in it anymore. It was a fantastic party, but I went to bed knowing the end was near.

I'm not really sad today. I'm way too happy to be sad. But it's still a milestone and I'm still a bit emotional. It's just overwhelming to think about how different my life is these days.

I'm happy where I am now. I'm more confident, I'm stronger (I'm thinner) and I know exactly what I want and what I will not tolerate. And now, I make choices rather than letting someone else decide what I get out of my life. That's empowering. It's been a long time since I've felt empowered.

I've got one more first and then we're done. I can put that Year After The Break Up behind me and finally move on. And start making new firsts.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birds, Funny Fest, Lots of Movies and a Sleepover

(Or, as Shaun kept referring to it, "Tour de Todd")

Ready? Got your coffee?
This is going to be a long one.....

Thursday evening, Jamie, her sister and I went to zoo and drank with flamingos. Not too terribly exciting. The best part was that we got six drink tickets and the pours were an ACTUAL pour. Not a tasting pour. Bonus.

Oh, and there were flamingos.

Did I mention that I don't like birds?

And that I was dive bombed by a crow Friday morning, right outside of my apartment, as I was going to my car? He swooped in front of my face and I screamed like a sissy.


Anyway, Friday, after work, I headed over to Todd's to get gussied up. Then we were off to meet his friends, Doug and Ann, along with some of their friends, for dinner downtown and attend the :20 Funny Festival. Ann and Doug are unbelievably easy to be around and, just as with Todd, it felt like I had never not known them. And Ann is a lover of shoes and cocktails, so there was never a lag in conversation.

After that, back to Todd's to relieve his stepmother from her babysitting duties and to cuddle on the couch and chat. Which meant I got home a bit late.


Up early to meet Shaun for breakfast. I hadn't seen him in, what felt like, weeks and was having withdrawals. I was grilled, just as I anticipated, and when telling him about Todd, I felt myself slip into one of those annoying-newly-dating-so-giddy-and-happy-other-people-want-to-slap-you grins. Which tells me that, while I still have a very large wall up, the bricks are starting to crumble. I am adapting to this new man in my life. And it feels really good.

After breakfast I headed back over to Todd's to get gussied up once again. Then we were off to the screening of his friends' films at the STIFF film festival. I met writers and directors and made small talk with strangers. It was all very glamorous. Well, not really. Have you been to the Rendezvous? It's a dive. But the people are amazingly talented.

After the screenings, back to Todd's, where we ended our busy day with Run Ronnie Run and a glass of wine.

And then I slept over. Because gas is $4.25 a gallon and I was headed right back over there Sunday morning. Todd was quick to okay it with the kids and Kayleigh was downright giddy. Poor girl just wants some estrogen in the house with her.


We were awakened by Kayleigh climbing on the bed and reading us facts from a kids' magazine at 8am. Did you know that frogs glow when they eat fire flies? After our morning lesson, I made french toast for breakfast. Easy as pie, but it always impresses people.

(Kayleigh and Tyler are being doors behind me.)

And then it was time to get ready for another day of films. But this was THE day. Todd's film Ordinary Angels was showing. It was "well received" (like that lingo?) and there was a Q&A session afterwards where Todd and the other two filmmakers in the block answered questions and talked about upcoming projects.

And I got a pretty official pass, cause, ya know, I'm datin' one of the filmmakers.

Suits me, don't you think?

We had lunch after the OA screening with some of the cast from the movie and other producers and writers, then back to WS (West Seattle) to pick up the kids from Todd's brother's and to decompress from two days in high heeled boots.

I ended up not going with the gold strappy shoes ensemble because 1) it barely hit 60 degrees today and 2) Todd's film is about a bunch of tough angels and badass fallen. A cutesy, flowery dress with pretty, strappy shoes would not have cut it. So I went with the stiletto heel knee high boots and a red skirt. I'm all about ensembles, but I'm more about theme. Gotta match the theme.

The question is, how can I profit from this quirk? Hmmmm......

Now I'm home and exhausted, but am feeling the pressure to get this posted before I go to bed because Todd already has his post of the weekend up. Call it a blog-off, if you will.

After finishing this post, I clicked over and read Todd's post. Funny to see that we actually have some of the same sentences. It's just one of the many creepy ways we seem to be in sync.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Everybody Strapped In?

It's quite possible that you won't be hearing from me again until Monday. Tonight begins my whirlwind weekend of wine tastings, dinners, comedy shows, movie screenings and schmoozing. And being arm candy. Which, you know I just live for.

After work this evening, I'm joining Jamie and her sister for "Drinkin' with the Flamingos" at the Woodland Park Zoo. I'm sure there's a more official event name, but I'm sticking with "Drinkin' with the Flamingos". It evokes a certain.....whimsy, doesn't it? Apparently there's a new flamingo exhibit at the zoo and apparently the zoo thinks that we winos LOVE flamingos (birds scare me), so they're mixing a wine tasting with the pink birds. I'm dying to meet the marketing guy who came up with this idea. If he still has a job.

Tomorrow, I have to arrive at work at 6:30am (shoot me) for a staff meeting. Oh, but the reward is that I get to leave at 3pm. I'll head to Todd's (after making a quick stop for a big ass triple venti non-fat latte) to get beautified for our Friday night dinner with his friends and then our local radio station The Mountain's :20 Funny Festival.

I blew a huge chunk of money on tickets for this last year for The Ex's birthday because the Flight of the Conchords were headlining (and you know how we love them). The show was on June 30th. And we broke up on June 29th. And the tickets went in the garbage.


Moving on.

Saturday evening Todd and I will be attending the screening of Rectify at STIFF, a film by Todd's friend, then Sunday is the screening of Todd's film, Ordinary Angels. Here's where I get to be arm candy. I asked him if I should get my teeth whitened and wear a floor length gown, but he says it's not that fancy. So, I just bought new shoes instead.

There you have it! Whee!

Until Monday, you'll just have to surf through the blogroll to your right for entertainment. Hopefully I'll have all kinds of good stuff to blog about on Monday. Maybe even some pictures.

**If you're in the Seattle-ish area and want to support my man, be here:

Jewel Box Theater - in the Rendezvous (Belltown)
Sun, June 8

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kinky Coffee

We have a little riff going on up here in Seattle.

Topless baristas.

First, it's too damn cold here (on June 4th!) to be topless. For anything. So, more power to them for braving the frigid temps. Maybe it's hot and steamy in those little coffee stands? Who knows.

And second, who cares if they want to serve coffee topless? If it offends someone, maybe someone should go to one of the other fifty gazillion coffee huts/drive thru espresso stands/Starbucks/Tully's/Mom-n-pop cafes.

I don't care for the checkers at the Walgreens on Market and 15th (they're really, really odd) so I choose to go to another drug store. Even though that Walgreens may be the most convenient place for me to stop at that time, I don't go there because it makes me uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are three other Walgreens (along with two Bartell's) in a two mile radius so if I REALLY need to go to a drug store, I have other options.

Now, I'm not getting on a soapbox about what's right and what's wrong, and I'm not telling those people who are complaining to "get over it". It's important to you. Okay fine. And if a topless baristas is worth all this energy you're using to complain, well, that's your decision. I ain't judgin'.

I'm just tired of hearing about this every day. There are so many other things to stress about it life. So a girl shows her boobies? Ack.

All this hubbub is just getting us ready for the nekkid bicyclists at the Fremont Solstice Parade. I keep saying, when I hit my goal weight of 98 lbs, I'm going ride in the parade.

Fo' shizzle.

Monday, June 2, 2008

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast

Jessica's over. We're back on Mondays.

Tonight, Jessica schooled me in the ways of her native land. We watched hockey. And I really got into it, even though I was constantly losing track of the puck.

"Oh, Rae-rae. You are SO American...."

Detroit lost to Pittsburgh in the 3rd overtime, so they have to play again. Apparently, it's a best out of seven series. I was rooting for Detroit. I like red. And all the guys had facial hair.

And you know how I feel about facial hair.

On that note, Todd has offered to grow his beard out.

Yes, he knows how to woo me.

Reason 138 - Why I Love Jamie

I showed Jamie my new shoes last night when she came over and she did the proper oohing and ahhing. Then, on our walk down to Ballard, I told her my fear about the weather versus my little summer ensemble.

Me: "Rumor has it that it's supposed to be cold and rainy and..."
Jamie, interrupting: "You wear the outfit anyway. I have the perfect mink stole you can borrow."

I stopped walking and looked at her.

Me, with furrowed brow, head cocked to the side: "You have a mink stole?"
Jamie : "Yes." [blink blink]
Me, continuing to walk: "Of course you do."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night was movie night at Todd's. Although, I was the only guest, so it was really just hanging out. We walked down to Westwood Village beforehand so I could look for shoes and pick up something for a bridal shower on Saturday. Then I surrendered and watched Star Wars. For the first time. I think it's cult of somesorts. It was good, but I think I just missed the whole Star Wars curve, so a lot of it was lost on me. But I did it. I watched the whole thing.

Saturday morning, I drove allllll the way down to Covington for a bridal shower for one of the gals I have dinner with once a month. It was a small gathering with games and cupcakes and presents. Some people played it safe and got the bride a cheese grater or a waffle iron.

Oh, but not me. I am the raunchy comic relief of the group, so I have a reputation to maintain.

I got her The Art of Lap Dancing. Picked one up for myself, too.

After the bridal shower, I headed to West Seattle. Todd and I had plans to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch (he'd never seen it!), but I needed to kill some time, so I hung out at Westwood Village, my new home away from home. And I might have accidentally bought a pair of goldish strappy heels. Oops.

They're good, right?

After the magical experience that is shoe shopping, I met up with Todd. He took me to din din at the Celtic Swell, down on Alki, then back to his house to watch Hedwig, which he just loved. And why shouldn't he? Movie dude that he is. I felt all superior pointing out the little behind the scenes things and quoting it under my breath:

"He loves me, mother. He's going to get me the hell outta here!"

And today, I have been muy unproductive. It was cold and overcast and I just couldn't seem to get out of my jammies. I did get the bathroom cleaned, since Jessica will be here tomorrow night, but that's about it. And that took two hours. I kept getting pulled back to the couch, where I would lay down and watch the Weather Channel. Love the Weather Channel.

Jamie came over around 5 and we walked down to the India Bistro for dinner. That was my big adventure for the day. I say, woohoo.

Now, I'm sleepy so I should go to bed. The freakin' birds woke me up at 6am and while I just love spring, I do not love all of the birds that were chirping at daybreak right outside my window. Don't they know some of us like to sleep in on Sundays? Ack.

There's No Denying It Now

I think a self portrait makes it official.

Drumroll please......

Todd and I are dating.


To be honest, I'm still wrapping my head around it. And he is well aware of this. It's more change. Good change, but change nonetheless. I just got used to the fact that I can be alone without turning into a sobbing ball of goo. I can be single and happy. What growth!

And then completely out of the blue, when I was least expecting it, this giant of a manly man who makes me laugh until my throat hurts crosses my path and wham. Instant Nora Ephron movie.

It's funny how these things work.