Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ah...It's Hurrican Season

Anyone who's lived in the south, along the Gulf, understands the anxiety of hurricane season. Anyone who has had loved ones evacuate during a hurricane understands the anxiety of hurricane season. And this year is no different.

Welcome, Isaac. And how dare you take the same path as the infamous Katrina, on almost the exact same day of the year.

Ya bastid.

No, my folks don't live in Texas anymore, but I still hurt for the people who do.  And I'm still feeling the anxiety that I usually do when a storm is so close to Louisiana.  Doesn't matter how powerful the storm is, it's still going to flood the area.  And it's still going to be devastating.

I sent a note to Seige, who wrote the blog Operation Eden during Katrina (warning: if you read it, you'll need tissues, but it's a wonderful historical account of those days).  His mom and brother lived in Pearlington, Mississippi and their ordeal was horrifying.  His mom has since rebuilt and is again living in Pearlington, and again, she has evacuated. 

What makes a person stay along the Gulf Coast?  I'll never know.


Isaac is scheduled to make landfall tonight and thankfully, he's only going to be a Category 1.  But there's still going to be too much water.

Send some good juju to the coast.  They're going to need it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Le Sigh...

I miss writing. I miss trying to be funny.

But I worry that writing about how much wine I drink, my addiction to Tom and my obsession with shoes might paint me in an un-hirable light.

I do want you to know that I miss you, dear reader, and I'm constantly thinking of things that I should tell you. Like how I may stop shopping at Sears because every time I go in there I get acosted by someone trying sell me home repair service and, the last time, when I told them I've already signed up for that but my husband was not happy with me because he refuses to use Sears, the woman said "Well, you don't have to tell your husband."


Way to sell it, babe.

Or how we've just gone through our two weeks of summer (i.e. temps over 80 degrees) and I am now ready for fall and owls and Christmas!

Or that I have this new fixation with owls.

No idea.

Once I start a Real Job and am officially hired on, I will write once again! There are a couple of prospects on the horizon, so it shouldn't be long now. You know I just HAVE share the holidays with you!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

I will update you again soon, promise.  The we can get back in the swing of things.