Thursday, January 28, 2010

Never Eat Fries with a Fork

That is my zen thought for the day.

Because CB and I got burgers for lunch and this particular burger joint has fries that are small and limp with grease.

Yes, it seems I had a heart attack for lunch.

Anyway, the only way to eat these fries efficiently and be able to dip them in ketchup is to use a fork. But if you use a fork, this mound of fries that I first thought was WAY too much, disappears WAY too quickly.

Uh oh.

Yet, I continue to remove my fingers from this keyboard, to go back and stab more fries.

What is wrong with me?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I just spent 10 minutes sorting through my paperclips. I am very picky about my paperclips.

And I also maybe don’t want to work.

Now my paperclips are all free of each other and those stupid ones that have grooves in them are now back in the community paperclip bin over in the copy area. I hate those things. It’s like nails on a chalkboard when I pull them off paper. I don’t know how they make it to my desk.

Wait. Yes, I do.

The woman next to me LOVES them. And she brings me lots of crap. Which I immediately staple together because paperclips only cause frustration when you’re filing because everything gets stuck together.


So now, my paperclips are groove free.

Oh. That’s normally not a good thing.

I’m glad I’m not groove free.
I know how to shake it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lots O' Random Thoughts

My IT department just changed our screensaver. It’s no longer some educational something. It is now multiple scenes of crystal blue water, sandy beaches, rolling green hills, beautiful landscapes in far away places. And the text reads “Thanks for all of your hard work.”

I think their real meaning is, “Thank you for sitting in front of this computer for eight hours everyday, but you still aren’t earning enough money or vacation time to visit any of these beautiful places, so we’ll just show you pictures of what you’re missing.”

Thanks, guys.


I think I may have gained a wee bit of weight. I now sweat when I vacuum.

That can’t be good.


I have a hair appointment on Sunday. It’s coming off. Not all off, not pixie off, but mostly off. Maybe a messy bob with layers and bangs. Who knows what I’ll feel like when I sit in the chair.

I wish I had enough money to get it colored, too. The gray is really starting to get to me.


As is our weather here in the great Pacific Northwest. It’s been 50 degrees and rainish for a few weeks. It’s winter, for cryin’ out loud. Give me some kind of extreme! Cold, snow, pouring rain, SOMETHING. I’m bored.


Speaking of bored, my brain is wandering now. I’m in a lull at work. I was so busy with other things this past year that I was just glad to have a flexible job. Now I don’t have much else to dwell on (aside from my gray hair and excess weight) so I’m examining my job. I just don’t feel like I’m working toward anything the end of the day. I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much. Except buying centrifuges and vials of antibodies.


I talk to myself a lot and I ask, “What could I possibly be doing every day that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something worthwhile each and every day?”

The only job I can come up with is a stay at home mom.

Funny, huh?


On to happier topics…

How’s about them Saints?! That was one of the best games I’ve watched in a long time. While I love Favre (even though I think he needs to call it quits, especially after the beating he took during this game), I’m excited to see the Saints go to their first Super Bowl. And against the Colts!

We may have to have a Super Bowl party.
I will buy football themed napkins.
And use our new serving platters!


Speaking of the weekend, there was a lot of sittin’ around and reading and relaxing.

I am extremely proud of myself.


Except for when Tom snuck out, after I caught his head in the door and yanked* it open again so I wouldn’t kill him. Rather than backing up and coming inside, the little bugger darted forward, onto the back porch. He kind of froze when he got to the steps, so I grabbed him and threw him back inside.

I got really ticked off at him and told him maybe I’ll just open the door and let them both run free. Let’s see how well they do out in the wild with the raccoons, coyotes, and cars that speed down our road. I bet they’ll realize they really don’t have it so bad being kept indoors.

But then I realized I really do love my kitties, so I think I’ll buy two kitty harnesses**, and take them for a walk. Then they can see the outside and not feel like it’s such a great unknown.

*I originally spelled that “janked”. And I wondered why it didn’t look right. I am losing my mind.

**Todd suggested buying just one kitty harness and taking them out separately. Which surprised me because I thought Todd knew me better than that. They are BROTHERS. They must go out TOGETHER. Silly.


I get to see Val and Rachelle tonight, and I am uber excited. It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten together for one of our walks and gab fests.

The original plan was a walk around Greenlake, then maybe dinner afterwards. But then Val couldn’t make the walk, so it turned into me and Rachelle walking, then meeting Val after for dinner. But then Rachelle had an appointment come up, so while she could still make dinner, she wouldn’t be able to make the walk. So I thought, okay, I’ll walk Greenlake by myself (see: vacuuming and sweating above) then meet them for dinner.

Yeah, that’s a dumb idea.
I’m in a skirt and boots and all done up. I’m not ruining this for a walk.

I’ll just skip the margarita at dinner. That balances, right?


Last Monday, when I was out shopping by myself, I went to Half Price Books to find some new stuff read. I’ve read seven of the 10 Sookie books, and I absolutely love them (but don’t care for the series they spurred, “True Blood”. Weird). But Trish, who is supplying my Sookie crack, is about to spit out her little girl Rosalind, so she’s been a bit preoccupied and I haven’t gotten the next book.

So, in the meantime, I picked up “Bitter is the New Black” by Jen Lancaster.

And I cannot put it down.
And I’m an expert and walking and reading now.

I started reading Jen’s blog after Todd sent me the link this post of her’s. It had me crying at my desk, so I bookmarked it and now I’m addicted to this bitchy, funny woman.

“Bitter is the New Black” is her first book of four, and it details her (and her husband’s) downward spiral from Dot Calm rich execs to barely scraping by to make bills. And what I love so much about this book is, while it’s really easy to not like her (although, I already did because I read her blog), you can’t help but love her. She knows she’s a bitch. She knows she’s materialistic. But over the span of the book, she evolves and realizes she needs to grow up. Then you start to really like her, and respect her.

I do believe I’ll have to make another run to Half Price Books to pick up her next three books.

Reading these also makes me want to write for a living. But what’s new?


I’ve gotten really good at sleeping with earplugs in. I hardly wake up at all during the night.

But my ear holes hurt from having them in there all night.

What to do?


Every now and then, I have a brief, powerful memory of the wedding that just hits me out of nowhere. And then I get teary eyed.

This most often happens when the song “Bombananza” by Bob Schneider comes across my iPod.

That was our first dance. And it turned into a conga line. And my bustle got ripped because somehow I ended up leading the conga line. As any bride should, I guess.

We didn’t want to have a first dance be a slow song, where we just rocked back and forth while everyone gazed at us and made us uncomfortable. That’s not our life at all.

So, after the cake cutting (during which we used FORKS to feed each other, thankyouverymuch) we walked down to the dance floor and hounded a couple of people to join us, while people wondered what the hell we were up to now.

Then Kyle pressed play.

Now THAT’S the way to start off a new life together.


Okay, I’m off to kill time until dinner with my gals. Maybe a drink at the lovely little wine bar down the street while I read some more of “Bitter is the New Black.”

I’ll just skip the sour cream and guacamole at dinner.
See?! I can balance!



Rest assured, dear readers (and my HR department - Hi!), I am not job hunting. I really like my job. I love my boss and my co-workers, and I’m really lucky to have such a great group, especially with the wedding, honeymoon and all of the Tyler issues. They’re all very understanding. Yes, I feel like I’m in a lull right now, but I blame that solely on SAD. It’s dark here, it’s 50 degrees, and I just feel blah. About everything. So do most people I know right now.

Funny thing, though. In the book I’m reading, “Bitter is the New Black” Jen was bluntly turned down for a job just because of a website she put up. It was a list of all of the companies that wouldn’t hire her. She titled it “Companies That Suck”. As soon as she made mention of that website, I saw it coming. So yes, it’s always on my mind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Just Happened?

I have obviously crossed into another generation. I am no longer a young, 30ish hip chick. It’s like I took a nap and technology advanced five years on me. I just took a nap!

The episode of Modern Family brought this home. Well, that, and my experience at Old Navy on Monday.

But first, Modern Family.

I love this show. I love the characters. I love the scenes from every day life that are thinly veiled as a story line. Last night, Claire, the mom with three kids and a husband that loves technology, couldn’t figure out how to turn on the TV. Her husband explained “You don’t point the remote at the TV, you point it at the receiver”.

“What’s a receiver?”

When the husband gets home one day, his beautiful, expensive remote is in pieces in the middle of the foyer. Claire calmly explains that she lost her temper as she was trying to turn on the TV.

It’s funny cause it’s true. We have a remote for the receiver (volume), a remote for the TV (to turn it on and off), a remote for the cable box (to change the channel), a remote for the DVD player and a remote for the Blu-Ray player (which does the same thing as the DVD player, only better. I’m told).

There’s talk of getting a universal remote. I think that’s probably a good idea. It would save some space in the coffee table drawer.

Oh phewy, is that all, you ask?

Oh, no. There's more.

Kayleigh and Todd had to teach me how to use the Wii. There’s a big button on the top and a little trigger underneath that I hit without thinking and it always throws us back a screen. And I couldn’t figure out where the pictures went in my new phone when Todd texted them to me, and the salesman had to set up the Bluetooth in my car because gawd knows I don’t have a clue about it because there's no directions in the car manual (and I had to look up how to spell “Bluetooth”! E or no E?!) And I couldn’t figure out how to cancel the wash on the dishwasher when Tyler started it without thinking (and without soap) so it just kept beeping at me, which I absolutely hate.

And the thermostat is programmed for some reason so when I’m cold and I just want some heat, like NOW, I get so mad because I push and push and push the Run button, but nothing happens! I turn the heat up to 80, I hit Run, I flick the switch to Auto, and eventually I’m just pounding on the damn thing muttering “I just want HEAT. Can’t you just TURN ON!! PLEASE?!”

Then Todd walks up to it, winks, and BAM. I hear heat coming through the vents. He tells me he just turned it on. I don’t get it.

And it’s not just my own techy ignorance. That’s not the only sign that I’ve crossed over. The world is morphing, and while I know this, there seems to be more pronounced evidence. I’m suddenly seeing all of these things now that make me go, “Huh. That’s different.”

At Old Navy, I purchased a $5 receipt accordion file. Very cute. I can now organize my receipts! Joint checking, personal checking, Todd’s checking, credit cards. Good times.

I actually had cash with me on Monday, so I forked over a $10 bill to pay for it. When the guy pushed the button and the drawer on the register popped out, he looked at me and said, “Uh…. I don’t have a till.”

Wha….? You don’t have any cash in the cash register?
How is that possible?! You are a STORE! People buy things with MONEY.

Oh. I guess people don’t use cash much these days, though huh? We all just swipe our debit cards.

I had my card in my wallet. I could have whipped it out very easily and sped the process up.

But I was feeling particularly old and bitchy, so I stood there for five minutes and waited while the manager came over, verified there was no till and radioed to the back for someone one bring up a till. A few minutes later, a bored twenty year old shuffled up in her Uggs, sighed and dropped the till in the drawer.

So sorry to have taken you away from the CosmoGirl you were probably reading in the back, but mama’s got shoppin’ to do, missy!

I had almost forgotten that incident, but then at work today, yet another I'm-so-old moment popped up.

I need to get some software installed on my computer, as well as a couple of other computers, so I filled out a form for each of them. The form is a PDF file, so I typed everything in, printed out the forms, and forwarded them by interoffice mail.

I just got a call from the IT department. They can’t use the paper forms. I need to hit the “Submit” button that was actually on the form, so it would get routed to the appropriate person based on the location of the computer that needs the software.

My mouth fell open.

“We’re all within 25 feet of each other. Give all of the forms to the guy who handles our floor.”

Helpdesk dude: “I can’t do that. The forms have to be sent electronically so they get routed the correct person.”

“Do you know who that person is?”

HDD: “Yes.”

“Then can you route, i.e. “walk”, the forms over to that person and hand them to him?”

HDD: “I can’t. The forms need to come electronically.”

“Are you freakin’ kidding me? I have to fill out those forms again just so I can hit the little “Submit” button? You can’t just look at the paper forms? Just look at the location. That’s all you need!”

HDD: “We need them electronically.”

“Fine, I’ll scan them, so I don’t have to type everything again, four times, and send you the PDF in an email. Should I send it to Helpdesk, or the specific person?”

HDD: “You have to hit the “Submit” button on the form so it gets routed to the correct person.”

I hung up.

When, exactly, was it was declared that you couldn’t work off a paper form and a cash register didn’t need to have cash in it?

I must have been napping.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a chin hair that need plucking.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Weekend Update!

I have to toot my own horn and say, I was AWESOME on Saturday.


I woke up at 8am and immediately bombarded Todd with, “I’m ready to go shopping now and we need to go to Target and get the griddle and use our gift card and we need new shower curtain liners and then we can go to Bed Bath and Beyond cause I want a new rug for the bathroom well I want a couple for the kitchen too so we’ll have to look for those somewhere and let’s stop at Starbucks for a big ass latte and one of those egg sausage thingies I LOVE THOSE.”

Todd told me I didn’t need coffee.

It was just one of those mornings where the stars align and I didn’t wake up at all during the night so when morning came, BAM. I was ready to hit the ground running.

We ran our errands and were back home by 11am, which left plenty of time to CLEAN THE GUTTERS.

I know!

With the rain we’d been having, the water was just pouring over the side of the gutters. We have a very large pine tree above us, so I was sure pine needles had gotten stuck in there and gawd only knows when those things had last been cleaned.

(A side note about this pine tree – I hate this thing. It will be the death of me. We track those freakin' needles all over the house. I hate them. HATE THEM. They remind me of every house we had in Huffman Texas. I love vacuuming, but there is just no way to keep on top of it.)

Since I was the one all gung ho to clean them, and Todd was in a more “let’s cuddle on the sofa and veg” mood, I climbed the ladder while he held on to it and, by hand, grabbed all the gunk out and put it in a trash bag. I am such a good grown up!

Come to find, they weren’t all that clogged up. It’s just the gutters “tilt” the wrong way - away from the drainage hole. One more thing to take care of as soon as we get that windfall we keep applying for (see: lotto).

We ended up cleaning out the cottage’s gutters too, since we already were dirty and had the extend-o ladder out. We’re good landlords, too.

After the gutter fun, the cleaning binge kicked in.

Man alive, did I clean. Until about 6pm that night. I dusted and vacuumed, wiped down doors and door frames, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen, put up the three new shower curtain liners – ah, the joy of a clawfoot tub. Todd helped. It kills my arms and shoulders to be so short and have to reach up to change out all three of them. One is bad enough! I then finished up with some organizing in the bedroom.

And in organizing, I found the rocks that people signed at the wedding. I saw them the day after the wedding, but in the chaos of the brunch and all of the visitors, the bin they were in got buried in the corner. So when I was moving things to vacuum, I pulled them out and looked at them again.

It seemed a shame to keep them in a plastic bin, so I got out my big vase that I use when I decorate for Christmas and put them in there. Now we can look them and remember that fantastic day.

That night, we curled up for Iron Man, which I’ve seen once before and is now one of my favorite movies ever. I love me some Robert Downey, Jr (and his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes? Fan-freakin'-tastic. Love him).

And then, bedtime.

Sunday, however, was not quite as productive. I think I used up all of my energy on Saturday.

I took Kayleigh shopping for some necessities and then we picked up one of her friends. They had a fun girly overnight while Todd and I watched Stardust. It’s a sweet love story about a boy and a star. And Robert DeNiro plays a gay pirate!

And then, bedtime.

Monday was a holiday for me, and the kids, so I took off on my own for a while and headed to Southcenter. I went to Old Navy to make an exchange then to Best Buy to check out the laptops and netbooks. I’ll need to make the switch by April. That’s when we’ll move into our office and studio space (that’s currently rented) but I want my computer to stay nearby. And there’ll no room for a desk in the main house, so I’ll get a laptop or netbook and be a bit more mobile. I need to figure out an office-type set up that can also be mobile, in the house. Some place to put receipts and bills that need to be paid and the like.

I do love a project.

Then, last night, Todd and I watched “Sleeping Beauty”. Would you believe I’ve never seen the movie? Hell, I couldn’t really recite the story to Todd.

Me: “So, there’s a girl and she falls asleep and then the hot prince kisses her and wakes her up?”

And “Snow White”?

“Um…. This dark haired girl shacks up with some short dudes who whistle WAY too much and she cleans for them? Oh! She falls asleep and then the hot prince kisses her and wakes her up?”

What is up with these chicks falling asleep? Maybe they should lay off the wine, huh?

"Beauty and The Beast"?

Uh..well…girl and hairy guy and…they dance? She’s in a yellow dress. And I don’t think she falls asleep.

It was quite a sight – laying in bed and listening to my husband tell me fairy tales as I drifted off. At 34 years old.


That was my weekend. And thank gawd we have a short week this week. Although, that just means people will try to cram even more into this week. Yuck. I am so done with the whole work-at-break-neck-speed-for-nine-hours-a-day-then-pass-out-when-I-get-home crap. It’s really no fun.

And it makes cutting back on my wine very difficult.

Even if I am being scrutinized.

(From I Can Haz Cheesburger)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Kitties

I don't have anything really interesting to tell you today, so I thought I'd share some pics of our kitties. Because who doesn't love seeing pics of kitties?

Tom has a habit of doing this. When we leave the door to the entertainment center open, he just sits there and stares through the glass. I wonder what he's seeing?

Elvis loves sleeping on our bed, and loves it even more when there's something to sleep ON. Like clean laundry.

We've finally gotten some downtime, so Todd and I have started writing our thank you cards for the wedding gifts. Tom is not happy at all. That lap desk takes up valuable snuggling space for him. But he still tries.

Randy took this one of Elvis when he was here for the wedding. Elvis is just beautiful.

Proof that Elvis and Tom like each other.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Really? Fantastic.

Our new head coach was fired today.
After one season.

Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

I admit it - the ‘Hawks absolutely blew chunks this season. We ended up 5-11. Just shoot me.

But it was Mora’s first year! And half of our starters were hurt! I would think it takes a bit of time for a brand spankin’ new coach, as well the entire team, to develop a rhythm after such a major change. Hell, ask any Redskins fan about that!

What really, REALLY chaps my hide is that the team CEO tried to keep Mora on board. He knew it wasn’t entirely Mora’s fault. He was willing to try again.

But no. It was the team owner who fired Mora.
Paul Allen.

Aw, gawd.

I already have a HUGE beef with this man – he thought up the SLUT.

So, next season, we get yet another new coach and we then we’ll have a shitty season because everyone is still getting know everyone. And if that coach can't please Allen, he'll get fired and we'll get another new coach and then 2011 will be a shitty season, and so on and so on and so on. That’s going to be AWESOME for team morale!

Go back to buying buildings and snarling traffic, Allen.
Leave the football decisions to the guys who actually know about football.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Updates and Random Thoughts

First, a mom update.

She’s leaving the hospital today! And her parting gift will be a lovely, “life vest” defibrillator!

When I talked to her this morning, she hadn’t gotten the details of the “life vest” so she’s not sure how long she’ll have to wear it. I’ve read up on these (because that’s what I do when one of my parents end up in the hospital – I learn about all kinds of good stuff! It’s like medical school, but cheaper) and sometimes these “life vests” are the interim step before one gets a pacemaker. Mom said there was no mention of a pacemaker in her situation, so hopefully this is just a temporary piece of flair.


In other news…

I finally broke down and shaved my legs last night, only to realize today, while wearing a skirt, that I completely missed my knees. How does that happen after 20 years of shaving?


I was super strong and passed on the sour cream and guacamole when I got my baja bowl from Taco Del Mar today.


My new year’s slim down plan is still right on target.

Forget the country chicken smothered in sausage gravy last night from the Charlestown Café. Just….just….disregard that…


I am FREEZING in my office. Okay, could be the skirt.
But they won’t let us have space heaters! Unbelievable.

So I suggested the company purchase us all Snuggies – complete with our logo.

I was laughed at.


Despite my half asleep mood on Tuesday, this week has flown by. What is up with that? If this in any indication of how 2010 is going to be, I'm already exhausted.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cars and Kitchens

I’m getting used to the new car. Actually, without thinking I apologized to it last week when I hit a pothole at lunch. Crap. I may be getting attached.

I’ve finally figured out the bluetooth system and it’s pretty handy. I got a call on the way home last week when CB was in the car with me and it scared the crap out of her. This voice comes on and says “Incoming Call”. Then I just push a button and start talking. Apparently, I don’t have voice recognition, so I still have to manually dial the phone number. No biggie. I don’t normally dial calls on my drive home, just answer them.

I’ve gotten some suggestions for names for the car. “Sugar” and “Foxy” (as in Silver Fox) and "Silver Bullet" but I told Todd, this car reminds me of a little skinny 20 something guy, with a Beatles haircut who’s addicted to his iPhone and other techie gadgets. You can picture him – he’s in pencil jeans, hipster shoes and probably has stubble.

So, name that boy. If this were a German car, I’d call him “Dieter”, but it’s Korean, so Dieter doesn’t really work.


We got our new kitchen cabinets and counter top!
(like, four weeks ago...sigh..I'm so behind)

We are officially done with the house.
At least for a few months.

Well, we still need a garbage disposal....

Mom Update

I called mom today. She’s doing really well. She got up this morning and is now walking around. She had to wait until the incision in her femoral artery healed before she could even sit up.

The change in her voice is startling. She’s clear and alert. Her breathing isn’t labored, like usual. And she said there’s been no pain in her legs, which she’s dealt with for the past 10 years or more. I’m no doctor, but it would make sense. When your heart isn’t pumping efficiently, by the time the blood gets down to your legs, you would probably have very weak circulation, which would make your legs ache. And the harder your heart has to pump to get the blood through those clogged arteries, the more taxing it is on your lungs. Now that she has the stents in, the blood is flowing better and it’s less work for her body.

If you’re a doctor and I’m wrong, please leave a comment.

She said she figures she probably had a mild heart prior to this. She had, what felt like, heartburn. She’s never had heartburn before (lucky woman). It lasted about three hours, then went away and she didn’t think anymore about it. But then Saturday night, it started up again and really hurt her throat. She said the pain went down to about the middle of her chest, and her left arm was tingly. But she’s felt that before, so again, she didn’t think anything about it.

Then early Sunday morning, in addition to the heartburn, she got hot flashes, but then would cool off really quickly. That’s when she woke dad and said something wasn’t right. It wasn’t just heartburn.

The nurse at the hospital said back pain, especially between the shoulder blades, is a clear sign of heart attack as well, but mom has had pain in her back for 30 years so, again, it just seemed normal to her.

She doesn’t know how long she’ll be in the hospital, but I’m much more comfortable with her there right now. I’ve been reading up on stents and blood clots are a concern at this point. The weather is horrible and roads are icy, so if something were to happen, it would be difficult to get her even down to the little clinic in town. With her at the big ol’ hospital (which is two hours away), she’s surrounded by doctors 24/7.

Thanks for all the good juju. Despite mom’s protests (“Did ya have to tell EVERYONE?!”) she really does appreciate it.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog…

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So, you may notice a change in the blog. Just a little one. I figured, new year, new marriage, new house (INHALE) new car, new kids and experiences, I might as well change up the blog, too. And why not?

Our new year started off Thursday with a lovely dinner at Anthony’s, downtown on the water, followed by adult beverages and games at Dan and Trish’s. They had a couple of other friends over, so it was a quiet evening. So quiet, in fact, that I asked if we could pop open the champagne around 10pm and toast, so I could go home and go to bed. No one went for it. I made it until midnight, then shortly after, Todd and I headed home (after I slipped on the stairs and drove the corner of the Apples to Apples box into my back. Happy new year, indeed!)

Friday was muy productive. I cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms, while Todd and the kids took out garbage and recycling and tidied up. We took down the tree and other decorations, but left the multi colored lights up around the windows because we were having people over for a Rock Band movie night. The colored lights just added to the….rockiness….of it all.

At 6pm, Steve, Stephanie and Raff came over and we ordered pizza and watched This is Spinal Tap. Then, while still in rock out mode, we broke out Rock Band. And the house was officially rocked. I sang a couple songs, played drums once, played bass once, then just hung out to watch and chat with Steph. It was a fun night.

Saturday began with breakfast at the Easy Street Café (cheap, cheap, cheap) then turned into a mission to find a couple of Rock Band expansion packs (classic and country – just like Todd and me). Once those were acquired, back home for miscellaneous projects around the house. Then some family bonding with Family Guy’s Something Something Something Dark Side and few episodes of Buffy.

Yes, the new year was starting off well.

Until 5am on Sunday morning, when my dad called to tell me that mom had had a heart attack.

When he called, she was stable and being flown to WVU hospital. He called a few hours later and said by the time he’d driven to the hospital (two hours away), they’d already placed two stents in her completely blocked arteries and she was doing much better. The pain was virtually gone and she was able to eat. She was in good spirits and joking around with him.

She’ll be in the hospital for a few days, just for observation, but should be home for the weekend. I’m sure I don’t have to tell some of you this, but there is no feeling like being 3000 miles away from a parent when these things happen. There is panic, guilt, sadness, more panic… It’s exhausting. At least when I got the call about her lung cancer, I was in a position to pack up and leave for a month. Unfortunately, I’m not self employed these days and can’t tell my clients to just clean their own toilets.

So, needless to say, I wasn’t very productive yesterday. Todd and I watched the Seahawks game (thank gawd the season is over) then walked down to the store for dinner fixins. Hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and green beans. Yummy.

And here we are, back to the grind, the holidays over, my cube un-decorated. Sniff. Oh, but Presidents’ Day is a mere two weeks away. If we can just make it until then…