Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Striking Sign of Growth in Ballard

I've been wanting to take a picture of Edith Macefield's house for a while now, but never seem to have my camera with me when I drive by. Thank goodness there's a million other bloggers out there who are more on the ball.

I don't know who to credit for the photo, so be sure to click the link above and read about her. There's also a great article in the PI that has more background on Edith.

In short, she was offered 1 million dollars for her house and land. She refused. Now they're building around her. Everytime I drive by, I smile.......with a little saddness. Change is inevitable. But Edith is standing strong.


pa said...

testing testing

Anonymous said...

I like the little house and don't blame her for not leaving!

dee said...

I feel very sorry for Edith! But it can't possibly still be the same for her living there like that! That's awful! I think if I were her family I would've advised her to take the money. I clicked on the link you gave and there were some interesting comments. Lot's of different views. Anyway, I just hope Edith is happy with her decision to stay. That's what matters.