Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Sunday Post

What's this? A post on Sunday? With pictures

I know. It's crazy.

Yesterday, Todd and I went to Tim's (of the Kim-n-Tim fame) 40th birthday party. The first half was All Ages, the second half was Adults Only because it was at a local pub. We only attended the All Ages part.

Oddly enough, TBFE and I were the only ones there without kids. Our kids were much too cool to go to a party with a bunch a toddlers. Their loss, I say. Because the little kiddies were so cute!

I did have a few slight oh-my-gawd-this-is-my-life-now moments. I am a parent. I go to parties where there are just as many kids as there are adults.

(Gaggle of children)

(Kim & Milo)

(Milo. Cutie pie, no?)

(Mother-daughter moment. I love this picture.)

(Me and Isabella. I asked her to smile. This is what I got.)

(Steve doing art. Chalk feet outlines were all the rage.)

(Me & Stephanie)

(The obligatory self portrait. My man's so cute.)

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H~ said...

Oh man! I miss you guys....sniff...