Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Everybody Strapped In?

It's quite possible that you won't be hearing from me again until Monday. Tonight begins my whirlwind weekend of wine tastings, dinners, comedy shows, movie screenings and schmoozing. And being arm candy. Which, you know I just live for.

After work this evening, I'm joining Jamie and her sister for "Drinkin' with the Flamingos" at the Woodland Park Zoo. I'm sure there's a more official event name, but I'm sticking with "Drinkin' with the Flamingos". It evokes a certain.....whimsy, doesn't it? Apparently there's a new flamingo exhibit at the zoo and apparently the zoo thinks that we winos LOVE flamingos (birds scare me), so they're mixing a wine tasting with the pink birds. I'm dying to meet the marketing guy who came up with this idea. If he still has a job.

Tomorrow, I have to arrive at work at 6:30am (shoot me) for a staff meeting. Oh, but the reward is that I get to leave at 3pm. I'll head to Todd's (after making a quick stop for a big ass triple venti non-fat latte) to get beautified for our Friday night dinner with his friends and then our local radio station The Mountain's :20 Funny Festival.

I blew a huge chunk of money on tickets for this last year for The Ex's birthday because the Flight of the Conchords were headlining (and you know how we love them). The show was on June 30th. And we broke up on June 29th. And the tickets went in the garbage.


Moving on.

Saturday evening Todd and I will be attending the screening of Rectify at STIFF, a film by Todd's friend, then Sunday is the screening of Todd's film, Ordinary Angels. Here's where I get to be arm candy. I asked him if I should get my teeth whitened and wear a floor length gown, but he says it's not that fancy. So, I just bought new shoes instead.

There you have it! Whee!

Until Monday, you'll just have to surf through the blogroll to your right for entertainment. Hopefully I'll have all kinds of good stuff to blog about on Monday. Maybe even some pictures.

**If you're in the Seattle-ish area and want to support my man, be here:

Jewel Box Theater - in the Rendezvous (Belltown)
Sun, June 8

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tbone said...

Have I mentioned that I'm hiring you as my PR Manager?? No pay, but the benefits are *amazing*. :-)