Monday, June 6, 2011

Surprise! Lemme Cut Ya!

Remember my cute little bump that appeared last weekend?  The one that I had to take antibiotics for while I was on vacation?  And remember those antibiotics didn't do a damn bit of good?

Well, that's because my cute little bump was actually a cyst that had ruptured.  (Maybe due to altitude?)

Anywho, the best course of action was to just get that thing out of there.  Which is just what my doctor did at 8am today.  He took one look and said, “Oh, yeah.  That's not good…” 

So, after flinging off my shirt (15 years of “well woman exams” and suddenly you have no qualms about stripping down in a doctor’s office), the doc sprayed some cold stuff, then poked me with a few needles of anesthesia, then went to town. 

Gawd bless Todd who was there holding my hand and making awesome facial expressions each time doc showed him what he’d pulled out.  

When the doc declared he’d gotten everything, he cleaned me up and put a big pad of gauze on my side and sent me on my way.

Uh.....what just happened?

I was still a bit baffled and in denial, but then at about 11am, the anesthesia wore off and holy shit.  My whole right side was throbbing.  I downed some Advil to take the edge off and thankfully, by 4pm, the pain was much better. 

So I decided to celebrate with shopping and happy hour with Jamie. 

I bounce back quickly like that.

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Robert L Pace said...

Been there, had that done multiple times. Never any fun, but a swell excuse for three fingers of a really good scotch!