Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do Not Like

The Target in Westwood Village has been revamped. They’ve included a grocery area (with dirt cheap peppers, by the way) and have moved all kinds of stuff around. They built new fitting rooms too, which I was very excited to try for the first time last night.


Do not like the new fitting rooms.

The old Target fitting rooms had one mirror, on the wall. That’s it. That’s all you need to determine that you’re fat and that dress looks like shit on you. One quick glance, and okay! We’re done!

Apparently, the Target bigwigs weren’t happy with the level of depression wafting from the fitting rooms. Apparently, they thought the women were way too chipper after getting half naked in front of a mirror.

So the sadistic bastards installed TWO mirrors in these new dressing rooms.


So now we have the luxury of seeing just how dimpled and pale and wide our asses really are. I was perfectly happy with my imaginary butt. I pictured it a bit tan (let me dream) and round with maybe a sexy, little freckle on the left cheek. The sides of my tush had those little dents that show “muscle tone” (whatever that is), and the curve of my lower back looked like a polished ramp. Woop! Onto the butt!

Todd let me believe in this dream. He never contradicted me.

But the mirrors at Target are not so kind. They don’t care if your feelings are hurt. Here’s your ass! Like it or not!

I came home a bit deflated. And immediately changed into my sweats. The sweats allow me to cling to my illusion of bootiful butt.

Consider yourself warned....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Update

Where, oh where do these weekends go?  It seems quite unfair that we only get two days off a week.  Sheesh.

Friday night, Todd and I started off the weekend right – kidless.  We ordered in Indian food, had some wine and brewskies, and watched Batman Forever (which I reviewed for you).  Which wasn’t really a highlight at all – crappy, crappy, crappy.

We were going to go have dinner in Ballard with a gift card we’ve had since our wedding, and then see a friend’s band, and party it up like the young people.  But we are not young people.  We are constantly tired and when presented with the option of partying, or eating and loafing on the couch, we choose the couch now.

It’s very sad.

Well, no it’s not really.  I think I’m supposed to act like it’s sad because it’s just another sign that I’m getting older and don’t have the same kind of fun that I used to.  But I still have fun!  I love curling up on the couch with my hubby and my cat and a big ol’ glass of wine, and watching a movie that I’ve never seen before.  Despite whether the movie is good or not,  I learn a lot.

Since I’m a Line Producer now.

So, I guess maybe I think it’s sad that my idea of fun is hanging out at home, rather than going out to bars and spending money.  Spending money is definitely not fun.  So I just have to teach myself – fun is fun.  Regardless of what I’m doing.  If I’m having a good time, then it’s all good. 

Right? RIGHT.

Where was I?

Ah yes.  Having fun at home, with Todd and Tom, watching Batman Forever.  Mocking the movie was fun.  It was horrible.

And then, sweet sweet sleep.

Saturday was supposed to be my Mommy’s Brunch, but that completely fell apart (and I was a-okay with that – see “sweet sweet sleep”).  Instead, my neighbor Holly and I took a walk up to Starbucks for caffeine and munchies.  And since we had reserved special “don’t need to be home” time, we took the very long way home and Holly introduced me to the neighborhood miniature horse.  I kid you not. 

(I think he probably gets the rap of “pony” because most kids can’t say “miniature”.  Pony is just easier.)

He was sleeping when we came by.  Pretty horsey.

And then slowly but surely we made it back to our street.  It was a good walk, and it was nice to chat with a new friend (and I’m not just saying that because she reads my blog).

Saturday afternoon, Todd, Kayleigh and I walked to the Junction (totally earned my wine that night) to do a little shopping.  My little bit of shopping was futile, but Todd scored completely by accident.

Kayleigh merely had a question about upgrading her phone.  So we asked Todd for his expertise.  He had none.  So we asked the helpful guys at Radio Shack.  How much is this phone if you’re due for an upgrade and having a standing contract?

An hour and a half later, Todd walked out with a brand new touch screen HTC phone and Kayleigh was giddy because she got his old phone.  And I was a bit giddy because that meant I got HER old phone, which used to be my new phone, but we traded because I thought I hated it and wanted to go back to a flip phone.

HA!  I like the qwerty keyboard.

I’m also eligible for an upgrade now, so I’m having option paralysis about the whole touch screen thing.  Yes, they’re cool, but really only if you have a data plan.  Which would be an additional $30 a month.  Do I really need the internet on my phone?  Really?

But I want it.

Maybe I’ll reward myself when we get the credit cards paid off.

So that evening was pasta dinner, The Producers, and Todd and Kayleigh playing with their new phones.  I didn’t need to play with mine – I’d already owned it.  It was nothing new.

I finally hit my wall about midnight, and crashed.  I think Todd came in shortly after.

And Sunday, Todd’s usual wife was replace with Uber Peppy Wife!  I bolted out of bed at 8:30am and declared “I want to go to Target!  And then I want to work out in the yard!”  And then I had a bowl of cereal.

At which point Todd said, “What have you done with my wife?”

Rae-rae don’t eat cereal.  Blech.  But for some reason, I was in a mood.

So I ate and we cleaned up and off to Target we went.  And then we had lunch, and then we went to True Value to get pretty flowers for the front yard and then we went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for an organic, non-toxic weed killer and then back home to dig up a flower bed in the yard.

It appears we have three rose bushes this year.

Two separate rose bushes.

We had one that was trying to grow last year, but it got chopped in half with the weed whacker.  I guess that motivated it and now we have TWO of those bushes, and one other type.

Rose bush?  Yes?

So we cleared away the grass that was surrounding the plants, and just ended up creating a long flower bed along the top of the rock wall.  Not bad for a couple of hours work.

I'm curious to see if the roses will actually bloom.

All the while, the kids were inside with friends (three extra teenagers) playing Todd's game, Arrowflight.  How cool is that?

Pretty cool.  For about three hours.  Then I just wanted everyone to go home.  I was making a sit down dinner for my family and I did not have enough chicken breasts for three extra mouths.  So outcha go!

Mean?  Maybe.  I'm allowed to say "no" now and then.  It's the beauty of being the adult.

And during our lovely sit down dinner, we talked about summer.  As you know, Rae-rae hates summer.  The kids get to sleep in and loaf around all day.  I get a bit jealous.  So Todd and I explained to them that by actually helping us out during the summer, we are much happier parents and will probably be nicer to them.  We'll see how that works.

Then, since dinner wrapped up around 8:30pm, it was time to clean up and go to bed.

The highlight of this week is that I took Tuesday off.  Got some stuff I gotta do.  Ya know.  Love having a break in the middle of the week.  And then we have a three day weekend coming up!

It's the little things.  Gotta look forward to the little things.

Friday, June 24, 2011

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

It’s 53 degrees right now and raining. And oh, it’s JUNE 24th!!

I’m sick of it. Just freakin’ sick of it. I told Todd I’m just going to go ahead and put up the Christmas tree – at least the house will be festive. I’m sick of trying to dress for “summer” when it’s freakin’ cold out.

Why do we stay here? Why?


Then add a busy week to shitty weather and suddenly you have one very cranky, tired, just-let-me-sleep-please Rae-rae. Coffee doesn’t help, pretty pills don’t help. Hell, sleeping doesn’t even help.

I thought that leaving work early for a web series meeting and social time yesterday would help but no. Got home at 8:30pm, washed my face, brushed my teeth, crawled into bed and fell asleep. Bam. I don’t care about the condition of the kitchen, I don’t care about the litter on the bathroom floor.

Screw it. I’m tired.


However, I have to care about that crap tonight. I have mommies coming over for brunch tomorrow. Just a couple of ladies, but I have a reputation to uphold! I am a Cleaner!

Luckily, these women that are coming over read my blog (except for Kim, but she still knows me pretty well) so they’ll understand if the house is less than meticulous.



While in West Virginia, mom inadvertently coerced me into a new phase of life.

Since my regular bras rubbed the boo boo on my torso, she loaned me one of her Barely There bras.

And I didn’t take it off the whole week. And she ended up just giving it to me.

It is now my jammie bra. After wearing wired, padded bras all day, when I get home that’s the first thing that goes. During winter, it’s all good. Sweatshirts hide any free-range jiggle there might be (especially with a 17 year old boy in the house). But as warmer weather comes along (not “warm”, mind you, just “warmer”) the sweatshirts are too freakin’ hot.

So, this thing is great. I’m wrangled, but not pinched and confined. Still supported, but uber comfortable.

And since I freeze in my office and wear hoodies and sweaters a lot, I can get away with be wrangled but not confined during the day too. Combine that with my gaucho pants* and my tank top and pink hoodie, and I feel like I’m in jammies today.

Which makes Rae-rae a much happier person.

*Found a pic for you at They are the exact same pants I bought at Target five years ago, and I wear these things to work at least twice a week during the summer. Put them with red shoes, patent leather ballet flats, flip flops or, like today, my Converse rip-offs, and they go with anything.

Although they make me look even shorter and fatter. Oh well. At least I’m comfy.


Because did I mention that Rae-rae is tired? Oy.

I’ve been coughing again at night. My therapist asked me if I was allergic to grass – that would be the allergy du jour right now. I guess I am, because right around 3am every morning, I wake up coughing. It’s almost like I have a hair in my throat (which is quite possible) and water and cough drops just don’t help. Eventually, I fall back asleep, but then my day is shot because waking up like that just screws up my REM sleep and I’m exhausted.


In the span of writing this post, the Mommy’s Brunch has been cancelled. Sickness, forgotten plans, traffic hell, and vacations have totally screwed us up.

But that is a-okay. Given my mood and exhaustion right now, I was not looking forward to waking up early and trying to be perky for a group of perky women. I have one confirmed “Yes! I’ll bring muffins!” and luckily, it’s just my next door neighbor, Holly. So I’ve emailed her and said, if you still want to hang with just me, come on over!

I don’t have to clean too much for Holly. She gets it.


And I leave you with Binky The Space Cat.

Isn't that just the most adorable thing?  I saw this at The Comic Stop yesterday, right before our meeting with the Gore Sisters, and I fell in love.  So Todd bought it for me.  Binky is a cutie.

Of course.

There's actually one other book out, and one coming out in the fall. 
I think I shall become a collector.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Last week was long.  Period.

Todd had many Skype meetings, I had a block party planning with my neighbor Carrie, Kayleigh had her very last band concert and we finished up with week with Gamy (Gary & Amy) and drinks down at the Matador.

Saturday was wonderfully empty.  Kayleigh had stayed Friday night with a friend, Tyler had taken the bus to meet Gavin for game night, so Todd and I shopped around and ran errands and had a lovely day together.  And that night we watched Black Death. Which was gory, but awesome.

Kayleigh gave up halfway through, due to the hacking (of bodies) and retired to her room.  So after Black Death, Todd and I watched Watchmen.  Well, half of Watchmen.  Then Sara and Zadra arrived to spend the night because they were flying out to their cousin's wedding on Sunday.

And so Todd started off Father's Day by getting up at 6:30, and driving them to the airport.  He's a good man.  He had also scheduled a brunch with Brian, so I made a dutch baby and Todd cooked up some bacon, and of course there was fruit, coffee and mimosas.

There was also Sam!

Brian's dog.  He's a sweet puppy.  We locked the cats up in our bedroom so Sam could come visit. 

Steph dropped by for a bit as well, and we visited an open house.  A beautiful two bedroom, one bath for $399,000.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Then there was a quick trip to Target with Kayleigh, shopping for dinner, and finally, a lovely evening with Bill Cosby Himself.  Todd and I hadn't seen it in ages and we laughed our asses off.  Bill never gets old.  I think Kayleigh even enjoyed.  And of course, after that, I just HAD to see the Cosby episode where Theo thinks he can be a model at 18 and have his own place, so the family poses as the landlord, bank owner, talent agent and the cafe owner and makes Theo buy all of his stuff back.  That's just my favorite episode.  When Cliff asks for references for the apartment, Kayeligh said, "They don't do that, do they?  Can't you just buy an apartment?"

This is why I want to watch the Cosby show with them.  It's educational.

And since it was Sunday night, we all retired early to prepare for a nonstop week of meetings, school stuff and more meetings.

I'm already tired.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday wasn't such a bad day at work, but by gawd I was pissed that evening.  My nerves were raw and I found myself slamming the dishes down a little too loudly.  Guess it was just a rough week.  Or True Grit.

But I woke up Saturday feeling much better.  Guess I just needed to sleep in.

I was up relatively early, and showered, so Todd and I could finally go get my oil changed and do a little running around.  We came back home and lounged around until 4:30pm, and then it was time to get purty and head out to our benefit gig.

The Twelfth Night crew was putting on a show for one of their own, Hannah, to raise money so she could join The Reel Grrls in Korea.  The informal show was held at Hannah's grandmother's retirement community and while we weren't really expecting the senior residents to be in the audience, it's a good thing they were.  We had quite the crowd!

Todd, Kayleigh and I performed a couple of songs, and the others performed songs and skits.  All very funny.  And the old people loved us!  I told Mary, the Twelfth Night head chick, we should do this once a month.  Most of the residents are in walkers and can't get around very well, so how happy would they be if we brought a performance to them?  The people with Twelfth Night are so funny and so talented - they really do put on a great show, even if they're just getting up and singing a silly song, or doing a quick 10 minute skit.  I think that would be a ton of fun.

After the gig, we headed over to Steve and Steph's.  At one time there was a party planned, but that party had been postponed, but we still wanted to hang out with them.  Kayleigh ended up playing guitar and Steve got out his base, and I help Isa get ready for bed.  Such a nice night.

Sunday, up again pretty early for me.  At 8:30am.  Ug.  Todd made biscuits and gravy, then it was time to get on it!  Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, more laundry, filing, purging.  Whew!  Todd ran some errands, Kayleigh was catching up on homework and Tyler was downstairs, so I cranked up the radio and had a good ol' time with myself.

When Todd got home, it was time for the dreaded grocery shopping trip.  There's too many people, the food's too expensive, the bags are too heavy and then we have to put everything away, which means we end up cleaning out the fridge because we have tons of leftovers that never get eaten....


I don't like part of being a grown up.  Well, there's a lot I don't like about being a grown up, but that's my current complaint right now.

And Sunday evening was a lovely dinner of penne pasta with meat sauce, a salad, and a beautiful Coppola Claret.  We love our Coppola wines.  Haven't had a bad one yet!

I'd actually thought about added yet ANOTHER tab up there entitled "Wines" so I could give my little review of new and exciting wines I come across.  But 1) I don't know if I have the dedication to keep that up when I can't seem to get more than a couple posts up a week and 2) you might catch on to how much wine I consume.

The movie of the evening was Black Widow.  I posted about it in the Movie tab.

And after the movie, sleep.  Precious, precious sleep.

Which is what I'm going to do right now because Todd and I actually went for a walk this evening and my poor body is so used to the couch and the cold weather that it is now exhausted.  It's very sad.

Friday, June 10, 2011

True Grit

We watched True Grit.
I hated it.
But I love Jeff Bridges.

Check my Movies tab, at the top. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Surprise! Lemme Cut Ya!

Remember my cute little bump that appeared last weekend?  The one that I had to take antibiotics for while I was on vacation?  And remember those antibiotics didn't do a damn bit of good?

Well, that's because my cute little bump was actually a cyst that had ruptured.  (Maybe due to altitude?)

Anywho, the best course of action was to just get that thing out of there.  Which is just what my doctor did at 8am today.  He took one look and said, “Oh, yeah.  That's not good…” 

So, after flinging off my shirt (15 years of “well woman exams” and suddenly you have no qualms about stripping down in a doctor’s office), the doc sprayed some cold stuff, then poked me with a few needles of anesthesia, then went to town. 

Gawd bless Todd who was there holding my hand and making awesome facial expressions each time doc showed him what he’d pulled out.  

When the doc declared he’d gotten everything, he cleaned me up and put a big pad of gauze on my side and sent me on my way.

Uh.....what just happened?

I was still a bit baffled and in denial, but then at about 11am, the anesthesia wore off and holy shit.  My whole right side was throbbing.  I downed some Advil to take the edge off and thankfully, by 4pm, the pain was much better. 

So I decided to celebrate with shopping and happy hour with Jamie. 

I bounce back quickly like that.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ending Vacation with a Bang

Or, Why a Three Hour Layover in Atlanta is Disastrous

Originally, my flight home yesterday was supposed to be Pittsburgh to Milwaukee, with an hour layover, then on to Seattle. Easy. Pretty straight shot.

But three weeks ago, I got a notice that my flight had changed. It was now Pittsburgh to Atlanta, with a three hour layover, then over to Seattle.

Inefficient routes like that irk me.

So I upgraded to business class. Bigger seats and free wine can make that five hour plane ride much better.

Well. If you don’t drink a glass of wine and two Bloody Marys during the actual layover. Which I did. There’s a reason you’re not supposed to drink when you fly. Flying dehydrates you. Drinking dehydrates you. Flying + Drinking = Sahara Desert.

I knew this prior to my flight. I'm not new.  But apparently my brain was broken because I was so focused on making that three hours fly by I didn’t stop to add everything up.

I blame Atlanta.
I never would have none that in Milwaukee.  Never.


But now vacation is over, and I'm back in the real world, being good and responsible.

For a few days anyway.....

Friday, June 3, 2011

Country Bumpkin, The Final Day

* Awake at 8am, and waiting until 8:30am so I can call Kayleigh and wish her fun on her Disneyland trip.

* I call, but Kayleigh is sick and has made the very adult decision to not go on the trip.  I feel so bad for her.

* Bunnies!  There are two rabbits out back, a male and female.  And the male is feelin' frisky!  The female is having none of it.  She bitch slaps him a couple of times and hops away, but he is undeterred.  Goober is crouched down in the grass, acting like he's going to pounce but he won't.  Because he's a wussy.

* And then out of nowhere!  A doe!  The male rabbit leaps about 10 feet in the air and both bunnies hop back into the woods.  Now we watch the deer eat.  It's so stressful out here in the country.

* Time for coffee and breakfast.  Biscuits and gravy.  Yeah, baby.

* I'm a bit subdued this morning.  I didn't fall asleep until 1am or so again, and I just don't feel very rested.  I lay down on the couch in Dad's room, just to rest my eyes for a bit.

* An hour later, I wake up and Mom's ready to make a grocery store and Dollar General run.  It's actually a tad cool out.

* But first, lets check the cute little bump.  Oh, he is PISSED.  More pissed than yesterday.  So we call the Belington clinic and leave a message for the doc.  Should we worry about this?

* Get the grocery shopping done and head back home to unload.  The doc calls back, maybe the sulfa pills just aren't strong enough.  Let's try a bigger, better antibiotic.

* I still need a little more rest, so I lay down on my bed.  Just to rest my eyes.

* A half an hour later, mom wakes me and asks if I'd like some lunch.  Well, sure.

* Have some lunch, get in some porch time, chit chat.

* Mom decides to take a quick drive and show me my cousin Laura's house.  I haven't seen Laura in...oh....15 years?

* After 15 minutes of driving on a very curvy road, we find Laura's house.  And it's just lovely.  Laura is home, so we pop in (it's the way of the hillbillies) and I get to meet her two little kids.

* Back home to lay down.  My stomach is queasy.  I'm not used to these country roads.

* An hour later mom wakes me up to see what I'd like to do for dinner.  I do not want to get in a car.  I mean it.

* But I do.  We go pick up a pizza for them, a salad for me, and my new antibiotic.

Side note:  I'm nervous that this stronger version will tear up my stomach; I'm flying out tomorrow.  And I do not want an upset stomach while I'm traveling.  Did I mention Pittsburgh to Atlanta to Seattle?  With a three hour layover in Atlanta?  Rae-rae splurged for business class.  Again.  So I'll hold off on the new antibiotic until I see my doctor on Monday.

* I eat my salad, then paint my fingernails to match my toenails.  Hussy red!  Then love on the kitty for a bit.  Goober has been a little weird the last couple of days, so we've been giving him extra attention.

* The deer arrive for their evening dinner.

* More porch time.  Then evening TV and blogging.

Not an exciting last evening of vacation, but hey.  It's relaxing.  And that's the point, right?


Pic(s) of the day:

Come with me.
You're walking into the outbuilding....

What's this?  Plastic and PVC pipe?

Why, it's Daddy's manfort!

Complete with TV and heater.  I do love my daddy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Country Bumpkin, Day 6

* Didn't fall asleep until 1:30am, but after putting in my earbuds and listening to The Head and the Heart, I finally pass out.

* I didn't cough all night, so I was awake and perky at 9am.  Woohoo!

* Mom and I form a plan - clean up, go to Nestorville to visit Granny and the creek, then maybe go to the grocery store.  Ready?  Break!

* The plan is altered.  Dad has been working on putting up the fence around the garden and is wearing down.  I haven't showered yet, so I go down and help out.

Hanging pie pans on the garden fence

* Uncle Paul stops by, the neighbor and his kids stop by, we hang out and chit chat.

Country Kids

* Well, now it's almost noon so I foof my hair, throw on a t-shirt and we all head out for lunch.  They have hot dogs, I opt for pepperoni rolls.  Cause you just can't get those in Seattle.

* After lunch, mom and I head to Nestorville.  We stop and say hi to my aunt and uncle, then toodle on down to the creek.  So pretty.  So quiet.

* Now up to visit Mabel.  And have a good cry.  Something about Granny's grave just makes me sob.  It's always cathartic.

* And then back home to nap.  For an hour.  This heat is just killing me.  Or maybe the crying.

* Time for dinner.  A roast chicken, more macaroni salad and leftover beans.  And the last of the malbec.

* Mom cleans up dinner while dad and I plant the garden.  Yes, I planted.  We have 18 tomato plants, four cucumber plants, three cantaloupe plants, green onions and lettuce.  Whew!

* Finally, a shower.  And some porch time.

* And then evening TV - My Cat from Hell.  Mom and I are learning a lot.  But some of these cat owners are just stupid.  What?  Your cat scratches you when you pick it up and it's squirming to get out of your arms?  Honey, the cat ain't the problem.  YOU are the problem.

* Cute little bump update - actually looking a little angrier.  Still taking my sulfa pills.


Pic of the day:

Mom and Emily

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Country Bumpkin, Day 5

* Awake at 7am, snooze until 8am.

* Cheerios for breakfast, half a cup of coffee.  It's just not workin' for me this morning.

* Back to bed to snooze until 8:45am.

* Time to get cleaned up for my doctor's appointment.  Yep.  Doctor's appointment.  I've had a little fatty cyst on my right side, right on my ribs, for about 9 months.  One day, Todd said "Hey.  What's that?"  I don't know.  Does it hurt?  No.  Does it itch?  No.  Alrighty.

Well, that little nodule is now very angry.  And painful.  I made an appointment with my West Seattle doctor for Monday morning, but the lady taking the appointment said, "Do you really want to wait until Monday to have that looked at?"  Well, thanks for that.  Now I'm worried.

The local doctor, who also happens to be mom's doctor, was very nice and thorough.  When he asked about my medical history, mom said, "Just get my chart!"  He tried to take some fluid from my cute little bump, but there wasn't any.  Don't much like the sound of that.... 

Regardless, he put me on an antibiotic for the infection.  Sulfa.  Now I'm smelling that smell....sulfur?  And it makes my wine taste funny.

* Back home and suddenly I'm exhausted.  It's starting to thunder so that's my excuse for laying around all day.  Actually, I think the high of being here has worn off and now I'm just lazy (loaded word).

* Actually I was semi-productive.  I got mom set up on Skype.  And I configured it so that when I video call her, the Skype window pops up and there's my face!  I can't wait to scare the shit out of my dad when he's sitting at the computer one day.

* All that Skype stuff was taxing, so I rested my eyes for a bit.  Then I did a little spackling.  Then I rested a bit more.

* Dinner time! Salt cured ham, wilted lettuce, pinto beans, fried potatoes and cornbread.  Yum.

* Then - you guessed it - some more lounging.  With a little reading thrown in.

* And now, some surfing and blogging while watching nighttime TV with mom.  Dad's already gone to bed and mom is rushing me so she can read this before she goes to bed.

Good gawd, the pressure!


Pic of the day:

The yellow warning label? "Avoid the sun". Perfect.