Friday, June 26, 2009

Spontaneous Impromptu Adventure

We had a couple of Tyler appointments today, so I slept in a little and then worked from home. Quite a nice perk of the new job, lemme tell ya.

But our 1:00pm appointment had to cancel on us, and since I got a text from Adam (of Adam+Kris) last night saying they were playing at the glorious Bite of Tacoma this afternoon, Todd and I made a spontaneous trip down to see them. In Friday afternoon traffic. And it took about about 50 minutes. And we missed the entire 45 minute set. But got there for the very last song, "I Row The Boat." And Adam saw us and I waved and he waved and smile and told Kris we were there.

And it was totally worth the drive.

After their show, we said hi, chatted quickly and updated each other on our lives. Adam is the proud father now to a little boy, Mason, and lives with the mother. Kris has moved out of the pond-front home and is living on her own. Things are changin' in Portland.

After catching up, the band had to jet back so Todd and I walked around a bit. I got a Hallie Berry kabob (chocolate covered strawberries on a stick) and Todd treated himself to a Big Kahuna shaved ice.

Yes, a fun few hours indeed. It was like a vacation.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names

Apparently, the Universe is one ticked off little chicky.

It's rumored that Micheal Jackson has died. This new drama just adds to an already surreal week of celebrity news. Farrah Fawcett is gone. Ed McMahon is gone. We all know there's a third on the way. Maybe it is Michael, but don't we usually get a little break in between?

Not today.

We have been bombarded with some clear signs. We are getting older. Our idols and teen crushes are dying. Is this how people felt when Elvis died? Someone completely larger than life passes away and all we can say is, "Huh." Or we start reminiscing.

I had Thriller posters on my wall. I'm not embarrassed.

Todd and I were singing a Michael Jackson song last week. "Rock With You", I think. Kayleigh asked who sung it. And our jaws dropped. So, Todd pulled up the video on YouTube. She said, "Oh! I know him!"


Because if Kayleigh didn't know who Michael Jackson is, I would lose it.
I mean it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

I do love me some Jason Statham (he was Handsome Rob in remake of The Italian Job) but I had never seen any of the Transporter movies. Until last night when Todd introduced me to THE BEST MOVIE EVER.

Oh my.

Jason, kickin’ ass and takin’ names. But, yet, so kind and compassionate. He would never kill the bad guy. Just stab him in the leg or arm. See? Nice guy. But tough guy.

I now want to take kickboxing classes.


Remember the doctor’s appointment for my knees? Maybe I didn't blog about that.

They crunch and hurt and the doctor said they were just inflamed and all I needed to do was take some ibuprofen and ice them and all would right with the world again?

Well, I tried that for a week and the pain actually let up.
Until two days ago when I popped my right knee because I could feel it catching and thought, oh, let’s just give it a little kick.

Bad decision on Rae-rae’s part.

I could barely walk down the steps today. I can’t bend it backwards very well. Forward it fine. Backward hurts. A lot. I made Todd put his hand on there while I bent it back and forth and his reaction was, “That ain’t right.”

Not sure what my next step is.
Ha. Get it?




Somehow, I got a Dixie Chicks’ song stuck in my head this morning.

White Trash Wedding.

“You can’t afford no ring, you can’t afford no ring. I shouldn’t be wearin’ white and you can’t afford no ring!”

I always said I should wear black to my wedding. Or red. Cause, gawd knows, I have no business wearing white.

So, I went with ivory. Hee.
I’ll fool them all!


I’m having nose ring troubles today, after almost 10 years of being pierced. It was a little tender this morning, so I took out my stud. Just for a little bit.

And now, I feel naked.


I just learned that when you "Enter", while compiling a blog post, it automatically posts the blog. Fantastic.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day/Summer Solstice

Happy Father's Day!
And Happy Summer Solstice!

The family had a busy today. Donuts for breakfast, lunch at Lombardi's in Ballard, the movie Up at the Majestic Bay (a must see Pixar movie, but be sure to bring tissues) then a graduation gathering for Michelle, Todd's sister-in-law.


It was a tad chilly here, but otherwise a beautiful day!

We didn't make it to the Solstice Parade yesterday. We were both exhausted from a very long week, so after taking care of an ant infestation (no more eating the bedrooms!) we headed to the Cactus Cafe on Alki for a much needed margarita (or three).

Then, on to dinner at the Celtic Swell with Steve, Stephanie and Isabella. Afterwards, back to Stephanie's where we all played a round of Apples to Apples, and the Todd and I went home and curled up for a viewing of Dirty Dancing.

Don't judge me.
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

So, yes.
A very nice weekend, indeed.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am not having a good week. Too much to do at home, too much to do at work, and all I want to do is sleep.

I hate moods like this.

I was home yesterday, for a Tyler appointment, so I got in a good two hour nap (while Tom curled up on me, which is never a bad thing). But when bedtime rolled around, there was just too much rolling around in my head and I didn't fall asleep until it's way too late for me.

At least we got to hang out with Trish and Dan for a bit last night. They just found out they were pregnant, and it's just impossible to be unhappy when talking about the arrive of a cute little baby. Especially with these two people, who have been waiting so long, and are so excited.

Tomorrow is the Solstice Parade. I thought I really wanted to go. Even made a plan with Steve and Stephanie and Isabella. But, right now, it seems like a lot of work. And we'd have to get up early in order to get to Fremont and snag some space along the route.


Did I mention that I just want to sleep?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mother and Daughter

I have nothing of interest to share with you today so please enjoy this photo of me and my little girl.

Who is taller than me because she has on her 2" heel boots.

This was at her band concert last Thursday. I took her (all solo parenting like) while Todd recovered from the flu. Kayleigh gave me permission to read my book ("You don't have to WATCH us. There's nothing to see!"), so I read while listening to all the different bands. A nice evening. Although, they really need pillows for those folding chairs.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Universe

Can we please end this test that you seem to be having so much fun subjecting me to this week?


I believe that, up until this morning, I have passed with flying colors. I have kept the children fed and (somewhat) clean. I've intercepted calls and emails from case workers and school officials. I've gotten Kayleigh to school on time each day. I clean up the cat puke each morning. I am using Purell like it's hand lotion. I keep Todd's nightstand stocked with all of the standard flu goodies. I bring him soup and crackers regularly, and I am sympathetic and compassionate when he vomits for 10 hours straight.

I was even very supportive while Todd was getting his IV in the ER Tuesday night. Yes, I thought I was going to throw up, even though my back was to him, and yes, the nurse advised me to sit down and put my head between my knees because she said I was pale and was afraid I was going to pass out, but I stood strong (after putting my head between my knees). I was fine once we covered his IV with the blanket. I held his hand and made him laugh. I answered all of the doctor's questions and took notes when he recommended something, just like a good wife.

Okay, yes, this morning I may have been a bit overwhelmed and snapped a little bit. I think I'm allowed one little breakdown, don't you? And I may have cried on the phone to Nichole in the Rite Aid parking lot because who the hell would have thought that the pharmacy doesn't open until 9-freakin-AM?! I mean, when people are sick and have been up most of the night, they can't wait until 9am to get their cough pill things! Why wouldn't the pharmacy open when the actual store opens?! At 8:00am, which is when I was sitting in the damn parking lot!


Wait. Is this about the glass of wine I had Tuesday night while Kayleigh was in her tae kwon do class? It was one glass! What's so wrong with that?! To be honest, I think we should all be thankful that I haven't downed whatever liquor we have in the cabinet.

I am happy to prove myself to you, to show you that I can do this mothering stuff, but for the love of puppies, enough already. And now we see that Kayleigh has a band concert tonight! Because we don't have enough on our plates? Really?

I will continue your little test until this weekend. If you are not sufficiently happy with my performance, well, I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe get an exorcist to exorcise the flu from Todd. Would I get bonus points for that? For my creativity?

Once again, I beg of you.
Knock it off.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Because There's Just Not Enough Going On In Our Lives...

There was a wee bit of conflict this morning, so I stayed home to "run the show", as Todd put it. Because Todd was hacking up a lung and could barely get around. So, in the midst of emailing and calling case workers and trying to get some work done, I made a doctor's appointment and took TBFE in to get checked out.

And whadya know?
TBFE has influenza A.


Now our house is under quarantine, the kids both have doctor's appointments tomorrow to get swabbed, and I have to start Tamiflu because I've had a little cough for the past three days and the doctor just wants to be proactive. Todd is curled up in bed, practically unable to move because everything in his body hurts. I've got him on a schedule of the prescription cough syrup (with codeine. Oh yeah.), ibuprofen and Sudafed. There is 7-UP, tissues, cough drops, water and a trash can by the bed, as well as his lap top close within reach (he's been watching the old Star Treks all day). Tomorrow we start the flu treatment. Rite Aid was out of it today.

Looks like I'll be home for the next few days. We can't have anyone in the house until Todd's temperature has stayed at normal for 24 hours. He's currently hovering around 100. I've emailed everyone we've come in close contact with in the last few days to warn them (per the doctor's instructions) that if they develop a cough, get it checked out. Might be more than allergies.


Back when Todd's house burned down, he wrote:

If any of you guys have an "in" with admin, can you please find out when they expect to send the locusts? I'M KIDDING. DO NOT SEND LOCUSTS.

I've used this phrase a few times today. My co-workers have been incredibly understanding and supportive during the time I've had to take off of work to go to meetings and counseling sessions and just generally catch up on my sleep since some of these conflicts go until midnight or have to email them today and say, "Hey, by the way, I'm going to be out for a couple more days. Todd's sick, the kids may be sick, I may be sick, we've all got doctor's appointments and the house is under quarantine" makes me feel like crap.

But my co-worker emailed back and assured me that they understand and everything is under control there. My other co-worker, CB, brought me a bunch of stuff from my desk, so I can at least get caught up on some things.

And thus is the life in the Marsh-Downing Household today.
Good times, I tell ya. Good times......

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Sunday Post

What's this? A post on Sunday? With pictures

I know. It's crazy.

Yesterday, Todd and I went to Tim's (of the Kim-n-Tim fame) 40th birthday party. The first half was All Ages, the second half was Adults Only because it was at a local pub. We only attended the All Ages part.

Oddly enough, TBFE and I were the only ones there without kids. Our kids were much too cool to go to a party with a bunch a toddlers. Their loss, I say. Because the little kiddies were so cute!

I did have a few slight oh-my-gawd-this-is-my-life-now moments. I am a parent. I go to parties where there are just as many kids as there are adults.

(Gaggle of children)

(Kim & Milo)

(Milo. Cutie pie, no?)

(Mother-daughter moment. I love this picture.)

(Me and Isabella. I asked her to smile. This is what I got.)

(Steve doing art. Chalk feet outlines were all the rage.)

(Me & Stephanie)

(The obligatory self portrait. My man's so cute.)

Wrastlin' Cats

Todd swears the putties like each other. I can't tell. Seems like there's some aggression there.

They're still cute.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feel The Love

You may have noticed a new box over to the right of this screen, entitled “Wedding Registries”.

Tacky, you say?

Oh well, it’s my blog. And I know my friends and family will appreciate having these links at the cute little fingertips because I know they will lose these links as soon I give them out (because they asked, not because I’m greedy. But, come on, who really DOESN’T want prezzies? Hee).

So, by posting the registries here, at the center of my universe, friends, family, strangers, loyal readers I’ve never met, and stalkers will have the opportunity to feel the love and maybe feel compelled to help us afford (ahem..excuse me....ENJOY!) a honeymoon.

See? It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Putty, Putty

Here are some pics of Tom, in two of his favorite resting spots.

My chest.

And Todd's arms.

What a precious putty!

Except we think that the precious putty gave Elvis a cold. Poor baby is sneezing his head off. Todd took him into the vet and he's running a little fever. He's been curled up on our bed for most of the last few days. The vet says he's young and healthy, so he'll be okay. We just have to let the virus run it's course.