Friday, October 30, 2009


We have a question!

So I saw you're online and remembered I need to ask, now: Exactly where did you get your food-waste-suitable bags and bin? Our solution has become... honestly we have no solution. Help.

- Anonymous
(the twit wouldn’t email back when I asked for permission to use his name)

We use the BioBags.

At first, we had a countertop/under the sink composter like you get at Bed, Bath & Beyond. But just FYI, the white ceramic one sucks (it’s not even offered anymore). The neck is smaller than the rest of it, so when it's full, it's too difficult to get the bag out. And we discovered it wasn't big enough for a family of 4, since we can now compost napkins, paper plates, cardboard food containers, etc.

So we got a kitchen trash can, one that you step on the pedal and it lifts the lid. We use the tall kitchen BioBags in that and probably change it out twice a week. The lid keeps the fruit flies out and the smell down, but you still have to take the bag well before the can fills up.

An excellent question this week.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We’ve Got Another Foot!

A while back, I told you about a weird phenomenon up here in the Pacific Northwest. Feet, in running shoes, are washing up on the beaches in British Columbia. It’s quite mystery. Why are they all in running shoes? Why do some of the feet belong to same person, but some do not?

Well, another foot has washed ashore (the article says seventh, but it’s the eighth. I keep track of these things). It’s in a running shoe. Size 8.5.

The mystery continues…

A Little Wisdom About Marriage

From Shit My Dad Says, on Twitter:

"If mom calls, tell her I'm shitting... Son, marriage is about not having to lie about taking a shit."

Ah, it all makes sense now.
I can't wait to be married.

Bachelorette Smut Extravaganza

No, there was no pole dancing. Promise.

But let me begin by saying that 1) I made it home in one piece, thanks to Rachelle who personally drove me home and 2) I was a very good girl, in the fact that I did not flirt with any cowboys at all. Go me!

My bachelorette party on Saturday started with dinner at Rosita’s, in Greenlake. This has been a favorite place of mine since I’ve moved here. Low key, casual, and great food. Seven of my very favorite gals were there.

There were your typical bachelorette party accoutrements – penis straws, blinking penis drink stirrers, a candy penis necklace, naughty playing cards and game, as well as a tiara and a blond wig. How can one not have a good time with a blond wig?

After dinner, we toodled across the street to the Little Red Hen, a county bar with a live band and lots o’ dancing. I’m sure the group wasn’t wild about the country part, but they’re good sports and sucked it up for me.

Like my buttons?

Nom, nom, nom...


The girls can't get enough of the candy...

My Best Lady REALLY wants the candy...

There were many jack-n-cokes, and toward the end of the night, a rogue tequila shot, instigated by my “Buy Me A Shot” button. The group had left by then, and only Rachelle remained. She’s a trooper. And she’s been out with me before and knows how these things go, so once she heard about the tequila shot, she very politely told me it was time to call it a night. And I actually listened to her.

It only took most of Sunday for me to recover, to the point to where I still felt icky, but could think about other things. Which I couldn’t do until about 3pm. Damn tequila shot. Todd was a saint and took very good care of me while I laid in bed and whimpered.

Rumor has it, I apologized profusely when I got home about my drunken state, and Todd merely replied, “It was your bachelorette party! If you’d come home sober, I would have wondered what was wrong!” Reason 14 why I love him.

Sunday, needless to say, was a bit rough, but I was fine by the time we went to bed.

Now Todd's bachelor party is this Friday. But Todd's not into tequila shots, so he should be okay.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Amen, kitteh. Amen.
I'm here. Just crazy.

I'll have an update on the Bachelorette Smut Extravaganza soon.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

House Update

I just had a thought. Maybe Todd and I should start a new, joint blog (cause we’re so good at keeping up with our own) called “Drowning in My New Life Out Here”.

Whadya think?

The house is in “an unsettled” state. How’s that for putting in mildly?

We are 90% unpacked. Most of the things that aren't unpacked need to go into/onto things that go on the walls, but we can't hang stuff on the walls until after the electricians finish.

Because the electricians started the rewire yesterday. They tell us they’ll be done by Friday. They better be. The windows should be going in either later this week or next week, and it will be none too soon. You can’t even see out the windows now in the morning – there’s so much condensation on them. Old, old, old.

The new tub shower system arrived today. It’s a clawfoot tub shower ring, with the original clawfoot fixtures and attached shower. The current fixtures are just stupid. They’re mounted to the wall, as is the shower head, and they simply “loom” above the tub. When I tried to run a bath last week, the wall behind the tub and the floor got soaked (and there was no hot water coming out of the faucet, which is a whole ‘nother issue). The faucet is up way too high, so the water just splashes everywhere. This set up was obviously never used. Someone probably thought, “Oh, these fixtures are pretty, and they should go about, eh, here, and that’s just fine.”

Well, it’s not at all functional. So we got a whole new system.

And then we had the fridge moved to the other side of the kitchen, because it was crammed right up against the stove, which is 1) not functional, 2) bad feng shui, 3) not energy efficient and 4) just stupid. Now we have a big empty area, so we’re putting in cabinets up above and a
matching countertop and cabinets below that will house the trash and recycling. But (there's always a but!) the manufacturer of the existing cabinets has since gone out of business, so we are forced to either buy cabinets that almost kinda sorta match or go with something completely different that we aspire to have one day down the road. We went with almost kinda sorta match. Which, initially, will make my head explode every time I walk into the kitchen, but eventually, will be just fine.

Please don’t point this out to me if you ever come over. Just tell me how beautiful the kitchen is. Please?

And then there’s the downstairs, which is just about completely finished. There was no tub surround in the bathroom (more proof that these “upgrades” were never actually put into use) so we had one installed, and that took cutting drywall out because this nifty, new, non-cheap surround actually bolts into the studs. No gluing and caulking here. No sir. They bolted that baby in. So the muddin’ happened, and the primin’ happened, and now it’s painted and looks like it should have when we bought the place.

And Tyler now has a wall and a door, and I believe the last of the painting there will be this afternoon. And then we can call that area done!

As annoyed as I am with all these things, the house really is fantastic. And it’s good for me and Todd to make this one our own. The neighborhood is just wonderful and lively and full of little kids. Our neighbors have decorated for Halloween and boy howdy, they go all out. It’s great being so close to West Seattle Bridge; it cuts 15 minutes off of my commute.

Yes, if we can just make it to November 4. Then we quit with all this house stuff and start the real fun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

No, I'm Not Proud

I heard a song in Wet Seal when I was out shopping a few weeks ago.

Yes, Wet Seal. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, it sounded like some angry, frequent smoker/drinker chick and it just kind of struck a chord with me, even though I don’t normally like angry frequent smoker/drinker chick singers. When I got home, I looked up the band (Thriving Ivory) after remembering a mere one line of the song (I heart Google). Imagine my surprise when I learned that the band actually consists of five young emo guys. And they’re so tortured with their shaggy hair.

I watched the YouTube video and couldn’t make it through the whole song. The guy singer just kills the feeling I get, which in turn, makes me not like the song at all. But I still bought the song because I can picture the angry, frequent smoker/drinker chick in my head and get an entirely different emotion from it. As long as I’m not looking at the brooding emo guy.

So, the point of this post, is a line in the song:

“Pull yourself together before you set yourself apart.”

I like that line. It hits home. Get your crap together before branch out on your own.

Maybe it’s just the “pull yourself together” part as my self, incidentally, completely unraveled over the weekend. So, I felt especially lectured when I heard this again this morning on my iPod. I pictured the angry, frequent smoker/drinker chick cooing at me, very lovingly, saying “Dear. Get yourself together…”

Okay. I can do that.

“And I know and I know and I know
That you’ve had more than you can bear
But you’re gonna have to let it go
No, you’re not movin’ anywhere.”

Yes, yes. You’re stressed and overwhelmed and you’re about to blow a fuse, but get over it (to quote my mother) and skootch along. You’ve got shit to do.

It’s amazing how much I can read into a song.

Speaking of not being proud, Celine Dion just came across my iPod.

I remember listening to her first album, with my brother in his apartment. Her big hits then were “If There Was Any Other Way” and “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”. That’s when I first started singing and, man, you could BELT the Celine songs. But then she got a little to big for me, and then she put a large string section in her band, so I don’t listen to her much at all.
Then one day recently, I heard the song “Taking Chances” somewhere. Can’t remember where. But oy, it hit a nerve. It’s like it was written for me and Todd.

“What do you say to taking chances?
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there’s solid ground below
Or a hand to hold, or hell to pay?
What do you say?”

It just chokes me up.

Todd has specifically said no Celine at the reception, so you’ll just have to watch the video. And yes, it’s not your speed of music, but the song is short, so just do it.

Okay, back to work.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Suddenly, I'm Vain

I had my trial run with Alyssa, the gal who’s doing my make up and hair for the wedding. She’s a friend of Todd’s and very young and very enthusiastic. We did the trial in her mom’s kitchen, with her brother and sister (twins) cracking jokes and giving tips. Her mom came in midway and stated it had been a helluva day and she was opening a bottle of wine and who wanted some.

It was a fun night.


Oh my gawd, the gray! I went in the bathroom to take a look at the finished product and was in awe at the streaks. I’ve never minded they gray before. Really. But seeing it in my perfectly coifed hair was startling. It was like the Bride of Frankenstein. Dark, poofy hair with white running through it. I’m only 34!

I may have to color my hair before the wedding.
I can’t believe it.


I think I might be vain.

You probably think this song is about you...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Catching Up

I realized I never published the post about my bridal shower. I guess I've been busy or something.

Anywho, it's up. With a pic. September 28th.


Yes, I'm Still Here

But I’m buried under projects at work and I’m buried under boxes at home. It’s really no fun.

The unpacking is coming along, in large part to TBFE (I’m going to have to think of a new acronym after November 7). Thank goodness he works from home, but he sure ain’t getting’ any work done. Well, not business work anyway. He’s been coordinating bids for windows and coordinating bids for rewiring and letting in dry wall guys and putting boxes out on the sidewalk with Free signs and running all over Seattle looking for a second cherry bookcase. It’s really no surprise that he has this crazed look in his eyes by the time I get home.

Once I change into my grubbies, I start on boxes while he makes dinner, or I’ll make dinner while he unpacks a little more. And before we know it, it’s 9:00 and we’re telling the kids to get ready for bed. Because we’re ready for bed.

However, last night we took a time out and watched the big wedding on The Office. And I had tears in my eyes and I felt just like a typical mushy girl. Could it be the whole wedding thing is hitting pretty close to home right now? I believe it is.

Anywho, we have absolutely nothing on the calendar this weekend, so I’m very much looking forward to being productive. And watching the entire Seahawks game on Sunday. Every last minute. Dammit.


Raechelle would sleep. A lot.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Horoscope

From The Seattle Times:

Aries (March 21-April 19): Today is an 8 -- You're being drawn in seven different directions at once. Share your intuition with others, and go with it.

The Universe understands.

Except my "intuition" is telling me to put my feet up tonight and enjoy our brand new 50-freakin'-inch TV.

I don't think that would be the best thing, since you still can't walk through the house without whacking your leg on a box....or six.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Weekend Update

Last visit to the old house on Friday. Done!

Dan and Trish visit. Pag’s pizza for dinner and a little champagne. Because WE DESERVE IT.

A little unpacking.

Off to Bellingham Saturday morning for Jessica’s wedding.

Wait. We need new locks?! Agent to handle. Whew.

Arrive in B-Ham. Drop off Kayleigh. Purchase wedding rings.


Arrive at B&B. Where are TBFE’s dress clothes for wedding?!

Off to Sears for pants, belt and dress shirt.

Back to B&B.

Shower and clean up for wedding. Hair dryer doesn’t work. Lights don’t work. Clock is dead. No power.

Transformer blew. 4600 people without power. Wedding hall without power.

Arrive for “sound check” at wedding. Ha. No power. No sound. Generator on the way.

Generator is too late. Jess needs to walk down the aisle. Todd strums the guitar for her. She is radiant.

I sing “Come Away With Me”. People clap.

Dinner in the dark. LED lanterns to show us the food. Very romantic.

Lots of wine. Lots and lots and lots of wine.

I do not fall down! May have broken a toe, though. Not sure how that happened.

Power is restored.

Sunday morning. Breakfast at the B&B. Mexican blintz. Pineapple and banana in a crepe with honey. Yuck. Rae-rae fuels up on coffee and sausage.

Seahawks game! Where to watch? Nothing open. Miss the first half.

Off to Todd’s folks’. Kayleigh is sick. Game is on!

Lunch. Yum.

Back to Seattle. Pick up Tyler. Wait on agent who has new keys to new lock.

New lock isn’t working. Need another one.

Some unpacking. Bedroom is almost done.

Can’t do anything with the bathroom. Need circular curtain rod and shelves. Should arrive next week.

Dinner. Take out. Must quit that. Pants are very unhappy.

Cuddle time with sick girl. Fever of 101. Set her up with a movie.

More unpacking. Kitchen is coming along. Must find the food.

In bed at 10pm. Not too bad.

Up late this morning. Discover water heater is not turned on. Must wait for a shower. Back to bed. Oh darn.

Showered and off to work. Welcome wine on front porch. A friend lives across the street. Who knew?!

Busy at work. Busy at home. Busy busy busy.

Ready for Kauai.

Oh, wait. Wedding in a month!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Raechelle wishes to sleep now, please.

We will return to your regularly scheduled blog next week.
Once Raechelle can form a coherent thought again.

Is This Year Over Yet?

Good gawd, it’s been a busy two days.

We moved! And we signed papers!

The packing took 10 hours on Wednesday. And the move took eight hours yesterday. Our new house is a maze of boxes, but I know what I’m doing – I made the beds and found the toothbrushes before doing anything else.

I have declared that I wish to never, ever move again. Ever. I’m done.

And after a long, busy day of moving, we sat down and signed escrow papers at 5pm. I am now a homeowner.

I like to say, “I’m vesting. Right here, in front of your very eyes.”

We are without internet (and TV) until next Wednesday, so our updates will be few and far between. But at least we’re over two major hurdles.

Now can we please focus on the fun stuff? Like the wedding?!

Only 36 days to go!!