Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back to Red

I went in to have Jamie, my hair gal, cut my bangs last week.  I sat in her chair and as she was taking a look at the shape, she casually said, "So...ya going "natural"?

Very smooth, Jamie.  Very smooth.

So, of course, I had to dye it today.

Before - blah

During - Ew

After - Rowr (lipstick helps)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Breaking News: I'm a Curmudgeon

This may not be news to some of you.

All four of us, the whole fam damily, went to see Flogging Molly last night at the Paramount.  Don't know Flogging Molly? 


Hard core Irish band.  Loud.  And fast.

My first inkling of curmudgeon came as we walked up to the theater and saw the line stretching down the block, around the corner, and out of sight.  But we HAD tickets!  We shouldn't have to stand in that freakin' line!

Oh, in the snow.  For f*%$# sake!

So we sat in a coffee shop, watched the line dissipate and then went in.

Once seating, not so bad.  Our friend Brian just happen to be there, so we sat by him, but then tried rearranging seats with our two teenagers.  One who didn't want to sit by anyone they didn't know and one who had a grand plan of moving everyone around.

For f*%$# sake!  Just skootch!

The opening duo was good - Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss.  Odd, but good.

The second band, Suedehead, was damn near booed off the stage.  Despite the fact that they were from Southern California, the front man was an Englishman.  And they were opening for an Irish band.

Have you seen Braveheart?  One line in the movie from Stephen of Ireland to William Wallace, a Scotsman,  "If I fight with you, do I get to kill the English?"  (The answer is yes)

Irish and English don't mix.

So when Suedhead came home and that bloke opened his mouth, a big, burly Irishman behind us shouted "You suck!  Go back to England!"  There were some other curses from him throughout their set and we were pretty sure there was going to a riot, but they finally finished up and out came Flogging Molly and it was rockin'.

But I told Todd a couple of times that I didn't need to go to a concert again.  I would have much rather been on my couch with a glass of wine and The Walking Dead.  Much easier.  Less annoying people, quieter, I can wear my jammies.

It's a sign, isn't it?  I'm old.


On a different note, I walked down to my stylist, Jamie, yesterday to have her trim my bags.  As soon as I sat down, she said "So...are you going "natural?"

Meaning, you've got too much gray.  When are you going to color your hair again?

So I'll be coloring my hair soon.  Red.  Of course.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

General Life Update

I thought that being unemployed would allow me more time to blog.  HA! 

It just allows me more time to be social and clean.  That's what my life consists of right now.  And I am not complaining.

So, here's a few things to update you.

I have not gotten another job yet.  Which, of course, is fine with me.  We've been busy shooting and marketing The Collectibles and networking so this is the perfect time for me to not have to get up at 6:30 in the morning and try to function at a desk job.

As an example, here's a good visual for you - our Google calendar.

And yes, that dot on Thursday is exactly what you think it is.  I'm THAT organized.

We have our premiere at Emerald City Comicon on April 1st, so after that, we'll slow down and I'll pound the internet.  So to speak.


I will be picking up some supplemental income by cleaning.  Just a few hours here and there.  I can't do the six hour deep clean I used to do.  But a quick job here and a quick job there would be okay.  And a little extra money.


I had my little minor surgery on February 29th.  I'm still sore and just about sick of it.  I was, however, a very big girl and again, didn't freak out at the IV at all.  Look at me!  Growing!


I had brunch with Jessica yesterday.  That was a nice last minute plan.  And quite an eye opener.  When we used to get together, we'd talk about drinking and how wasted we used to get and trouble we'd get into.  This time, we spent an hour talking about our colonoscopies.  She just happen to have one three days before me.  We sounded like a couple of 60 year olds.


My productivity at home has fallen slightly, since I can't spend any money on organizing things.  So, I'm simply keeping up, rather than starting new projects. But as soon as we get an extra $50, I will paint the bathroom.  That's next on my list.  


We have revamped the "Green Light" script once again.  Hopefully, we can have another table read after ECCC.


Tom has taken to curling around my head at cuddle time.

Yes, I sneeze a little, but come on!  How adorable is that?!  Sometimes he buries his little nose in my ear and just snores away.

No, I don't have a problem.
And neither does Tom.  So there.