Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

One of the reasons why I love Seattle is that we utilize goats.

This is all the rage now. Does any other city in the country utilize goats? They’re hired to clear out brush both commercially and privately.


We’ve got another foot!
However, this one wasn’t in a tennis shoe. Interesting…

You may recall from previous posts that we have quite the foot problem up here in the Pacific Northwest.


The kitties had their check up last week, and despite Sir Barfsalot's little puking issue, he's 100% healthy.  As is Elvis.  They also got their nails got clipped, so now it won't be so painful when Tom kneads my stomach like he's starting doing.

Todd and I have deduced that Tom pukes when he's stressed.  And he seems to be most stressed when I leave for work.  I often get emails from Todd that say "And just as you walked out the door, Tom horked."

However!  If Tom gets his lovin' the night before, and a little attention from me in the morning before I leave, he seems to be fine.  Guess he has some anxiety issues.  Living in a chicken coop will do that to you.


Everything in my house is Todd sized.  Including the biscuits.


Speaking of food, you can always tell what Kayleigh doesn't like at dinner.

In this case, red peppers and mushroom.


I have been trying to get this post up since Friday.  There's just no time!  If I do have time, I'm snoozing on the bed or the couch.  I'm just so sleepy.  And the SAD season really isn't even full swing yet!  Although it is very fall like and dreary today. 

I will tell you we had a lovely Labor Day weekend.  Social time with Steve and Stephanie, lots of cleaning, lots of sleep, and my first ever game of Monopoly.  I did pretty well - Kayleigh and I bankrupted Todd and Tyler and then were trying to bankrupt each other.  After three and a half hours, we had to call it and tally up.  She beat me by $2000.  But I had 3/4 of the board.  MWHAHAHAHA.

If only I'd bought the Boardwalk first.  Hmph.


And school starts tomorrow!  Yay!!

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