Friday, June 24, 2011

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

It’s 53 degrees right now and raining. And oh, it’s JUNE 24th!!

I’m sick of it. Just freakin’ sick of it. I told Todd I’m just going to go ahead and put up the Christmas tree – at least the house will be festive. I’m sick of trying to dress for “summer” when it’s freakin’ cold out.

Why do we stay here? Why?


Then add a busy week to shitty weather and suddenly you have one very cranky, tired, just-let-me-sleep-please Rae-rae. Coffee doesn’t help, pretty pills don’t help. Hell, sleeping doesn’t even help.

I thought that leaving work early for a web series meeting and social time yesterday would help but no. Got home at 8:30pm, washed my face, brushed my teeth, crawled into bed and fell asleep. Bam. I don’t care about the condition of the kitchen, I don’t care about the litter on the bathroom floor.

Screw it. I’m tired.


However, I have to care about that crap tonight. I have mommies coming over for brunch tomorrow. Just a couple of ladies, but I have a reputation to uphold! I am a Cleaner!

Luckily, these women that are coming over read my blog (except for Kim, but she still knows me pretty well) so they’ll understand if the house is less than meticulous.



While in West Virginia, mom inadvertently coerced me into a new phase of life.

Since my regular bras rubbed the boo boo on my torso, she loaned me one of her Barely There bras.

And I didn’t take it off the whole week. And she ended up just giving it to me.

It is now my jammie bra. After wearing wired, padded bras all day, when I get home that’s the first thing that goes. During winter, it’s all good. Sweatshirts hide any free-range jiggle there might be (especially with a 17 year old boy in the house). But as warmer weather comes along (not “warm”, mind you, just “warmer”) the sweatshirts are too freakin’ hot.

So, this thing is great. I’m wrangled, but not pinched and confined. Still supported, but uber comfortable.

And since I freeze in my office and wear hoodies and sweaters a lot, I can get away with be wrangled but not confined during the day too. Combine that with my gaucho pants* and my tank top and pink hoodie, and I feel like I’m in jammies today.

Which makes Rae-rae a much happier person.

*Found a pic for you at They are the exact same pants I bought at Target five years ago, and I wear these things to work at least twice a week during the summer. Put them with red shoes, patent leather ballet flats, flip flops or, like today, my Converse rip-offs, and they go with anything.

Although they make me look even shorter and fatter. Oh well. At least I’m comfy.


Because did I mention that Rae-rae is tired? Oy.

I’ve been coughing again at night. My therapist asked me if I was allergic to grass – that would be the allergy du jour right now. I guess I am, because right around 3am every morning, I wake up coughing. It’s almost like I have a hair in my throat (which is quite possible) and water and cough drops just don’t help. Eventually, I fall back asleep, but then my day is shot because waking up like that just screws up my REM sleep and I’m exhausted.


In the span of writing this post, the Mommy’s Brunch has been cancelled. Sickness, forgotten plans, traffic hell, and vacations have totally screwed us up.

But that is a-okay. Given my mood and exhaustion right now, I was not looking forward to waking up early and trying to be perky for a group of perky women. I have one confirmed “Yes! I’ll bring muffins!” and luckily, it’s just my next door neighbor, Holly. So I’ve emailed her and said, if you still want to hang with just me, come on over!

I don’t have to clean too much for Holly. She gets it.


And I leave you with Binky The Space Cat.

Isn't that just the most adorable thing?  I saw this at The Comic Stop yesterday, right before our meeting with the Gore Sisters, and I fell in love.  So Todd bought it for me.  Binky is a cutie.

Of course.

There's actually one other book out, and one coming out in the fall. 
I think I shall become a collector.

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roserobbinslive said...

I just discovered your blog, and then Todd's too. I have spent the last hour and a half reading the whole story of how you met and got married. Its a truly fantastic story, but right now I just have to say that you describing your bosom as "wrangled but not pinched or confined" is quite possibly the most wonderful thing I've heard this year! It sounds like something I would say. Which makes me think we'd probably get along well. Except I'm kind of a slob...anyhow, nice to "meet" you!