Monday, June 30, 2008

Laundry Update

Because I know you have nothing better to do than wonder how my laundry situation is.

When I was out sick last week, I asked my neighbor in #2 if I could throw a load of laundry in. It was her laundry day, but I know she's retired and is home every day, so I was hoping it wouldn't be a big deal to her.

When I explained that I was home sick and even though I was hacking up a lung, I wanted to take advantage of my day off because my laundry day was Friday, and I was never home on Friday evenings, so I felt the need to do laundry when I could...


She said, "Oh, take Tuesday!"
I said, "Really, you're okay with having Friday?"
She said, "Sure! I'm home every day. Tuesday, Friday, it doesn't matter to me. Please, just take Tuesday."

Then she asked if I needed anything. Tissues, cough drops, soup. Total grandma. Just wanting to take care of the sick little girl. I told her I was good for now, but thank you.

Now I can do laundry on Tuesdays. Which is normally my walk with Rachelle and Val day, but if I throw a load in as soon as I get home from work, it will be finished by the time I leave so I can throw it in the dryer and then get it out when I return from my walk.

Are you as relieved as I am?

I may still drop it off at the wash-n-fold place if the social life gets a little too crazy or I run out of quarters. I like how they fold my Hanky Pankies.

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Anonymous said...

I am relieved for you! Who wants to do laundry on Friday night?? I still find it funny that you have assigned laundry days.