Thursday, June 2, 2011

Country Bumpkin, Day 6

* Didn't fall asleep until 1:30am, but after putting in my earbuds and listening to The Head and the Heart, I finally pass out.

* I didn't cough all night, so I was awake and perky at 9am.  Woohoo!

* Mom and I form a plan - clean up, go to Nestorville to visit Granny and the creek, then maybe go to the grocery store.  Ready?  Break!

* The plan is altered.  Dad has been working on putting up the fence around the garden and is wearing down.  I haven't showered yet, so I go down and help out.

Hanging pie pans on the garden fence

* Uncle Paul stops by, the neighbor and his kids stop by, we hang out and chit chat.

Country Kids

* Well, now it's almost noon so I foof my hair, throw on a t-shirt and we all head out for lunch.  They have hot dogs, I opt for pepperoni rolls.  Cause you just can't get those in Seattle.

* After lunch, mom and I head to Nestorville.  We stop and say hi to my aunt and uncle, then toodle on down to the creek.  So pretty.  So quiet.

* Now up to visit Mabel.  And have a good cry.  Something about Granny's grave just makes me sob.  It's always cathartic.

* And then back home to nap.  For an hour.  This heat is just killing me.  Or maybe the crying.

* Time for dinner.  A roast chicken, more macaroni salad and leftover beans.  And the last of the malbec.

* Mom cleans up dinner while dad and I plant the garden.  Yes, I planted.  We have 18 tomato plants, four cucumber plants, three cantaloupe plants, green onions and lettuce.  Whew!

* Finally, a shower.  And some porch time.

* And then evening TV - My Cat from Hell.  Mom and I are learning a lot.  But some of these cat owners are just stupid.  What?  Your cat scratches you when you pick it up and it's squirming to get out of your arms?  Honey, the cat ain't the problem.  YOU are the problem.

* Cute little bump update - actually looking a little angrier.  Still taking my sulfa pills.


Pic of the day:

Mom and Emily

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Anonymous said...

Can I ask about the pie pans on the garden fence? Huh? Just wondering if Randall needs to do that on our garden fence...