Friday, June 26, 2009

Spontaneous Impromptu Adventure

We had a couple of Tyler appointments today, so I slept in a little and then worked from home. Quite a nice perk of the new job, lemme tell ya.

But our 1:00pm appointment had to cancel on us, and since I got a text from Adam (of Adam+Kris) last night saying they were playing at the glorious Bite of Tacoma this afternoon, Todd and I made a spontaneous trip down to see them. In Friday afternoon traffic. And it took about about 50 minutes. And we missed the entire 45 minute set. But got there for the very last song, "I Row The Boat." And Adam saw us and I waved and he waved and smile and told Kris we were there.

And it was totally worth the drive.

After their show, we said hi, chatted quickly and updated each other on our lives. Adam is the proud father now to a little boy, Mason, and lives with the mother. Kris has moved out of the pond-front home and is living on her own. Things are changin' in Portland.

After catching up, the band had to jet back so Todd and I walked around a bit. I got a Hallie Berry kabob (chocolate covered strawberries on a stick) and Todd treated himself to a Big Kahuna shaved ice.

Yes, a fun few hours indeed. It was like a vacation.


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