Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day/Summer Solstice

Happy Father's Day!
And Happy Summer Solstice!

The family had a busy today. Donuts for breakfast, lunch at Lombardi's in Ballard, the movie Up at the Majestic Bay (a must see Pixar movie, but be sure to bring tissues) then a graduation gathering for Michelle, Todd's sister-in-law.


It was a tad chilly here, but otherwise a beautiful day!

We didn't make it to the Solstice Parade yesterday. We were both exhausted from a very long week, so after taking care of an ant infestation (no more eating the bedrooms!) we headed to the Cactus Cafe on Alki for a much needed margarita (or three).

Then, on to dinner at the Celtic Swell with Steve, Stephanie and Isabella. Afterwards, back to Stephanie's where we all played a round of Apples to Apples, and the Todd and I went home and curled up for a viewing of Dirty Dancing.

Don't judge me.
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

So, yes.
A very nice weekend, indeed.


TD said...

"The Todd"?? Am I really as bad as the dude on Scrubs?


Veriword = "famme", which was a movie and TV show about a high school for the arts...

Kristin said...

Dirty Dancing is my all time favorite movie!!! There's nothing better.