Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Universe

Can we please end this test that you seem to be having so much fun subjecting me to this week?


I believe that, up until this morning, I have passed with flying colors. I have kept the children fed and (somewhat) clean. I've intercepted calls and emails from case workers and school officials. I've gotten Kayleigh to school on time each day. I clean up the cat puke each morning. I am using Purell like it's hand lotion. I keep Todd's nightstand stocked with all of the standard flu goodies. I bring him soup and crackers regularly, and I am sympathetic and compassionate when he vomits for 10 hours straight.

I was even very supportive while Todd was getting his IV in the ER Tuesday night. Yes, I thought I was going to throw up, even though my back was to him, and yes, the nurse advised me to sit down and put my head between my knees because she said I was pale and was afraid I was going to pass out, but I stood strong (after putting my head between my knees). I was fine once we covered his IV with the blanket. I held his hand and made him laugh. I answered all of the doctor's questions and took notes when he recommended something, just like a good wife.

Okay, yes, this morning I may have been a bit overwhelmed and snapped a little bit. I think I'm allowed one little breakdown, don't you? And I may have cried on the phone to Nichole in the Rite Aid parking lot because who the hell would have thought that the pharmacy doesn't open until 9-freakin-AM?! I mean, when people are sick and have been up most of the night, they can't wait until 9am to get their cough pill things! Why wouldn't the pharmacy open when the actual store opens?! At 8:00am, which is when I was sitting in the damn parking lot!


Wait. Is this about the glass of wine I had Tuesday night while Kayleigh was in her tae kwon do class? It was one glass! What's so wrong with that?! To be honest, I think we should all be thankful that I haven't downed whatever liquor we have in the cabinet.

I am happy to prove myself to you, to show you that I can do this mothering stuff, but for the love of puppies, enough already. And now we see that Kayleigh has a band concert tonight! Because we don't have enough on our plates? Really?

I will continue your little test until this weekend. If you are not sufficiently happy with my performance, well, I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe get an exorcist to exorcise the flu from Todd. Would I get bonus points for that? For my creativity?

Once again, I beg of you.
Knock it off.



TigereyeSal said...

Go, Rae-Rae! I wish I could help. "Course, I'm barely holding it together over here, but I'm sending hugs and sympathy.

Dee said...

Even in the middle of all your chaos, you make me laugh. Not laugh at your situation, just the way you blog about it. You're probably handling it better than most people. Hang in there - good time are coming. (The power of positive thinking).

TD said...

I could not imagine weathering this flu as well without Raechelle's care. Thanks for everything, babe.