Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night was movie night at Todd's. Although, I was the only guest, so it was really just hanging out. We walked down to Westwood Village beforehand so I could look for shoes and pick up something for a bridal shower on Saturday. Then I surrendered and watched Star Wars. For the first time. I think it's cult of somesorts. It was good, but I think I just missed the whole Star Wars curve, so a lot of it was lost on me. But I did it. I watched the whole thing.

Saturday morning, I drove allllll the way down to Covington for a bridal shower for one of the gals I have dinner with once a month. It was a small gathering with games and cupcakes and presents. Some people played it safe and got the bride a cheese grater or a waffle iron.

Oh, but not me. I am the raunchy comic relief of the group, so I have a reputation to maintain.

I got her The Art of Lap Dancing. Picked one up for myself, too.

After the bridal shower, I headed to West Seattle. Todd and I had plans to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch (he'd never seen it!), but I needed to kill some time, so I hung out at Westwood Village, my new home away from home. And I might have accidentally bought a pair of goldish strappy heels. Oops.

They're good, right?

After the magical experience that is shoe shopping, I met up with Todd. He took me to din din at the Celtic Swell, down on Alki, then back to his house to watch Hedwig, which he just loved. And why shouldn't he? Movie dude that he is. I felt all superior pointing out the little behind the scenes things and quoting it under my breath:

"He loves me, mother. He's going to get me the hell outta here!"

And today, I have been muy unproductive. It was cold and overcast and I just couldn't seem to get out of my jammies. I did get the bathroom cleaned, since Jessica will be here tomorrow night, but that's about it. And that took two hours. I kept getting pulled back to the couch, where I would lay down and watch the Weather Channel. Love the Weather Channel.

Jamie came over around 5 and we walked down to the India Bistro for dinner. That was my big adventure for the day. I say, woohoo.

Now, I'm sleepy so I should go to bed. The freakin' birds woke me up at 6am and while I just love spring, I do not love all of the birds that were chirping at daybreak right outside my window. Don't they know some of us like to sleep in on Sundays? Ack.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you need "silver" strappy shoes - not "gold" strappy shoes! But they're pretty.