Monday, October 15, 2007

On The Mend

It has finally hit me that the Lock & Keel is not the place to go when I'm sad. And lookin' cute. The jack-n-cokes were endless Friday night, and unfortunately it was a long night. I had a friend with me, but she left early. At least one of the regulars was kind enough to walk me home.

Needless to say, Saturday was a bit rough. The saddness that had been looming, combined with the hangover, equaled crying on the phone to mom and dad for over an hour from bed. But mom is good at cheering up by telling me what she bought everyone for christmas and what all of their neighbors are up to. And then that evening, I hung out with my Sheauns, which always makes things better. They let me cry and be a girl without ridiculing me.

And then Sunday, life started looking much better. I talked with mom again, my brother called (which surprised the hell out of me) and I visited Kim-n-Tim-n-Milo. After I left there, I did some boot shopping, which was quite disappointing because the boots at Shoe Pavillion, that very much resembled these (from Zappos), looked cheap. So I may splurge and buy the Zappo ones. Then back home in time for the Seahawks game (if you can even call what they did on the field a "game").

And today, even though the SAD season up here has officially begun, I feel pretty good. I think I bottomed out, and now I'm working my way back up. At least for a while. I'm sure I'll fall back down again, but hopefully it won't be anytime soon. If the waves get farther and farther apart, I that must mean I'm doing better, right?

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Dee said...

You know how it goes - good days and bad days. Hopefully more good than bad. Hang in there.
Splurge on the zappos boots - they look alot nicer!
How to avoid the SAD season - move to the east coast and have alot of your family around ya! ;>)