Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wisdom teeth, Concussions and Ulcers, Oh My!

What a weekend. Again, Rae-rae prevails when the crap that wollups her family.

Tyler had his lower wisdom teeth removed last Thursday. Surprisingly, he wasn’t in too much pain, and pretty much just spent Thursday and Friday sleeping on and off. He kept ice packs on his cheeks, but only took the Vicodin a couple of times. He didn’t like the way it messed with his head.

Kayleigh was on spring break (and Todd was gone Friday afternoon) so she was Tyler’s caretaker. And she did a wonderful job. She made sure he was taking his antibiotics, and she would switch out the ice packs for him, and bring him clean gauze.

And that is why she went into the kitchen, to get clean gauze, when her head got all swimmy and her knees buckled and the girl went down.

And the girl’s forehead hit the island butcher block in the center of the kitchen.
And then the girl fell backwards and hit the back of her head on the hardwood floor.

She called Todd and told him, but the little stoic one downplayed the damage. Until Todd got home and saw her. She had a nice yellow and green lump on her head with a pretty little dent through it. And that’s when she lost it.

She spent the rest of the weekend snoozing on the couch. Don’t worry, we took all the concussion cautions. Including calling Habe and debating on the emergency room and asking her what to do.

Kayleigh’s doing much better now.

And Tyler’s tooth holes are closing up, so he’s feeling pretty much back to normal.

But Todd’s gut is still giving him a hassle. We’ve discovered he feels okay if he doesn’t eat red meat or drink wine. Bummer.

The worse I’ve been dealing with is a freakin’ nose hair that’s gone wonky and I can’t yank out and it’s making me sneeze more than normal.


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