Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

I do love me some Jason Statham (he was Handsome Rob in remake of The Italian Job) but I had never seen any of the Transporter movies. Until last night when Todd introduced me to THE BEST MOVIE EVER.

Oh my.

Jason, kickin’ ass and takin’ names. But, yet, so kind and compassionate. He would never kill the bad guy. Just stab him in the leg or arm. See? Nice guy. But tough guy.

I now want to take kickboxing classes.


Remember the doctor’s appointment for my knees? Maybe I didn't blog about that.

They crunch and hurt and the doctor said they were just inflamed and all I needed to do was take some ibuprofen and ice them and all would right with the world again?

Well, I tried that for a week and the pain actually let up.
Until two days ago when I popped my right knee because I could feel it catching and thought, oh, let’s just give it a little kick.

Bad decision on Rae-rae’s part.

I could barely walk down the steps today. I can’t bend it backwards very well. Forward it fine. Backward hurts. A lot. I made Todd put his hand on there while I bent it back and forth and his reaction was, “That ain’t right.”

Not sure what my next step is.
Ha. Get it?




Somehow, I got a Dixie Chicks’ song stuck in my head this morning.

White Trash Wedding.

“You can’t afford no ring, you can’t afford no ring. I shouldn’t be wearin’ white and you can’t afford no ring!”

I always said I should wear black to my wedding. Or red. Cause, gawd knows, I have no business wearing white.

So, I went with ivory. Hee.
I’ll fool them all!


I’m having nose ring troubles today, after almost 10 years of being pierced. It was a little tender this morning, so I took out my stud. Just for a little bit.

And now, I feel naked.


I just learned that when you "Enter", while compiling a blog post, it automatically posts the blog. Fantastic.

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