Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not So Happy Post

Thanksgiving was nice.  Quiet, low key.  Four days off was wonderful.  Lots of sleeping.  We got to have dinner with our Tacoma friends, Jenn and Scott.  We decorated the house inside and out.  We Christmas shopped.  And Kayleigh and I went to see "Breaking Dawn" with Trish.

Laugh if you must.  But I loved it.
So there.

Then came Sunday.  I'm not sure what happened.  I just woke up in a funk.  And that funk would not let go.  It is now Wednesday and I'm still in the funk.  Usually, the holidays and the lights make me giddy.  I'm bouncing off the walls!

But not right now.

What's even funnier is that a friend left this comment on my Facebook page today:

"I still follow what you're up to, have always loved your happy attitude on life. Hugs to you and your family this holiday season."

Happy attitude?  Me?

I believe it was just last night I was telling Todd how it all seemed futile - waking up early, fighting traffic to sit in a cube for eight hours, fight traffic just to get home to eat, clean up and go to bed, day after day after day.  I just don't wanna anymore.  Sever case of the don't wannas.  I like sleeping so much because when I'm unconscious, I have no responsibility or obligation.  I'm "off".

I like being off.  Being on is exhausting.  Because I'm constantly thinking about how to be off.  It's like the background programs that run on your computer.  They're constantly whirring away, and it exhausts your computer.  Same thing.  There's a constant whirring in my head.

How can I turn off?


I fake it really well, don't I?  My therapist is very impressed.  She says "No wonder you're tired all the time!"  She also tells me that thinking about being off all the time is not normal.

Really?  Huh.  I've never known any differently.

Regardless, I know this little funk is only temporary and I will soon be back to my perky, neurotic self.  It's just really hard to muster through the day feeling like this.

On a happy note, how's about these lights?!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Update Full of CHRISTMAS!

Well, the mister and I were uber productive this weekend. Yes, it's not even Thanksgiving, and yes, it's not even December, but you know what?

I am in the spirit, dammit.  This is a happy season!  I live for this season!

So, on Saturday, Todd and I put up the Christmas lights outside.  We framed the house, the front windows, ran garland across the porch and down the banister and around the front door and put net lighting on the stinkin' holly bush.  We WILL wait until after Turkey Day to put the red bows on the columns and the candy canes down the walkway.  I don't want people egging our house.

And today, we got a crap load of Christmas shopping done.  My goal is not have to hit a major store after December 10th.  That's realistic, right?

So, that's my weekend.  Cleaning after being sick for a week, and gettin' all Christmasy.  Now I have a three day work week, a happy hour, a shopping trip with our receptionist to get decorations for the office, and then decorating the office Wednesday after work. 

This week should just fly by.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Here We Go Again

My faithful readers will remember my post from Thanksgiving week last year.  We were expecting a slight “dusting” of snow that Monday, which turned into a two hour commute home, via ice, and the city shutting down for three days.

Well, here we are at November 14, and our forecast for this week is as follows, per KOMO4:
“…This cold snap will also give parts of Western Washington its first chance of seeing some snow this fall.  The snow level will likely drop to 300'-700' starting Friday, but as is often the case, the cold air arrives right when the moisture moves out.  That said, there likely will be enough moisture around for scattered showers to form.  Those showers will likely fall as snow showers in the Cascade foothills, the Hood Canal area, and higher hilltops along the I-5 corridor, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if some snow showers even formed over Seattle, Tacoma, or Everett….”

An extra tidbit of information is that my house sits very close to the highest point in Seattle – 500ft.  So while the forecast, of course, downplays the possibility of snow, we long time Seattleites know better. 

I will be stocking up on groceries on Thursday.  Just in case.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Second Anniversary to Us!

I had big plans for our anniversary.  I reserved a swanky hotel (it has a heated pool and a spa).  We were going to have a lovely dinner.  We were going to have an early check in and a late check out and I wasn't going to let Todd answer his phone for a full 24 hours.  Just the two of us.  No kids, no cats, no laundry, no dishes, no nothin'.


Todd got sick last Tuesday, the day after "War of the Worlds" ended.  I had a touch of the sniffles and one of my bosses (not Super Boss - let's call him Master Chief (Todd's idea, from Halo) asked me twice if I needed to go home on Wednesday.  His pa is in the hospital so he absolutely cannot get sick right now.  I said I was okay and I'd just keep my distance and use a lot Purell.  No biggie.  I still met Rachelle for happy hour after work.

Unfortunately, I had the bright idea to take the bus home rather than drive (I'm so responsible!) and the bus broke eight blocks from my house, so rather than sit and wait (at 9pm) I decided to walk home.  In the rain.  Uphill.

Needless to say, I woke up Thursday morning sneezing and coughing and just in all kinds of pain.  So I decided to just stay home and not risk it.

And since Thursday was spent sleeping, coughing, sleeping, watching TV and cuddling with Tom, I did the even more responsible thing and cancelled our weekend.

We thought maybe we could at least go out and have dinner on Saturday night, but neither one of us could even muster the energy to get dressed,

By Sunday, Todd and I were both stir crazy and sick of TV so we started brainstorming about Christmas decorations.  This had been rolling around in our head since Halloween, what, with the neighbors pirate ship and giant spider and skeletons hanging off of their roof.  Todd and I started thinking about how elaborate we could be (maybe rig Santa and the reindeer to fly over the neighbors' house?), so he drew the yard and highlighted where the lights would go.  We penciled in the wreath, the garland, and other accessories (we're still in the planning phase) and started a shopping list.

I may have started a spreadsheet.  I'm really not at liberty to say.

We really wanted to go shopping around, but we were still sick and just didn't have the energy.  So we took a toodle down to the Junction and checked out the new Petco (love the aminals!) and picked up some cold meds and then dropped by A Terrible Beauty for a little more medicine (what?  The hillbillies used whiskey before there was Nyquil, right?) and then on to True Value to oogle the Christmas decorations and price lights.  By then we were exhausted, so we slowly wandered home, got back in our sweats, and crashed.  Yippee.

I had to go back to work Monday (being new and all) so okay, Todd would take the bus in and we'd have a swanky dinner on Monday, our actual anniversary!

Uh.  No.  When Todd and I talked on the phone around noon, he was feeling even worse and his stomach was upset, so what's the point on spending a crap load of money on a fancy dinner if it was just going to make Todd sick?

Sigh.  The stars just would not line up.

And here we are at Tuesday.  Kayleigh has been home for two days now with a fever and a cough and no voice.  Todd is tired, but starting to mend slowly and I'm still coughing up crap, but am loaded with energy.  So we hit Target this evening (after dinner!  I didn't even finish my wine!) and bought Christmas cards, and stationary and Christmas karaoke cds (A Very Karaoke Christmas!) and even little foil stickers to seal the envelopes!


Hee.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

End Scene!

While I love that Todd is involved in theater, and I love every one of the Twelfth Night guys, I am so very glad “The War of the Worlds” is over.  He was at rehearsals every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening for the past month, and then last week was tech week, so he was gone before I’d even get home from work, and by the time he got home, I was half asleep in bed.

I missed him a lot.

I know!!  Me!  Missing my husband!

So, for our anniversary this weekend, I booked a swanky hotel and told him that as soon as we check in, his phone gets  turned off.  No Collectibles stuff, no theater stuff, no nothing.  He’s all mine.  For 24 hours.  Hee.

While Todd was in tech week, I kept myself occupied with happy hours and lots of TV.   I got some good deep cleaning done on Saturday, since there were two shows that day, after a brief outing with Kayleigh, where I realized that everybody and their freakin’ brother was an idiot and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Sometimes I think I need to up my dosage.

I brought in some theater cigarettes, decanters of iced tea, and ashtrays (or, candleholders that resembled ashtrays) for the office on Halloween.  Mad Men theme.  Super Boss was tickled.  Sick and coughing and hacking, but tickled.  I wore my pearls and little cardigan with the flower.  Sorry I didn’t take any pictures.  I just wasn’t as enthusiastic as I wanted to be.

But now that Halloween is over, we can start planning for the holidays!  A Very Karaoke Christmas party, DYI Christmas gifts, decorating the shit out of the house.  I wasn’t too gung ho last year, but I’m already feeling it this year.  Look out!!

Well, I’ll be feeling it more after I get a good 12 hour night sleep.  I’m dragging today.