Friday, September 24, 2010

I Guess It Makes Sense to a Pregnant Woman

I made a huge vat of potato soup last night, so we had oodles of leftovers. I texted CB to see if she liked potato soup and would she like some for lunch today. She replied with “Sounds yummy! I’ll bring something to share, like Pop Tarts or something.”

I laughed. She’s so funny. And she is so lovin’ her Pop Tarts right now.

So we get to work today and we’re chatting and I asked what she brought to share. With a look of duh-I-already-told-you-what-I-was-bringing, she said “Pop Tarts. Strawberry for you because I know you like strawberry, and cherry for me. Yum!”


I emailed Todd and told him and he replied with, “You said I could be the bad guy, so here goes: Pop Tarts are SWEETS.” I argued with him for a minute. “But “sweets” are in the bakery aisle! Pop Tarts aren’t in the bakery aisle! They’re a breakfast food! There’s no chocolate or cheesecake or whipped cream! They don’t count!”

Then he sent me the “nutritional” information for Pop Tarts.

One tart has 200 calories (45 from fat), 2g (8%) saturated fat, 170mg (7%) sodium, 37g (12%) carbs, and 17g sugar. Double that if you eat both in the package.

Oh, okay fine!

Admitting defeat, I walked down to the little bakery and bought four rolls. Two for me, two for CB. Because she probably shouldn’t be eating the Pop Tarts either. Pregnant or not.

I definitely deserve a bott…er….glass of wine tonight.

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Kristin said...

I heart pop-tarts! But yeah, there's absolutely nothing in them that's good for you. I found "organic" pop-tarts at Whole Foods, so I buy those now. They make me feel a little better about eating pop-tarts at all.