Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Ruby!

(photo from June 21, 2006)

It was two years ago today that I brought my baby, Ruby, home. And she has been my constant through this last year.

Through the break up, homelessness, couch surfing and sadness. I sat in her often, when I wanted to be alone, and cried, with my head on her steering wheel. Her trunk held bags of my clothes and her backseat was home to my shoes. And today, in happier times, her passenger seat is my breakfast table on the drive to work and we rock out to Rilo Kiley when we're feeling all tough and grrr.

She has one major knick on her - on the top of her rear, passenger wheel well. Someone in an orange car opened their door and dinged her. But other than that (and a slight grease stain from some butter that slid off my english muffin one morning) she's perfect.

I love my Ruby.


Anonymous said...

I must say Ruby looks a heck of a lot better than Whitey! She's so dined up by rocks on I-10, she's gonna need a paint job when we get to WV!


Anonymous said...

DINGED - not dined!!!! Sorry - had a brain fart!

seattle_lu said...

Happy Anniversary Raechelle & Ruby, she is still looking mighty fine. Nothing like a trusted set of wheels!