Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Bye, Dearest Jessica

My part-time roommate, Jessica, is leaving me.


She got a job in Bellingham. Now she actually gets to live in her own house, seven days a week, and be with her man.

So, today we are having a vegetarian gluten free potluck. Fun times! And quite the challenge. I made some kind of quinoa salad with a tahini sauce. And no, I'm not eating it. Because I discovered that I don't like tahini sauce. Know what tahini is? It's ground sesame seeds. Found in the peanut butter aisle. I asked Jessica if she wanted the rest of the jar because I don't want that crap anywhere in my kitchen. She got all kinds of excited.

"Rae-rae! You can use that for falafels!"

Um, okay. Because I make falafels? No.
No, I don't.

So that's my parting gift to Jessica. Tahini sauce.

And a slumber party.

There is a big drinkfest after work and I was told that "everyone" was coming over to my place, then we'll walk down to Ballard. And I was told that people could stay over if they're too drunk to drive afterward.

Whatever. Only for Jessica.

Slumber party at Rae-rae's!!


tbone said...

I'm so there.

And I get to stay in the big room! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting food choices! The vegetarian part I could definitely do - not so sure about the other stuff. Hope your drinkfest was fun!