Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is This Your Foot?

There is an eerie mystery up here in the Pacific Northwest. Very Stephen King-esque.

Single feet, all in running shoes, are being found in the water. They’re popping up in rivers and in the sound. Since August of 2007, seven athletic shoes (different brands) containing a human foot have washed ashore. It seems that most of them are right feet. There’s no foul play suggested – it looks like the feet have become “disarticulated” through natural decomposition.

Questions that are being asked:
Is this the work of serial killer who targets runners?

Are these the missing bodies from a 2005 plane wreck near Quadra Island in British Columbia?

Are these victims of suicide, as two of the feet have proven to be a match and once belonged to a depressed man who disappeared in 2007?

It’s very interesting.
Where are these feet coming from?

Check your loved ones.....


Lucy Leadskin said...


Seriously. This is whack.

This post brought to you by the oddly appropriate veriword "desicker". Something I'd like NOT to go through.

dee said...

That is just plain weird!