Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extremely Late Weekend Update. And Happy Birthday Daddy!

Our weekend was much fun. It started with movie night on Friday, and new people, Landon, gaffer and do it all extraordinaire, and his girlfriend, Dallas. They, along with Dan and Trish, came over to watch Howard Hughes’ “Hell’s Angels”, a film from 1930.

It was mockable, but for it’s time, it has amazing camerawork. So I’m told by the movie dudes.

Dan and Trish had to leave rather early, but Dallas and Landon hung out until about 1:30am. It was inspiring to talk movies, childhoods and music with them. New people are good for that.

Saturday morning, Todd, Tyler and I got up and headed to Raff’s for a garden party. “Party” meaning please work on our yard and we’ll feed you and there’s beer. I was in charge of weeding the front of the house, which faces east and has a shit load of rose bushes. So I was baking and being attacked by thorns for most of the day. Not an ideal way to spend a Saturday, but I was muy productive and I met some new people and, really, I had a good time. Look at me, branching out!

Get it? Branching? Gardening?


After the garden torture, Todd and went home (Tyler left hours before) to clean up and loaf on the couch. Todd whipped up some dinner, then the kids retired to their separate rooms so Todd and I decided to watch an episode or two of Dexter.

Holy crap. We ended up watching the last four episodes of season one and I was just in freakin’ awe. I can’t imagine how they’re going to top this storyline. Fantastic.

Also, Saturday was my daddy’s 68th birthday.

I started to write a post about him back in April when the West Virginia mine exploded and collapsed. He was a coal miner when we lived in West Virginia, although he never went down into the mines; he was a surface miner. But mom still worried about him every morning when he left for work. So, when a mine disaster happens, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic.

So, I started to a post to honor Dad. But I couldn’t get it done within any reasonable amount of time, and then I thought, “I’ll post it for his birthday!” and well, you see how well that worked, and so now I’m just hoping to get it posted by Father’s Day, 2011. That’s a reasonable goal, right?

Okay, maybe I’ll shoot for Christmas.


Sunday was domestic football day. We made a big breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and fried apples (thankyouverymuch), then threw in some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and got ready for Steve and Steph to come over for the game.

I started off optimistic, but that only lasted until halftime. The ‘Hawks just weren’t up to snuff. They had, what, three turnovers? Ridiculous. I kept screaming for them to put Charlie in, but no one was listening. Hmph.

Steph had to leave right after the game, but Steve stuck around to watch the beginning of the Manning bowl. I love to watch Peyton play. He’s a great leader.

Eli? Not so much. Poor guy.

So, of course, the Colts won.

And then, the Sunday night wind down. Getting ready for the new week, finishing up the laundry, trying to get to bed early. It just depresses me.

Kermit, my co-worker, was talking about our group moving into a new building when it finally gets built, probably about 8 years down the road.

Ah gawd. Eight years?!

I told him I may not be here in eight years. I’m pretty much just working day to day, waiting for Todd to tell me to stop because he’s sold a TV series or a movie. I come home from work everyday and look at him expectedly, waiting for those beautiful words “You can quit your job!” but so far, nada.

But I am not deterred!

I have faith in my honey! It’s gonna happen!
I just know it!

Good juju! Send the good juju!

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