Wednesday, April 6, 2011

General Babbling Update

The weekend arrived none too soon. I was at my wit’s end.

Friday night, we took Gary and Amy out for drinks, since we had to cancel on Gary’s birthday festivities at the last minute last weekend. We’ve never been out with Gary and Amy (or, as I now call them, “Gamey”) alone before. They’re Dan and Trish’s best friends, respectively, so it was nice to extend the friendship past the buffers. It should be noted that Dan and Trish were also invited, but their household is currently under quarantine as they, along with Baby Rosiland, have been quite ill lately. Here’s hoping the crud leaves them alone for a while.

Anywho, we had a really great time with Gamey. I’m looking forward to hanging out with them more.

Despite having a vivid dream where I was kicking the shit out of someone, and actually kicking Todd in my sleep, and being jerked awake when he yelled, “What the hell?!”, I actually slept pretty well Friday night and was nicely rested Saturday morning. However, I was in a funk (the same funk that I’ve been in for a few weeks now) so while we were productive, it was a low energy kind of productive. Todd treated me and Kayleigh to lunch (and I had a margarita the size of my head) so that helped a little.

Saturday night, we attended the Twelfth Night production of Rumors. Very, very funny. I was still cranky, and still in a funk, so we came home and went to bed.

Sunday morning, after cuddling with Tom for a while, I got up and headed over to Stephanie's for her big cleaning.  She needed her house cleaned and I needed a plane ticket home.  So it was a win win situation.  I only did the downstairs (in 6 hours) so I'll go back this weekend and do the upstairs.  I learned a few weeks ago that it's just not possible to do an entire house in one day.  At least, not to my standards.  Breaking it up over two days lets me take my time and do my detail work.  Good stuff.

And after cleaning, I stopped by the store for dinner fixin's and we just chilled out and watched Blade Runner, which I'd never seen.  Shocking, I know.  But it's one of those I just have to see.  Apparently.  And it was neat.  And it made me want to see Total Recall and Mosquito Coast.

So we watched Total Recall tonight.  Holy crap, that's a bad movie.  But very entertaining.


On a completely different note, I think I broke my toe.

I woke up coughing a few times last night, and finally at 1:30am, I just decided to go lay on the couch so I wouldn't wake Todd.  I was putting on my sweatpants, in the dark, and when I brought my left leg down and in the pants, I hit my toes on the wooden railing of our bed.

And I screamed.   And then I threw my face into the bed and screamed some more. 

And Todd woke up.

There's no discoloration, but my middle toe is very swollen.  And very sore.  But I sat with my leg up on my desk at work, lookin' all coolio, yo, so it's not throbbing quite as bad. Raff called tonight to say he had to cancel our run and I laughed.  I can barely walk.  Silly boy.

I'm curious to see how things look tomorrow.

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