Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Raechelle's Birthday Week!

You're excited, I can tell.

RBW started off Friday night with an Archerthon at Dan and Trish's.  As you know, Todd and I don't have cable, so we were just waiting until Season 2 came out on DVD.  But Dan and Trish have Tivo, so they invited us over to catch up.

Have you seen Archer?  It's so bad, but it's so good.  Freakin' hysterical.  And not for the little ones.

Oh, there was wine and beef stew and wine.  Yum.

Saturday was more cleaning at Steph's.  Just a couple of hours this time.  Isabella's birthday party was that afternoon, so I focused on her room and the bathroom since there were a ton of guests coming over.  Even though I was cleaning, and Steph was running around getting ready for the party, it was still nice to just be in the same space with her, Steve and Isa.

I finished up around 12:30pm and went to Target to get a last minute baby shower gift.  Steve came up with the best answer when I was asking them what to get - "A bottle of wine and earplugs."  Fantastic.  I threw in some Boudreaux's Butt Paste.  It's the standard gift from me for a baby shower.  Love the butt paste.

I also splurged on two new bras.  Whee!  One of which I wore today and while it is uber comfortable, it squeaks constantly.  This will not do.  I will not have squeaky boobs.

Where was I?

Ah.  Target.  Love Target.

After Target I headed home, but first stopped at Starbucks to enjoy a little latte and lunch by myself.  It was a lovely day out.

Once home, I was somewhat domestic, but then it was time to clean up and head to aforementioned baby shower.  This was a Twelfth Night baby shower, so of course, it was a fabulous time.  I can't help but thank Todd when we're hanging out with that group.  They are so welcoming and so funny and so warm.  I get all fuzzy when I think about how lucky I am to be part of such a great group.

And they think I'm funny.

We were home early enough to whip up some pasta and watch Witchboard.  Don't judge me.  This movie is AWESOME.  Awesomely bad.  And I still love it as much as I did when I was 11.  Todd laughed at me because I was quoting the whole thing.

"Dammit Jim, those are all signs of progressive entrapment!"

After Witchboard, we tried to watch Saturday Night Live because the lovely Helen Mirren was hosting.  We made it to the news.  Then went to bed.

And Sunday (Day 2 of RBW) started at 7am, with Tom puking on the headboard of the bed.  But, like a mother to a newborn, as soon as I heard That Sound, my ass was up and I grabbed a wad of tissues and held them under Tom and, like a good little sick kitty, he puked right into them.  I threw the tissues away and went right back to sleep.  With Tom curled up against my back.

I finally climbed out of bed at 10:30am, when I heard Kayleigh come out of her room and ask Todd, "Can I make waffles?"


So Kayleigh made waffles.  And they were good.

And I felt like shit the rest of the day.  How many years does it take us to learn that a hunk of dough slathered in syrup is not a good idea for breakfast?  Apparently, more than 36 years.

I'm going to be 36 on Thursday.

*blink  blink*

Where was I?

Oh yes.  Feeling like shit.

The waffles weren't sitting well and my uterus was not helping things at all.  Die, uterus, die.  Todd, Kayleigh and I did actually leave the house though (after I fell asleep for a half an hour as I was getting dressed - "Just need to lay down for a minute....").  We needed a new biobin (tall garbage can for composting), so off to Fred Meyer we went.  Got the new bin, got a new laundry basket, got a sugar jar with a little cut out for the spoon, and Kayleigh got yarn as she now crochets.

I was doubled over at this point and just wanted my jammies, so after a quick lunch, we went back home and I snoozed on the loveseat, in the sunshine, with Tom and my blankie with the satin edge.

I'm so tortured on days like that.  I managed to vacuum before I crashed, and the fact that I fell asleep before we even left the house, and then again for two hours when we got home, tells me that my body was obviously busy doing something productive and needed the rest.  But ack, what a waste of a day!

And it completely thew me off because when we went to bed at 10pm, I tossed and turned until midnight.  I finally got up and moved to the couch.  And did NOT slam my toes into the bed, thankyouverymuch.  Tom was immediately snuggled up against me, so we snoozed off and on until 6:30am.

Thus, brings us to Day 3 of Raechelle's Birthday Week!  Work.  Sigh.  But, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  I took Friday off so me and my hubby could have some quality time together.  Spending my Nordie's gift card and our Purple Wine Bar & Cafe gift card.

Shopping.  Yay!

There is also a gal's neighborhood gathering on Wednesday evening and then Thursday is my special birthday dinner (still not sure what that's going to be) and Saturday is another Twelfth Night gathering!  It is a week of parties!  Okay, not my birthday parties, but parties nonetheless.

Speaking of birthdays party, Todd and I decided to have a joint birthday party this year.  Make it easier on our friends.  So a couple of weeks after my birthday and a week before Todd's, we will gather and be merry with crapload of people.

In 60's cocktail attire.

It'll be a swingin' good time.

There will be pictures.


Stephen Rader said...

Love me some ARCHER! Love it! "Danger zone!"

Raechelle said...

Stephen! Where ya been?! I can totally hear the Archer voice - "Danger zone!" Also, "Classic misdirection...." Hee.