Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Almost Maybe Kinda Better

I've had the song "Thrill is Gone" in my head all day, but I changed up the words a bit:

"Phlegm is gone.......phlegm is gone away for good...."

With the exception of some ovary busting coughing fits, I feel pretty good. I'm not wheezing and I've gotten a little more of my voice back. I haven't felt the need to nap all day. Even did some work. Yes, I may actually be on the mend.

So maybe now I can muster the energy to go to the grocery store. Because things are looking pretty pathetic in my fridge:

I don't know how long those eggs have been in there and I'm scared to look at the feta cheese. I did finish off the two heels of bread (which I absolutely hate), the turkey and the cheese, so there's even less in there. But I got butter! And wine! And tofu!

Life is good.


Heather said...

With butter, wine and tofu you could make some weird vegetarian pasta sauce. Glad you're feeling better x

tbone said...

You better get well soon, or we'll have to take ya out behind the barn.

Do they still do that?

I'm such a caring boyfriend. That's why you love me.