Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birds, Funny Fest, Lots of Movies and a Sleepover

(Or, as Shaun kept referring to it, "Tour de Todd")

Ready? Got your coffee?
This is going to be a long one.....

Thursday evening, Jamie, her sister and I went to zoo and drank with flamingos. Not too terribly exciting. The best part was that we got six drink tickets and the pours were an ACTUAL pour. Not a tasting pour. Bonus.

Oh, and there were flamingos.

Did I mention that I don't like birds?

And that I was dive bombed by a crow Friday morning, right outside of my apartment, as I was going to my car? He swooped in front of my face and I screamed like a sissy.


Anyway, Friday, after work, I headed over to Todd's to get gussied up. Then we were off to meet his friends, Doug and Ann, along with some of their friends, for dinner downtown and attend the :20 Funny Festival. Ann and Doug are unbelievably easy to be around and, just as with Todd, it felt like I had never not known them. And Ann is a lover of shoes and cocktails, so there was never a lag in conversation.

After that, back to Todd's to relieve his stepmother from her babysitting duties and to cuddle on the couch and chat. Which meant I got home a bit late.


Up early to meet Shaun for breakfast. I hadn't seen him in, what felt like, weeks and was having withdrawals. I was grilled, just as I anticipated, and when telling him about Todd, I felt myself slip into one of those annoying-newly-dating-so-giddy-and-happy-other-people-want-to-slap-you grins. Which tells me that, while I still have a very large wall up, the bricks are starting to crumble. I am adapting to this new man in my life. And it feels really good.

After breakfast I headed back over to Todd's to get gussied up once again. Then we were off to the screening of his friends' films at the STIFF film festival. I met writers and directors and made small talk with strangers. It was all very glamorous. Well, not really. Have you been to the Rendezvous? It's a dive. But the people are amazingly talented.

After the screenings, back to Todd's, where we ended our busy day with Run Ronnie Run and a glass of wine.

And then I slept over. Because gas is $4.25 a gallon and I was headed right back over there Sunday morning. Todd was quick to okay it with the kids and Kayleigh was downright giddy. Poor girl just wants some estrogen in the house with her.


We were awakened by Kayleigh climbing on the bed and reading us facts from a kids' magazine at 8am. Did you know that frogs glow when they eat fire flies? After our morning lesson, I made french toast for breakfast. Easy as pie, but it always impresses people.

(Kayleigh and Tyler are being doors behind me.)

And then it was time to get ready for another day of films. But this was THE day. Todd's film Ordinary Angels was showing. It was "well received" (like that lingo?) and there was a Q&A session afterwards where Todd and the other two filmmakers in the block answered questions and talked about upcoming projects.

And I got a pretty official pass, cause, ya know, I'm datin' one of the filmmakers.

Suits me, don't you think?

We had lunch after the OA screening with some of the cast from the movie and other producers and writers, then back to WS (West Seattle) to pick up the kids from Todd's brother's and to decompress from two days in high heeled boots.

I ended up not going with the gold strappy shoes ensemble because 1) it barely hit 60 degrees today and 2) Todd's film is about a bunch of tough angels and badass fallen. A cutesy, flowery dress with pretty, strappy shoes would not have cut it. So I went with the stiletto heel knee high boots and a red skirt. I'm all about ensembles, but I'm more about theme. Gotta match the theme.

The question is, how can I profit from this quirk? Hmmmm......

Now I'm home and exhausted, but am feeling the pressure to get this posted before I go to bed because Todd already has his post of the weekend up. Call it a blog-off, if you will.

After finishing this post, I clicked over and read Todd's post. Funny to see that we actually have some of the same sentences. It's just one of the many creepy ways we seem to be in sync.


Anonymous said...

Great post from both of you. I hope it's okay to say I'm very happy. Love You - MM

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what MM said (and I love you too!)

Raechelle said...

Of course it's okay to say you're happy! I think a sleepover officially disentigrated the "buffer zone".

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for the demise of the buffer zone! Clink clink!

Kristin said...

It must be in our genes b/c I cannot stand birds. They freak me out. I'm totally scared of them. I got attacked (exaggeration) by a bird when I watered my hanging plants once. It had made a nest in there and came flying at me. No more hanging plants for me.

And can I just say, I am very happy for you and Todd-a-licious (his new nickname). You two seem great together and I'm so excited for you!!!

tbone said...

Todd-a-licious, huh?

I approve. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how you and Kristin are both freaked out by birds??
Sounds like you had a great weekend with Todd-a-licious. He, he, he....;>)

Ann said...

Very nice to have met you on Friday, Raechelle! I enjoyed talking with you and it was great seeing you and Todd together! We should cocktail and shoe-shop soon ;->

Sorry, Todd - I can't bring myself to call you Todd-a-licious but Tbone will work just fine :-)

While "Drinking with the Flamingos" sounds like fun - I'm not a fan of the birds, either. Huh.