Friday, June 20, 2008

Here, But Not Really Here

I'm at work today. Woo.Hoo.

But I am dreaming of my sweats and my bed. I am exhausted. I'm not as stuffy, not hacking as much, but still.....pooped. I think my boss was actually surprised to see me today. Good. Then she won't be surprised when I leave early.

I haven't had coffee since Sunday. Can you believe that? Actually, the real question is, should I take this opportunity to wean myself from it completely?

Naaa. That's just crazy talk!

On my drive in this morning, I declared to no one in particular, "You bet your ass I'm having coffee this morning!" Then I quoted Hedwig: "Deny me and be doomed". And then I chuckled. Cause I think I'm funny.

But I haven't had coffee today. Sticking with Throat Coat tea. It's probably best.

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