Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Country Bumpkin, Day 5

* Awake at 7am, snooze until 8am.

* Cheerios for breakfast, half a cup of coffee.  It's just not workin' for me this morning.

* Back to bed to snooze until 8:45am.

* Time to get cleaned up for my doctor's appointment.  Yep.  Doctor's appointment.  I've had a little fatty cyst on my right side, right on my ribs, for about 9 months.  One day, Todd said "Hey.  What's that?"  I don't know.  Does it hurt?  No.  Does it itch?  No.  Alrighty.

Well, that little nodule is now very angry.  And painful.  I made an appointment with my West Seattle doctor for Monday morning, but the lady taking the appointment said, "Do you really want to wait until Monday to have that looked at?"  Well, thanks for that.  Now I'm worried.

The local doctor, who also happens to be mom's doctor, was very nice and thorough.  When he asked about my medical history, mom said, "Just get my chart!"  He tried to take some fluid from my cute little bump, but there wasn't any.  Don't much like the sound of that.... 

Regardless, he put me on an antibiotic for the infection.  Sulfa.  Now I'm smelling that smell....sulfur?  And it makes my wine taste funny.

* Back home and suddenly I'm exhausted.  It's starting to thunder so that's my excuse for laying around all day.  Actually, I think the high of being here has worn off and now I'm just lazy (loaded word).

* Actually I was semi-productive.  I got mom set up on Skype.  And I configured it so that when I video call her, the Skype window pops up and there's my face!  I can't wait to scare the shit out of my dad when he's sitting at the computer one day.

* All that Skype stuff was taxing, so I rested my eyes for a bit.  Then I did a little spackling.  Then I rested a bit more.

* Dinner time! Salt cured ham, wilted lettuce, pinto beans, fried potatoes and cornbread.  Yum.

* Then - you guessed it - some more lounging.  With a little reading thrown in.

* And now, some surfing and blogging while watching nighttime TV with mom.  Dad's already gone to bed and mom is rushing me so she can read this before she goes to bed.

Good gawd, the pressure!


Pic of the day:

The yellow warning label? "Avoid the sun". Perfect.


zey said...

that was really you can simply go on writing and for the record get well sooooooon.

The Hamilton's said...

Bummer about the meds and no sun!

Re Skype - help her find me on there so we can chat sometimes. :) The girls love to get on there.