Friday, April 29, 2011

How I Accidently Watched The Royal Wedding

I had no intention of staying up until 2am to watch William and Kate get married. Kayleigh even asked about it before we went to bed and I said, “Uh, hell no.” Yes, I had it on our Google calendar, but I knew there’d be recaps all weekend, and I was fine with that.

But then came 1:47am, and I woke up coughing and no amount of albuterol or cough drops would calm it. Of course, I was pissed off immediately because my precious sleep had been interrupted, but then it hit me.

The royal wedding was starting.

It was fate.

So, I snuck out of the bedroom with my blanket and my pillow and curled up on the couch with Tom. We kept the TV turned down low, so as not to awaken the rest of the household (and thus, be mocked).

I was full of anticipation. Where was William? Ah! There comes William and Harry in a swanky car. Nice. He’s so cute. And Harry looks like a wild frat boy.

And now they walk inside Westminster Abby and take off their gloves and hat and…hand them to some guy? Wait, they didn’t get a ticket back! How will the guy know which hat is William’s?! All the men are taking off their hats and handing them over! No one is getting a claim ticket!

Oh, this is going to be a disaster. Did no one think to plan this part better? I know we only had a few months to throw this together, but people! Maybe they’re using sticky notes off to the side. One sticky says “Will”, one sticky says “Harry”, one sticky says “Dad”.

Well, as long as the stickies are out of sight, then I guess it’s okay. We’ve got a reputation to uphold here. This is a royal wedding! Not a slapstick hillbilly wedding!

Okay, moving on. Yeah, yeah, the boys mingle. William tells a few women they look “fabulous”. Only the English can get away with saying “fabulous” seriously. Harry is figiting. Must be hungover and needing some hair of the dog. You party animal, Harry.

And, now we have parents (well, “parent” and Camilla. I’m still bitter that she’s there and Diana’s not), and oh, the Queen. She looks bored. She’s probably sick of weddings. All the hubbub and the horns and the little choir boys singing so high you think the stain glass is going to shatter. I bet she’s thinking, “I just want some tea. When can I have my tea?” Poor Queen.

And there’s Kate getting into her swanky car! Wow, that’s a lot of train! Poor Dad doesn’t know what to do with all that material. Lacy. Of course. Veil and tiara. Of course. Just classic.

Such a long drive to the Abbey.

Oh, Kate's getting out of the car!  So much train!  Well, not as much train as Diana, but a nice modest train.  So pretty....

Williams back is to her, he won't look.  He's being coy.  Ah, but Harry looked!  Yeah, Kate's looking hot, he says to William.

Now the traditional blah blah blah, marriage, have and hold.  But man, that one guy is scary - the Archbishop of Canterbury says to Prince William and Catherine:

"I require and charge you both, as ye will answer at the dreadful day of judgement when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that if either of you know any impediment, why ye may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony, ye do now confess it. For be ye well assured, that so many as are coupled together otherwise than God’s word doth allow are not joined together by God; neither is their Matrimony lawful."

I would be terrified.

So no one opposes the marriage, William and Kate have nothing to hide, and William isn't wearing a wedding band.  Huh?  That seems suspicious.....

What?  No kiss?!  Come on!

Ah, glory be to God, the choir is singing, Elton John doesn't know the words to that particular hymn or he just isn't in the mood to sing.  Could be that big speech about marriage being between a man and a woman.  I'm sure Elton didn't appreciate that too much.

Now they're in the carriage, and they're riding off and Kate is waving like a good little dutchess.  They're so pretty.   So many horses!  Goodness!

They arrive at Buckingham Palace and all file inside while the crowd follows on foot.  The appearance of the crowd alone makes me want to throw up.  Too.Many.People.  And that poor line of police officiers, keeping them at bay.  Not a fun job.

So where are they going to appear on the balacony?  Oh, NBC has a little count down clock in the corner of the screen.  Thank goodness!  And there they all are!  Wave, wave, wave.  Just kiss for gawd's sake!

Really?  That's it?  A peck?

I know you don't like PDA, Will, but you are rumored to be a man of the people and the people want some passion!  At least hug her!

Another kiss?  Well, thanks.  But you still didn't hug her.

Now it's 5:30am and it's too late to try and get some sleep, and Todd is now sitting with me and educating me on the British Empire, so I might as well just make some coffee and plow though this day.

We should be able to drink champagne at work today.
It's a holiday.  Kind of.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wisdom teeth, Concussions and Ulcers, Oh My!

What a weekend. Again, Rae-rae prevails when the crap that wollups her family.

Tyler had his lower wisdom teeth removed last Thursday. Surprisingly, he wasn’t in too much pain, and pretty much just spent Thursday and Friday sleeping on and off. He kept ice packs on his cheeks, but only took the Vicodin a couple of times. He didn’t like the way it messed with his head.

Kayleigh was on spring break (and Todd was gone Friday afternoon) so she was Tyler’s caretaker. And she did a wonderful job. She made sure he was taking his antibiotics, and she would switch out the ice packs for him, and bring him clean gauze.

And that is why she went into the kitchen, to get clean gauze, when her head got all swimmy and her knees buckled and the girl went down.

And the girl’s forehead hit the island butcher block in the center of the kitchen.
And then the girl fell backwards and hit the back of her head on the hardwood floor.

She called Todd and told him, but the little stoic one downplayed the damage. Until Todd got home and saw her. She had a nice yellow and green lump on her head with a pretty little dent through it. And that’s when she lost it.

She spent the rest of the weekend snoozing on the couch. Don’t worry, we took all the concussion cautions. Including calling Habe and debating on the emergency room and asking her what to do.

Kayleigh’s doing much better now.

And Tyler’s tooth holes are closing up, so he’s feeling pretty much back to normal.

But Todd’s gut is still giving him a hassle. We’ve discovered he feels okay if he doesn’t eat red meat or drink wine. Bummer.

The worse I’ve been dealing with is a freakin’ nose hair that’s gone wonky and I can’t yank out and it’s making me sneeze more than normal.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Funnies

I was cleaning up my folders at work and ran across some of pictures that, when I first found them, I fully intended to post them for your amusement.  And then I forgot.

But I had some really good laughs this afternoon.

First up, yes, this is the exact same car I drive, and it just so happens that my car is also silver.

However, I do not have cat pictures in my back window.  I have not gone that far over the edge.


Because we've all had at least one pet that was certifiably batshit.

I've already determined I have a Corgi problem.  I love the little stubby legs and big ears. 



Just so.....beautiful.



Love the German Shepherds.  Even if they can destroy your house.


I can so hear the song in my head.  With some grunting.  Because it looks like this doggie is workin' it hard!


I don't know.  I just laughed my ass off at this.


And my own personal nightmare, that caused coffee to shoot of of my nose when I read it:

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It’s cruise ship season here in Seattle. Every morning on my drive to work, I see the big ships sitting at the dock along Aurora. So pretty. And when Todd and I are in the car together and we pass by one, I always yell “CRUISE SHIP!”

(Well. Sometimes I still yell it even when Todd’s not in the car.)

I’ve never been on a cruise. I wanna go on a cruise. I want to float on the water, swim in a pool, eat until I can’t eat anymore and have a foo foo drink in my hand at all times.


Actually, this is pretty much what I anticipate doing at mom and dad’s. They have a blow up pool. Maybe I can throw a floatie in there, close my eyes and use my imagination. I can make my own drinks. I’m not above that. But mom will need to cook for me. I’m sure she won’t mind.

I’ll need a show, too. Because on a cruise ship, you get shows. Comedy acts. Dad’s pretty damn funny. I could see him standing up in front of the fireplace, no shirt, short and slippers, telling me crude jokes. That would be fun.

And much cheaper than a cruise.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to Our Regular Ol’ Boring Life


Raechelle’s Birthday Week is over. Now we’re back to the same ol’, same ol’. Well, we’ll celebrate Todd’s birthday in three weeks, so that will be fun for him.

I finished up the birthday week with taking Friday off from work. Granted, Todd and I sat in a doctor’s office for two hours and he was so tired and sick he could hardly keep his eyes opened, and when we got home, he immediately crashed on the couch, so I did laundry and cleaned the bedroom and organized the closet, and then had to leave to pick Kayleigh up from school, but hey. It’s better than sitting in a cube.

We didn’t really do a Friday night movie pizza night. Everyone was doing their own thing, so Todd and I watched the vampire movie, Daybreakers. Which was surprisingly good.

My only beef about this movie was the consistency. Ethan Hawk gets repeatedly burned by the sun, but there is damage whatsoever. I call bullshit. Especially when a vampire got burned early in the movie and he was all blistery. And also, we see the vicious ripping apart of someone (fantastically gory) but when we have the sad, goodbye I can’t believe you’re dead scene, the guy’s hardly even bloodied. Um, I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure I saw his large intestine pulled out of his torso. Why isn’t his shirt ripped?

But other than that, good movie.

Saturday, I was up early to get ready for my girl date with Trish. We walked down to the Junction and had brunch at The Tuscan Tea Room.


So good. So beautiful. I felt like I was in a foreign country back in yesteryear. Just lovely. The Tuscan Tea Room has a very elaborate Afternoon Tea, but I’m not a real tea drinker (but I met Ms. Traveler would love this place) so Trish and I had mimosas and breakfast – crepes and french toast.

After brunch, we toodled around the Junction and looked at books, clothes, and doggies. So many doggies. My favorite was the 10 month old Saint Bernard that weighed 90 lbs and knocked me over when he sat on my feet and laid up against me. Such a pretty puppy!

We finished off our date with coffee and a cupcake (still my birthday!) then headed back home. I ended up turning around and walking right back down to the Junction with Kayleigh. I’d seen a sweater there that I thought she’d like (she needs one for a dress she has), so we went to look at it. But the sweater was already gone. Poo. Luckily we a shawl that will work just as well. Productive.

Then back home to eat a quick dinner, then freshen up for the Springer’s joint birthday party at Kenyon Hall. What fun! Those theater people keep me laughing. I love the Twelfth Night gatherings.

We were home before midnight, and crashed pretty much immediately.

And on the last day of RBW, I celebrated in style by sleeping in until 11am. OH YEAH. Then I just laid in bed for a half an hour and snuggled with Tom. I love my Tom.

But the day was actually sunny, so I got motivated and took Kayleigh to her friend’s house, then came back and started on the yard. I mowed the front, back and the area between the sidewalk and the street, I weedeated (weedate?), I raked all the twigs that had fallen from that freakin’ pine tree that I wish would just fall over but not on any houses, and I quickly swept the front and back stairs. In the last hour, the dark clouds started to move in, so I lost my motivation to be a perfectionist. I just wanted it all done.

Todd felt guilty because he was still hacking up junk and pretty weak, so he balanced out the day by going to the grocery store and making dinner. And keeping my wine glass full all evening.

And apparently I overdid it because my left arm and shoulder hurt so bad that I couldn’t lay on my left side to sleep. And I have to lay on my left side. If I lay on my right side, or on my back, my sinuses clog up. Weird, no? So I breathed through my mouth all night, which means I never really slept well.

I downed some ibuprofen this morning and will take it regularly throughout the day, so that I can be assured a pain free sleep tonight. Hopefully.

But damn, the yard looks good!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

RBW – The Big Day!

1979, maybe
Sadly, Raechelle’s Birthday Week has not been quite the party I was hoping it would be. But shit (and life) happens, and I’m now 36 so I shouldn’t be so disappointed about a stupid ol’ birthday.

But I am. Because I am selfish and still 14 at heart.

Tuesday afternoon was spent in the doctor’s office with Todd. My hubby has been having some tummy trouble and our doc is thinking either ulcer or gallstones. They took some blood, but those results have since come back normal, which is a huge sigh of relief. All levels/enzymes/sugars are normal.

They also scheduled an ultrasound at 8:30am today. Fun. Even funnier was the blaring phone call at 6:30am today, cancelling the appointment because the US tech was sick. Um…you don’t have a back up? Really?

So we rescheduled for next week.

And to add insult to injury, Todd either has a bad cold or a sinus infection so I don’t think he’s up for spoiling me today, and neither is Kayleigh as she’s been down for two days with a major case of the blahs. Poor baby. So, we’ll just have to postpone the spoiling.

Pre-voluptuous.  And already a wild woman.
I kinda got the party started last night, however. My neighbor had some gals over for her Jockey Person to Person launch party (sounds dirty, doesn’t it?). It’s like a Tupperware party, but with Jockey clothes (and no undies). They actually have some really lovely pieces of clothing. Their Modal line is soft and flowy. Perfect for us…ahem…voluptuous women who hate it when clothes cling to their…voluptuousness.

I knew half the women there, so it was a nice, social evening for me. With wine.

And because Jane made the mistake of telling me that my Frumpy Friday sweater that I wore was “darling”, I’m wearing it to work today! Frumpy be dammed!

I’m also calling this the Brazen Braless Birthday because the tank I’m wearing under the frumpy sweater doesn’t warrant a bra. Look out!! Stand too close, and you may indeed get some 3D.

CB took me out to lunch, so that was the big celebration today. Well, that and the two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts she brought in yesterday because, she said, she just couldn’t wait for my birthday. And I’m not proud, but I had three donuts, one banana, one glass of water and three glasses of wine yesterday. Oh, and two pieces of cheese.

I may not live to see 37, huh?

Ice "skating" on the frozen creek
As far as a birthday vacation goes, I’m not 100% sure I get the day off tomorrow, since Mr. Cranky Non-Decorating Coworker had to go home this week for a family emergency. It just depends on how things go today.

Sigh.....All in all, let’s just say this week is shot, and save all that birthday energy for the par-tay. As long as I get to party at some point, I’m happy.

Taking after my mama with a pixie

Update!  It's been a slow day so I get tomorrow off!  Well, off work anyway, since Todd's ultrasound was rescheduled, yet again, for tomorrow at 9am.  Oh well.  I'll just sleep in on Sunday!

My punk rocker costume, 19..8..4?


Yet Another Update!

What a lovely evening. Todd made dinner (roast chicken, pasta and salad) and bought me one of our very favorite bottles of wine (Coppola Rosso) and even got a chocolate strawberry cake that was DELICIOUS.  And we watched Paul Blart, Mall Cop, which was just stupid, but so funny.  I love Kevin James.

First thing Monday, back on the wagon! Until then, let's party!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Raechelle's Birthday Week!

You're excited, I can tell.

RBW started off Friday night with an Archerthon at Dan and Trish's.  As you know, Todd and I don't have cable, so we were just waiting until Season 2 came out on DVD.  But Dan and Trish have Tivo, so they invited us over to catch up.

Have you seen Archer?  It's so bad, but it's so good.  Freakin' hysterical.  And not for the little ones.

Oh, there was wine and beef stew and wine.  Yum.

Saturday was more cleaning at Steph's.  Just a couple of hours this time.  Isabella's birthday party was that afternoon, so I focused on her room and the bathroom since there were a ton of guests coming over.  Even though I was cleaning, and Steph was running around getting ready for the party, it was still nice to just be in the same space with her, Steve and Isa.

I finished up around 12:30pm and went to Target to get a last minute baby shower gift.  Steve came up with the best answer when I was asking them what to get - "A bottle of wine and earplugs."  Fantastic.  I threw in some Boudreaux's Butt Paste.  It's the standard gift from me for a baby shower.  Love the butt paste.

I also splurged on two new bras.  Whee!  One of which I wore today and while it is uber comfortable, it squeaks constantly.  This will not do.  I will not have squeaky boobs.

Where was I?

Ah.  Target.  Love Target.

After Target I headed home, but first stopped at Starbucks to enjoy a little latte and lunch by myself.  It was a lovely day out.

Once home, I was somewhat domestic, but then it was time to clean up and head to aforementioned baby shower.  This was a Twelfth Night baby shower, so of course, it was a fabulous time.  I can't help but thank Todd when we're hanging out with that group.  They are so welcoming and so funny and so warm.  I get all fuzzy when I think about how lucky I am to be part of such a great group.

And they think I'm funny.

We were home early enough to whip up some pasta and watch Witchboard.  Don't judge me.  This movie is AWESOME.  Awesomely bad.  And I still love it as much as I did when I was 11.  Todd laughed at me because I was quoting the whole thing.

"Dammit Jim, those are all signs of progressive entrapment!"

After Witchboard, we tried to watch Saturday Night Live because the lovely Helen Mirren was hosting.  We made it to the news.  Then went to bed.

And Sunday (Day 2 of RBW) started at 7am, with Tom puking on the headboard of the bed.  But, like a mother to a newborn, as soon as I heard That Sound, my ass was up and I grabbed a wad of tissues and held them under Tom and, like a good little sick kitty, he puked right into them.  I threw the tissues away and went right back to sleep.  With Tom curled up against my back.

I finally climbed out of bed at 10:30am, when I heard Kayleigh come out of her room and ask Todd, "Can I make waffles?"


So Kayleigh made waffles.  And they were good.

And I felt like shit the rest of the day.  How many years does it take us to learn that a hunk of dough slathered in syrup is not a good idea for breakfast?  Apparently, more than 36 years.

I'm going to be 36 on Thursday.

*blink  blink*

Where was I?

Oh yes.  Feeling like shit.

The waffles weren't sitting well and my uterus was not helping things at all.  Die, uterus, die.  Todd, Kayleigh and I did actually leave the house though (after I fell asleep for a half an hour as I was getting dressed - "Just need to lay down for a minute....").  We needed a new biobin (tall garbage can for composting), so off to Fred Meyer we went.  Got the new bin, got a new laundry basket, got a sugar jar with a little cut out for the spoon, and Kayleigh got yarn as she now crochets.

I was doubled over at this point and just wanted my jammies, so after a quick lunch, we went back home and I snoozed on the loveseat, in the sunshine, with Tom and my blankie with the satin edge.

I'm so tortured on days like that.  I managed to vacuum before I crashed, and the fact that I fell asleep before we even left the house, and then again for two hours when we got home, tells me that my body was obviously busy doing something productive and needed the rest.  But ack, what a waste of a day!

And it completely thew me off because when we went to bed at 10pm, I tossed and turned until midnight.  I finally got up and moved to the couch.  And did NOT slam my toes into the bed, thankyouverymuch.  Tom was immediately snuggled up against me, so we snoozed off and on until 6:30am.

Thus, brings us to Day 3 of Raechelle's Birthday Week!  Work.  Sigh.  But, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  I took Friday off so me and my hubby could have some quality time together.  Spending my Nordie's gift card and our Purple Wine Bar & Cafe gift card.

Shopping.  Yay!

There is also a gal's neighborhood gathering on Wednesday evening and then Thursday is my special birthday dinner (still not sure what that's going to be) and Saturday is another Twelfth Night gathering!  It is a week of parties!  Okay, not my birthday parties, but parties nonetheless.

Speaking of birthdays party, Todd and I decided to have a joint birthday party this year.  Make it easier on our friends.  So a couple of weeks after my birthday and a week before Todd's, we will gather and be merry with crapload of people.

In 60's cocktail attire.

It'll be a swingin' good time.

There will be pictures.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Breaking News!

So, you know this all this coughing crap that’s been going on for the last year? I think we finally figure out what the issue is.

On Wednesday night, I decided I was going use my inhaler before I went to bed. Just to see if the coughing was asthma related, rather than allergy related (which is kind of the same thing, as allergies trigger asthma attacks). So I took my two puffs and went to sleep. I woke up a few times in the night, tossed and turned, but never had a coughing fit.

Well, right on!

Then last night, I took my two puffs, went to sleep, and woke up around 2am coughing. Rather than reaching for my cough drops and sitting upright in bed, I took two more puffs off my inhaler and promptly went back to sleep.

No coughing fit.

Yes, I woke up a few times, so it wasn’t a completely restful night, but NO COUGHING FIT.

I really think it’s an asthma thing. With the allergy season in full bloom (HA! Get it? Full bloom?) and with the cats, which I’m very allergic to, my house is just filled with things that trigger attacks. And since my asthma attacks aren’t usually debilitating, I sometimes forget that I even have it. Until I lay down. And then wake up coughing.

I hope you all are as relieved as I am.


You know what’s fun about losing your mind? (I can hear my mother’s voice in my head before I even type this….) I buy things for people, and put those things away, only to find those things a year later. It’s like Christmas! In April!

I don’t have to buy Tyler a birthday card next month because I found one that I bought for him last year, which I tucked away, and promptly forgot about! Like Christmas!

This is so like my mother.

Christmas morning was as much fun for her as it was for us. She would sit, curled up in her robe, drinking her coffee, watching me and Dad intently as we’d unwrap our gifts. From her.

“Who’s that from?”

“It’s from you, mom.”

“Oh! Open it! I forget what it is…..oh look at that! That’s a nice watch!”

In her defense, she would shop throughout the year for Christmas, so of course she couldn’t keep track of what all she bought. We’d be at the mall in July and she’d find something and say, “Oh, that would be perfect for Uncle Harold for Christmas!” And she’d buy it.

Then she’d tuck it way in the spare bedroom closet and on Thanksgiving when she’d drag out all of her wrapping paper and bows, she’d find this gift (or gifts) she bought and say, “Oh right! I already got him something!”

That woman cracks me up.

I’m ticking the days off the calendar now. A visit is looming. I’m being all vague about it because I want to stay under the radar while home. I’m going by myself for a whole week. It’s just cheaper than flying three or four of us home, then paying someone to watch the cats and the house. And it’s been a really long time since I’ve gotten to be alone with my parents – no other family, no significant others, no kids. Just me. Acting like I’m 10 years old again, eating Coco Wheats and watching cartoons.


I did that last weekend.

You know what I mean.

I’d like to have it in my head that it will a relaxing week. Sleeping in, lounging on the porch, wading in the creek. But if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that my visits home are so busy I have to write about them in bullet points. However, mom has assured me that she only has one major day planned for us and that’s to look for curtains. And maybe couches. And work on her new computer. And get her Outlook email up and running. And that’s it. She swears.

Yes, I’m skeptical too….

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

General Babbling Update

The weekend arrived none too soon. I was at my wit’s end.

Friday night, we took Gary and Amy out for drinks, since we had to cancel on Gary’s birthday festivities at the last minute last weekend. We’ve never been out with Gary and Amy (or, as I now call them, “Gamey”) alone before. They’re Dan and Trish’s best friends, respectively, so it was nice to extend the friendship past the buffers. It should be noted that Dan and Trish were also invited, but their household is currently under quarantine as they, along with Baby Rosiland, have been quite ill lately. Here’s hoping the crud leaves them alone for a while.

Anywho, we had a really great time with Gamey. I’m looking forward to hanging out with them more.

Despite having a vivid dream where I was kicking the shit out of someone, and actually kicking Todd in my sleep, and being jerked awake when he yelled, “What the hell?!”, I actually slept pretty well Friday night and was nicely rested Saturday morning. However, I was in a funk (the same funk that I’ve been in for a few weeks now) so while we were productive, it was a low energy kind of productive. Todd treated me and Kayleigh to lunch (and I had a margarita the size of my head) so that helped a little.

Saturday night, we attended the Twelfth Night production of Rumors. Very, very funny. I was still cranky, and still in a funk, so we came home and went to bed.

Sunday morning, after cuddling with Tom for a while, I got up and headed over to Stephanie's for her big cleaning.  She needed her house cleaned and I needed a plane ticket home.  So it was a win win situation.  I only did the downstairs (in 6 hours) so I'll go back this weekend and do the upstairs.  I learned a few weeks ago that it's just not possible to do an entire house in one day.  At least, not to my standards.  Breaking it up over two days lets me take my time and do my detail work.  Good stuff.

And after cleaning, I stopped by the store for dinner fixin's and we just chilled out and watched Blade Runner, which I'd never seen.  Shocking, I know.  But it's one of those I just have to see.  Apparently.  And it was neat.  And it made me want to see Total Recall and Mosquito Coast.

So we watched Total Recall tonight.  Holy crap, that's a bad movie.  But very entertaining.


On a completely different note, I think I broke my toe.

I woke up coughing a few times last night, and finally at 1:30am, I just decided to go lay on the couch so I wouldn't wake Todd.  I was putting on my sweatpants, in the dark, and when I brought my left leg down and in the pants, I hit my toes on the wooden railing of our bed.

And I screamed.   And then I threw my face into the bed and screamed some more. 

And Todd woke up.

There's no discoloration, but my middle toe is very swollen.  And very sore.  But I sat with my leg up on my desk at work, lookin' all coolio, yo, so it's not throbbing quite as bad. Raff called tonight to say he had to cancel our run and I laughed.  I can barely walk.  Silly boy.

I'm curious to see how things look tomorrow.

Another Kristin Picture

If it weren't for Kristin, sometimes I'd have absolutely nothing to blog about.

Can't you just hear her?

Heeeeey, girlfriend!