Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thoughts. And A Birthday!

The latest self discovery, in addition to being bored, is that I’m not doing anything fun. Which is why I’m always so tired. So my homework for the next two weeks is to do fun things.

Which begs the question, what do you, dear reader, consider fun? Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be listing cleaning or organizing (except for Trixie). That stuff is still fun to me. But I’m told it expends energy and doesn’t bring any positive energy in.

What do people do to bring in positive energy?


Being that it’s Kayleigh’s birthday today (Happy 13th birthday, Kayleigh!) we have dinner with Doug and Ann tonight, BlueC and birthday guitar night (with cake) on Saturday, in addition to the wine tasting I’m attending at Ann’s on Saturday. And then there’s the football game on Sunday, for which I will make a dutch baby and maybe some bacon (Ha! Todd will make the bacon).

So I have fun things planned for the next few days.


When I sang “Happy Birthday” to Kayleigh this morning, 10 minutes after rolling out of bed creating a very loose, drunken version of the song (complete with silly off keys), my beautiful, intelligent, smart ass daughter replied:

“Are you just too tired to enunciate?”

Well, sheesh. Pop my mama balloon, why doncha?


I need a haircut. My hair is tickling my neck and is completely out of shape. This will not do.  I could use a manicure, too, while I’m at it.....and a massage.  That would be fun.


Looking ahead to this winter, King5 says that, because of that bitch La Nina, this may be our wettest, snowiest winter in 55 years. Fantastic.

What shall we call this snowstorm? Snowfiasco 2010? Gotta get ready….


Regardless of the fun I am about to experience tonight, I still just want to go home and take a nap.  Sad, huh?

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Guess It Makes Sense to a Pregnant Woman

I made a huge vat of potato soup last night, so we had oodles of leftovers. I texted CB to see if she liked potato soup and would she like some for lunch today. She replied with “Sounds yummy! I’ll bring something to share, like Pop Tarts or something.”

I laughed. She’s so funny. And she is so lovin’ her Pop Tarts right now.

So we get to work today and we’re chatting and I asked what she brought to share. With a look of duh-I-already-told-you-what-I-was-bringing, she said “Pop Tarts. Strawberry for you because I know you like strawberry, and cherry for me. Yum!”


I emailed Todd and told him and he replied with, “You said I could be the bad guy, so here goes: Pop Tarts are SWEETS.” I argued with him for a minute. “But “sweets” are in the bakery aisle! Pop Tarts aren’t in the bakery aisle! They’re a breakfast food! There’s no chocolate or cheesecake or whipped cream! They don’t count!”

Then he sent me the “nutritional” information for Pop Tarts.

One tart has 200 calories (45 from fat), 2g (8%) saturated fat, 170mg (7%) sodium, 37g (12%) carbs, and 17g sugar. Double that if you eat both in the package.

Oh, okay fine!

Admitting defeat, I walked down to the little bakery and bought four rolls. Two for me, two for CB. Because she probably shouldn’t be eating the Pop Tarts either. Pregnant or not.

I definitely deserve a bott…er….glass of wine tonight.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Planning and Projects and Spreadsheets, Oh My!

We’ve got projects!

The most recent is my and Todd’s first wedding anniversary! What to do, what to do? We’re thinking a night in a swanky hotel downtown and maybe, if we can swing it, a show at Teatro ZinZanni.

This is one of those things I must do in my life. Like Cirque du Soleil. It’s a splurge, but what better time than our anniversary?!

I’ve started the spreadsheet compare the hotels and their amenities, complete with Water view? Soaking tub? Hot tub? Room service? and Late check out? Because if you’re going spend a wad of money on a local hotel room for one night, by gawd, it better have a hot tub.

And the friend who made our wedding cake is going to make us another little one just for our anniversary. Isn’t that sweet?

Next on the agenda is another organizing project at Ann and Doug’s place. I love going out there and helping them. They make margaritas and guacamole and it’s a just a party. While organizing! This time, it’s the kitchen. When we cleaned out the garage a few months ago, we moved a ton of wedding gifts and other packed kitchen gadgets into their kitchen. Which made the garage look amazing, but the kitchen a disaster.

Funny how that happens.

And then the big daddy project! The project to top all projects in Rae-rae’s life…..

Adding a master suite upstairs.


I’ve probably mentioned it before, but the main floor of our house (living, dining, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms) is 940 square feet. We share a bathroom with Kayleigh, which isn’t so bad, but she’s hitting those teenage years where she wants to shower in the morning and do other girly stuff in there so we’re getting a bit cramped.

We knew this when we bought the house. During the inspection, Todd and I were already talking about adding onto the back or building up. It was inevitable. And it was worth the money and effort, just to be able to get into one of the best neighborhoods for under $500,000. And we do love our neighborhood. And our neighbors (Hi Carrie Ann!)

So, we have now started the planning. We had the first contractor come out and give us a very loose, rough estimate, and more importantly, to tell us if it was even possible.

It is!

The spreadsheet has been started, pictures are being saved, and we’ve subscribed to Architectural Digest. I’m such an adult.

I even found this fantastic website called Homestyler. You can design your house and add furniture and bathtubs and windows and paint the walls and then see it in 3D. AMAZING! And it even gives the dimensions because I’m an idiot and when I drew my ideal master suite and put everything in it, it was totally not to scale and it ended up being 40 feet by 35 feet. Which is bigger than the house itself.

We’ll get a few more contractors out to chat about the vision, just to get a feel for who might best work for us, then hopefully get a formal bid and proposal in the spring. We hope to start construction around June or July and be finished by Thanksgiving.

I figure, if the project of buying while selling while planning a wedding didn’t break me, what’s a little construction on the house?

Remind me of that come next August….

Let the obsession begin!

Welcome Back, Autumn!

Photo credit: West Seattle Blog

I know the majority of you out there are not cold, rainy weather people. You often give me crap for my love of the cold weather. And yet you continue to be my friend. Funny.

Autumn has arrived! I’ve decided I like “autumn” better than “fall”. Makes me feel…European.

The leaves are changing, the sun is setting earlier and the holidays are just around the corner. I’m already planning the Christmas cards! And the Christmas cocktail party! And my time off! Yay!

(Boy, that red leaf really clashes with the pink background, huh?  Ick.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh So PC

So, I believe I told you that the windows above my cube are frosted because our building backs up to a parking lot and transients were known to hang out back there and look in the windows.

Well, when it’s overcast, like today, the frosting just adds to the darkness in my cube.  I look up to the window with an ever increasing expectation of seeing sunshine.  Or something.  Anything.  But all I see is frost.

After looking up for the umpteenth time, I rolled my chair back to the half wall I share with Mr. Cranky Non-Decorating Co-worker and said, “I wonder if they could make the windows one way?  So we could see out, but the bums couldn’t see in?”

Mr. Cranky Non-Decorating Co-worker laughed, and laughed and then choked a little, and then laughed some more.  I didn’t get it.  It was a simple question.

When he could finally breathe again, he said, while still chuckling, “Raechelle..…bums?…Um…..I think they’re called “homeless individuals””. 

Oh, very well, Mr. PC. 

Homeless individuals.

Or why don’t we take it one step farther and call them “residentially challenged individuals”?

The point is, I want to be able to see out of my little window.

However…….if there are residentially challenged individuals out there, would that really be a better view?  Some random person staring in at me as I type?

Maybe I’ll see if facilities can paint a blue sky with little wispy clouds.  Or the tips of palm trees. 

Something.  Anything.

Maybe not a residentially challenged individual’s face, though. 
No, that would be no good.

Extremely Late Weekend Update. And Happy Birthday Daddy!

Our weekend was much fun. It started with movie night on Friday, and new people, Landon, gaffer and do it all extraordinaire, and his girlfriend, Dallas. They, along with Dan and Trish, came over to watch Howard Hughes’ “Hell’s Angels”, a film from 1930.

It was mockable, but for it’s time, it has amazing camerawork. So I’m told by the movie dudes.

Dan and Trish had to leave rather early, but Dallas and Landon hung out until about 1:30am. It was inspiring to talk movies, childhoods and music with them. New people are good for that.

Saturday morning, Todd, Tyler and I got up and headed to Raff’s for a garden party. “Party” meaning please work on our yard and we’ll feed you and there’s beer. I was in charge of weeding the front of the house, which faces east and has a shit load of rose bushes. So I was baking and being attacked by thorns for most of the day. Not an ideal way to spend a Saturday, but I was muy productive and I met some new people and, really, I had a good time. Look at me, branching out!

Get it? Branching? Gardening?


After the garden torture, Todd and went home (Tyler left hours before) to clean up and loaf on the couch. Todd whipped up some dinner, then the kids retired to their separate rooms so Todd and I decided to watch an episode or two of Dexter.

Holy crap. We ended up watching the last four episodes of season one and I was just in freakin’ awe. I can’t imagine how they’re going to top this storyline. Fantastic.

Also, Saturday was my daddy’s 68th birthday.

I started to write a post about him back in April when the West Virginia mine exploded and collapsed. He was a coal miner when we lived in West Virginia, although he never went down into the mines; he was a surface miner. But mom still worried about him every morning when he left for work. So, when a mine disaster happens, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic.

So, I started to a post to honor Dad. But I couldn’t get it done within any reasonable amount of time, and then I thought, “I’ll post it for his birthday!” and well, you see how well that worked, and so now I’m just hoping to get it posted by Father’s Day, 2011. That’s a reasonable goal, right?

Okay, maybe I’ll shoot for Christmas.


Sunday was domestic football day. We made a big breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and fried apples (thankyouverymuch), then threw in some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and got ready for Steve and Steph to come over for the game.

I started off optimistic, but that only lasted until halftime. The ‘Hawks just weren’t up to snuff. They had, what, three turnovers? Ridiculous. I kept screaming for them to put Charlie in, but no one was listening. Hmph.

Steph had to leave right after the game, but Steve stuck around to watch the beginning of the Manning bowl. I love to watch Peyton play. He’s a great leader.

Eli? Not so much. Poor guy.

So, of course, the Colts won.

And then, the Sunday night wind down. Getting ready for the new week, finishing up the laundry, trying to get to bed early. It just depresses me.

Kermit, my co-worker, was talking about our group moving into a new building when it finally gets built, probably about 8 years down the road.

Ah gawd. Eight years?!

I told him I may not be here in eight years. I’m pretty much just working day to day, waiting for Todd to tell me to stop because he’s sold a TV series or a movie. I come home from work everyday and look at him expectedly, waiting for those beautiful words “You can quit your job!” but so far, nada.

But I am not deterred!

I have faith in my honey! It’s gonna happen!
I just know it!

Good juju! Send the good juju!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Fantastic Spelling


In the poor girl's defense, she merely asked for my email address and not the spelling of my name when she called.  My email is "rmarsh" so she was going in pretty blind.

I kind of like it.....

Friday, September 17, 2010


It has come to my attention, via therapists and Todd, that I am currently passionless. 

When asked last night what my passions were, rather than answering music, singing, dancing, writing, organizing or hell, even shopping……I cried. 

I have no passion right now.  We’re not planning a wedding or a move or a sale.  I’m not playing music, I’m not organizing, I’m not planning anything.  I’m bored.  Yes, I’m busy in the evenings (dinner, clean up, laundry, Facebook, movies) but I’m bored.  I need something to keep me awake, to make my heart pump with enthusiasm, to distract me during the day.

I think about when I’m happy.  Yes, when Tom is laying on me, but I can’t really make a “project” out of that, now can I? 

I was happy when we were shooting the Wolverine video.  I was cranky, too, because I was getting up at 7 am on Saturdays and Sundays, but I was around people I absolutely adored and who made me laugh and I was working toward something that was going to be awesome.  I was helping to create with my husband.  That was wonderful.

I was happy (albeit FREAKING OUT) when we were moving and planning the wedding and working on the house.  I didn’t have a spare minute to be bored.  I always had something to do, to work on, to think about.

I was happy when I was planning for everyone to come into town for the wedding.  Booking bed and breakfasts, organizing who should go where, making itineraries, drawing up maps.  Planning to make someone else’s stay in our city enjoyable.

I’m happy when I’m writing.  Let me rephrase that – I’m happy when I have something interesting or funny to share with you and I have time to sit and write it.  (And then I crack up when I re-read it because I think I’m so damn funny)

I’m happy when I’m making people laugh.  Like Mr. Cranky Non-Decorating Co-Worker.  I live to make him laugh.  He was out all last week, and I actually thought about decorating my cube for Christmas over the weekend, so when he returned on Monday, he would literally throw up.  His reaction would be so worth it.

So that’s my homework for this week – to find a project.  Find something that gives me focus and joy and brings energy into my life, rather than sucking energy out.


Any suggestions?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Update

First of all, hows about those Seahawks? Todd and I only saw the first quarter of the game in Bellingham, and that was enough to completely depress us. But Darragh, gawd bless his little football hating heart, texted me to talk some smack and ended up keeping us up to speed on the game until we got home. 31-6, baby!

However, the real story of the weekend was our trip to Bellingham early Saturday morning for Opa’s memorial service. There was a bagpiper and other special music, along with a flag ceremony, since Opa was in World War II. There was a nice reception afterward at the church, and then after that, a lovely casual hang out at Omi’s. Soon after we all arrived when Bob broke out the wine and everyone talked over everyone and I bonded with new family, Judy and Kat, who were in town from Sacramento and Florida.

And as Kat’s birthday was coming up, the grown ups went to Anthony’s for a late dinner, while Kayleigh and Zadra camped out with Omi and had a girls’ night, and Tyler went back with Gavin and Michelle to take care of the kitties.

Todd and I got a room at the Best Western for the night, which was handy after all of the wine and the crying, but also so very disappointing. I spent hours trying to find the nicest, yet affordable, room in Bellingham. I am very selective when it comes to hotels. I compared pictures, reviews, amenities, the whole shebang. And the Best Western appeared to have the nicest room, and the reviews boasted of it’s thick walls and quiet environment.


May I vent for a moment?

First, we were placed on the ground floor. And since that building was against a hill, it was underground. Not horrible, not great. But we checked in at 10:30pm after a very long and exhausting day, so I wasn’t going to complain about that. Next, there was no oversized tile shower like every photo showed. It was a shower stall. A small shower stall with a $10 white, plastic detachable shower head.

I am very particular about my hotel bathrooms. Very. And this one did not live up.

If Todd and I had been hanging out in the room, relaxing for a chunk of the day, these are things I would have bitched about. But it was late, and we were simply going to sleep, then get up and check out, so it really wasn’t worth the effort to complain.

Oh, but sleeping was no good.

The pillows are these huge, fluffy, break-yer-neck things. In the Frequently Asked Questions that sat on the desk, there was the question “How do I get a smaller pillow?”

Um. If that’s a “frequently asked question”, maybe your pillows are too big and you should think about also providing flatter pillows. Just a thought.

In addition to the bigass pillows, the doors to each room were heavy as shit, so anytime anyone shut one, the walls would rattle. And! We very clearly heard our upstairs neighbors’ conversation, even though they were yelling or partying. It sounded like they were just lounging around, shooting the breeze.

Thick walls my butt.

And we were placed right across from the Virginia Room, which is where they serve breakfast. I didn’t think too much about it when I checked us in, but boy howdy at 8am, I figured out why that was crappy placement.

Criminy! The clanging of the dishes, the way-too-loud-and-perky people walking down the hall, the slamming of every freakin’ door. Word to the wise – do not accept a room across the hall from the eating space. Not worth it.

So, while it wasn’t a romantic impromptu night together, at least we got to crash up there, rather than driving two hours back home after a long day of wine and crying.

And Sunday, we got up and had coffee with Sara and Kat, then dropped by Sara’s jewelry store to look at wedding bands. I’ve grown tired of mine.

Hee. Just kidding.

I have a very dainty, plain platinum band right now because we were running of time, options and money before the wedding. We decided a pretty, thin band would go just fine with snazzy engagement ring. But now, when I take my engagement ring off and just wear the band, it gets lost on my finger. And I’d like mine to have Celtic knot work like Todd’s. So we were exploring our options on Sunday.

After a little mall shopping, it was time to meet up with the rest of the family for lunch at one of their favorite spots. That’s where we watched the first quarter of the Seahawks game, and took a ton of crap from Judy. She’s a big 49ers’ fan, being from Sacramento and all, and she didn’t let up. I didn’t mind so much. Judy is very much a one liner kinda gal, so I felt like I was home.

And when we were all hugging goodbye for the day, before Todd, Kayleigh and I headed back to Seattle, Judy hollered at me “Come here and give me a hug, you little shit.”

That’s when I knew I’d found more family.

Once home, we all just kind of deflated. We got in our jammies, and snoozed on the couch and went to bed around 8:30pm. It was a long weekend of visiting and eating and remembering and crying, but I think we gave Opa a very loving and warm send off.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

One of the reasons why I love Seattle is that we utilize goats.

This is all the rage now. Does any other city in the country utilize goats? They’re hired to clear out brush both commercially and privately.


We’ve got another foot!
However, this one wasn’t in a tennis shoe. Interesting…

You may recall from previous posts that we have quite the foot problem up here in the Pacific Northwest.


The kitties had their check up last week, and despite Sir Barfsalot's little puking issue, he's 100% healthy.  As is Elvis.  They also got their nails got clipped, so now it won't be so painful when Tom kneads my stomach like he's starting doing.

Todd and I have deduced that Tom pukes when he's stressed.  And he seems to be most stressed when I leave for work.  I often get emails from Todd that say "And just as you walked out the door, Tom horked."

However!  If Tom gets his lovin' the night before, and a little attention from me in the morning before I leave, he seems to be fine.  Guess he has some anxiety issues.  Living in a chicken coop will do that to you.


Everything in my house is Todd sized.  Including the biscuits.


Speaking of food, you can always tell what Kayleigh doesn't like at dinner.

In this case, red peppers and mushroom.


I have been trying to get this post up since Friday.  There's just no time!  If I do have time, I'm snoozing on the bed or the couch.  I'm just so sleepy.  And the SAD season really isn't even full swing yet!  Although it is very fall like and dreary today. 

I will tell you we had a lovely Labor Day weekend.  Social time with Steve and Stephanie, lots of cleaning, lots of sleep, and my first ever game of Monopoly.  I did pretty well - Kayleigh and I bankrupted Todd and Tyler and then were trying to bankrupt each other.  After three and a half hours, we had to call it and tally up.  She beat me by $2000.  But I had 3/4 of the board.  MWHAHAHAHA.

If only I'd bought the Boardwalk first.  Hmph.


And school starts tomorrow!  Yay!!