Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Update

Where, oh where do these weekends go?  It seems quite unfair that we only get two days off a week.  Sheesh.

Friday night, Todd and I started off the weekend right – kidless.  We ordered in Indian food, had some wine and brewskies, and watched Batman Forever (which I reviewed for you).  Which wasn’t really a highlight at all – crappy, crappy, crappy.

We were going to go have dinner in Ballard with a gift card we’ve had since our wedding, and then see a friend’s band, and party it up like the young people.  But we are not young people.  We are constantly tired and when presented with the option of partying, or eating and loafing on the couch, we choose the couch now.

It’s very sad.

Well, no it’s not really.  I think I’m supposed to act like it’s sad because it’s just another sign that I’m getting older and don’t have the same kind of fun that I used to.  But I still have fun!  I love curling up on the couch with my hubby and my cat and a big ol’ glass of wine, and watching a movie that I’ve never seen before.  Despite whether the movie is good or not,  I learn a lot.

Since I’m a Line Producer now.

So, I guess maybe I think it’s sad that my idea of fun is hanging out at home, rather than going out to bars and spending money.  Spending money is definitely not fun.  So I just have to teach myself – fun is fun.  Regardless of what I’m doing.  If I’m having a good time, then it’s all good. 

Right? RIGHT.

Where was I?

Ah yes.  Having fun at home, with Todd and Tom, watching Batman Forever.  Mocking the movie was fun.  It was horrible.

And then, sweet sweet sleep.

Saturday was supposed to be my Mommy’s Brunch, but that completely fell apart (and I was a-okay with that – see “sweet sweet sleep”).  Instead, my neighbor Holly and I took a walk up to Starbucks for caffeine and munchies.  And since we had reserved special “don’t need to be home” time, we took the very long way home and Holly introduced me to the neighborhood miniature horse.  I kid you not. 

(I think he probably gets the rap of “pony” because most kids can’t say “miniature”.  Pony is just easier.)

He was sleeping when we came by.  Pretty horsey.

And then slowly but surely we made it back to our street.  It was a good walk, and it was nice to chat with a new friend (and I’m not just saying that because she reads my blog).

Saturday afternoon, Todd, Kayleigh and I walked to the Junction (totally earned my wine that night) to do a little shopping.  My little bit of shopping was futile, but Todd scored completely by accident.

Kayleigh merely had a question about upgrading her phone.  So we asked Todd for his expertise.  He had none.  So we asked the helpful guys at Radio Shack.  How much is this phone if you’re due for an upgrade and having a standing contract?

An hour and a half later, Todd walked out with a brand new touch screen HTC phone and Kayleigh was giddy because she got his old phone.  And I was a bit giddy because that meant I got HER old phone, which used to be my new phone, but we traded because I thought I hated it and wanted to go back to a flip phone.

HA!  I like the qwerty keyboard.

I’m also eligible for an upgrade now, so I’m having option paralysis about the whole touch screen thing.  Yes, they’re cool, but really only if you have a data plan.  Which would be an additional $30 a month.  Do I really need the internet on my phone?  Really?

But I want it.

Maybe I’ll reward myself when we get the credit cards paid off.

So that evening was pasta dinner, The Producers, and Todd and Kayleigh playing with their new phones.  I didn’t need to play with mine – I’d already owned it.  It was nothing new.

I finally hit my wall about midnight, and crashed.  I think Todd came in shortly after.

And Sunday, Todd’s usual wife was replace with Uber Peppy Wife!  I bolted out of bed at 8:30am and declared “I want to go to Target!  And then I want to work out in the yard!”  And then I had a bowl of cereal.

At which point Todd said, “What have you done with my wife?”

Rae-rae don’t eat cereal.  Blech.  But for some reason, I was in a mood.

So I ate and we cleaned up and off to Target we went.  And then we had lunch, and then we went to True Value to get pretty flowers for the front yard and then we went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for an organic, non-toxic weed killer and then back home to dig up a flower bed in the yard.

It appears we have three rose bushes this year.

Two separate rose bushes.

We had one that was trying to grow last year, but it got chopped in half with the weed whacker.  I guess that motivated it and now we have TWO of those bushes, and one other type.

Rose bush?  Yes?

So we cleared away the grass that was surrounding the plants, and just ended up creating a long flower bed along the top of the rock wall.  Not bad for a couple of hours work.

I'm curious to see if the roses will actually bloom.

All the while, the kids were inside with friends (three extra teenagers) playing Todd's game, Arrowflight.  How cool is that?

Pretty cool.  For about three hours.  Then I just wanted everyone to go home.  I was making a sit down dinner for my family and I did not have enough chicken breasts for three extra mouths.  So outcha go!

Mean?  Maybe.  I'm allowed to say "no" now and then.  It's the beauty of being the adult.

And during our lovely sit down dinner, we talked about summer.  As you know, Rae-rae hates summer.  The kids get to sleep in and loaf around all day.  I get a bit jealous.  So Todd and I explained to them that by actually helping us out during the summer, we are much happier parents and will probably be nicer to them.  We'll see how that works.

Then, since dinner wrapped up around 8:30pm, it was time to clean up and go to bed.

The highlight of this week is that I took Tuesday off.  Got some stuff I gotta do.  Ya know.  Love having a break in the middle of the week.  And then we have a three day weekend coming up!

It's the little things.  Gotta look forward to the little things.

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