Thursday, April 14, 2011

RBW – The Big Day!

1979, maybe
Sadly, Raechelle’s Birthday Week has not been quite the party I was hoping it would be. But shit (and life) happens, and I’m now 36 so I shouldn’t be so disappointed about a stupid ol’ birthday.

But I am. Because I am selfish and still 14 at heart.

Tuesday afternoon was spent in the doctor’s office with Todd. My hubby has been having some tummy trouble and our doc is thinking either ulcer or gallstones. They took some blood, but those results have since come back normal, which is a huge sigh of relief. All levels/enzymes/sugars are normal.

They also scheduled an ultrasound at 8:30am today. Fun. Even funnier was the blaring phone call at 6:30am today, cancelling the appointment because the US tech was sick. Um…you don’t have a back up? Really?

So we rescheduled for next week.

And to add insult to injury, Todd either has a bad cold or a sinus infection so I don’t think he’s up for spoiling me today, and neither is Kayleigh as she’s been down for two days with a major case of the blahs. Poor baby. So, we’ll just have to postpone the spoiling.

Pre-voluptuous.  And already a wild woman.
I kinda got the party started last night, however. My neighbor had some gals over for her Jockey Person to Person launch party (sounds dirty, doesn’t it?). It’s like a Tupperware party, but with Jockey clothes (and no undies). They actually have some really lovely pieces of clothing. Their Modal line is soft and flowy. Perfect for us…ahem…voluptuous women who hate it when clothes cling to their…voluptuousness.

I knew half the women there, so it was a nice, social evening for me. With wine.

And because Jane made the mistake of telling me that my Frumpy Friday sweater that I wore was “darling”, I’m wearing it to work today! Frumpy be dammed!

I’m also calling this the Brazen Braless Birthday because the tank I’m wearing under the frumpy sweater doesn’t warrant a bra. Look out!! Stand too close, and you may indeed get some 3D.

CB took me out to lunch, so that was the big celebration today. Well, that and the two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts she brought in yesterday because, she said, she just couldn’t wait for my birthday. And I’m not proud, but I had three donuts, one banana, one glass of water and three glasses of wine yesterday. Oh, and two pieces of cheese.

I may not live to see 37, huh?

Ice "skating" on the frozen creek
As far as a birthday vacation goes, I’m not 100% sure I get the day off tomorrow, since Mr. Cranky Non-Decorating Coworker had to go home this week for a family emergency. It just depends on how things go today.

Sigh.....All in all, let’s just say this week is shot, and save all that birthday energy for the par-tay. As long as I get to party at some point, I’m happy.

Taking after my mama with a pixie

Update!  It's been a slow day so I get tomorrow off!  Well, off work anyway, since Todd's ultrasound was rescheduled, yet again, for tomorrow at 9am.  Oh well.  I'll just sleep in on Sunday!

My punk rocker costume, 19..8..4?


Yet Another Update!

What a lovely evening. Todd made dinner (roast chicken, pasta and salad) and bought me one of our very favorite bottles of wine (Coppola Rosso) and even got a chocolate strawberry cake that was DELICIOUS.  And we watched Paul Blart, Mall Cop, which was just stupid, but so funny.  I love Kevin James.

First thing Monday, back on the wagon! Until then, let's party!!


Anonymous said...

Being the punk rocker you were, yes, it was 1984 - the date was on the back of the pic, but I forgot to tell you that - sorry. I'm sorry your B/D week got messed up, but wait for the party....

Love ya, mom

Lucy Leadskin said...

Happy belated birthday, sweetie! xo!