Monday, June 8, 2009

Because There's Just Not Enough Going On In Our Lives...

There was a wee bit of conflict this morning, so I stayed home to "run the show", as Todd put it. Because Todd was hacking up a lung and could barely get around. So, in the midst of emailing and calling case workers and trying to get some work done, I made a doctor's appointment and took TBFE in to get checked out.

And whadya know?
TBFE has influenza A.


Now our house is under quarantine, the kids both have doctor's appointments tomorrow to get swabbed, and I have to start Tamiflu because I've had a little cough for the past three days and the doctor just wants to be proactive. Todd is curled up in bed, practically unable to move because everything in his body hurts. I've got him on a schedule of the prescription cough syrup (with codeine. Oh yeah.), ibuprofen and Sudafed. There is 7-UP, tissues, cough drops, water and a trash can by the bed, as well as his lap top close within reach (he's been watching the old Star Treks all day). Tomorrow we start the flu treatment. Rite Aid was out of it today.

Looks like I'll be home for the next few days. We can't have anyone in the house until Todd's temperature has stayed at normal for 24 hours. He's currently hovering around 100. I've emailed everyone we've come in close contact with in the last few days to warn them (per the doctor's instructions) that if they develop a cough, get it checked out. Might be more than allergies.


Back when Todd's house burned down, he wrote:

If any of you guys have an "in" with admin, can you please find out when they expect to send the locusts? I'M KIDDING. DO NOT SEND LOCUSTS.

I've used this phrase a few times today. My co-workers have been incredibly understanding and supportive during the time I've had to take off of work to go to meetings and counseling sessions and just generally catch up on my sleep since some of these conflicts go until midnight or have to email them today and say, "Hey, by the way, I'm going to be out for a couple more days. Todd's sick, the kids may be sick, I may be sick, we've all got doctor's appointments and the house is under quarantine" makes me feel like crap.

But my co-worker emailed back and assured me that they understand and everything is under control there. My other co-worker, CB, brought me a bunch of stuff from my desk, so I can at least get caught up on some things.

And thus is the life in the Marsh-Downing Household today.
Good times, I tell ya. Good times......


TigereyeSal said...

Um, wow.

I'm glad you're there to assist, Rae. I can only imagine how steep the pathos would be otherwise. I hope you stay healthy, and are all released from quarantine soon.

Dee said...

Oh my! Hang in there.

Kristin said...

i LITERALLY was about to type "Oh my. Hang in there girl!" and then I saw my mom's comment. Creeeepy.

But really, whew! hang in there.