Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Sick

So, I could give you a weekend update, but Todd's post sums it up just fine. I will say that having him appear at the bathroom door with a big ass latte in his hand was my idea of perfection. I'm a simple woman.


I went to the doctor yesterday. Primarily to get a note for my boss saying I was still sick, but also because the coughing is starting to make my lungs burn and I absolutely do not need pneumonia before I fly to West Virginia on the 4th. And I don't know what pneumonia feels like so I wanted to nip it in the bud. It appears that I may have a sinus infection, so she gave me antibiotics, and she gave me a new prescription for my inhaler to help ease the wheezing.

Did you know I have asthma? I was diagnosed when I had my house cleaning business. All of the pet hair and dust brought it to light. There were times when I would take in a breath to say something and you could very clearly hear a whistle. So I have an albuterol inhaler for quick fixes. They wanted me to use a steroid inhaler to help the lungs heal but that caused some side effects that I was not willing to tolerate. I'll take the wheezing, thank you very much.

Where was I?

Oh, right. Doctor. So the doctor said bad cold, maybe a sinus infection, few more days of rest. I'm stocked up on tea, cough drops and NyQuil. Yes, it's a party around here.


Anonymous said...

I read your latest blog, then I look below that and see you toasting Ruby, and wondered just why in the hell did I always stay in bed and rest when I was sick? Does anyone know the answer to that question????? (And wine and beer never did make me feel better . .. ..)
Okay, now you can yell at me (you too, Todd!)


Anonymous said...

Okay - my apologies - you put the date on the picture and I see that it was actually taken 2 years ago. My bad! I still say rest is the best option . . . . .


antiem said...

lol, Annie, I had the same reaction: what kinda sick is that?! The date on the photo helps!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I wondered if it was an old pic or a new pic too - I didn't even notice the date until you posted a comment about that! I figured it out by the license plate on the front of the car. Anyway, I do believe I posted a comment on an earlier blog about doing too much too soon after being sick - but I'm not gonna say a word. ;>) Hope you feel better soon!

The Hamilton's said...

I only knew about the asthma because you almost had an attack right before you sang at my wedding. :-) Right?
Hope you are taking care of yourself and getting better for your WV visit.

Heather said...

When I lived in Mexico the cure-all was Tequila. They told you to take Tequila for everything.

Now that I live in the UK the cure-all is Whiskey.

I say be international, combine the two and see what happens. ;)

Seriously-I hope you are up to snuff soon.