Friday, January 8, 2010

Really? Fantastic.

Our new head coach was fired today.
After one season.

Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

I admit it - the ‘Hawks absolutely blew chunks this season. We ended up 5-11. Just shoot me.

But it was Mora’s first year! And half of our starters were hurt! I would think it takes a bit of time for a brand spankin’ new coach, as well the entire team, to develop a rhythm after such a major change. Hell, ask any Redskins fan about that!

What really, REALLY chaps my hide is that the team CEO tried to keep Mora on board. He knew it wasn’t entirely Mora’s fault. He was willing to try again.

But no. It was the team owner who fired Mora.
Paul Allen.

Aw, gawd.

I already have a HUGE beef with this man – he thought up the SLUT.

So, next season, we get yet another new coach and we then we’ll have a shitty season because everyone is still getting know everyone. And if that coach can't please Allen, he'll get fired and we'll get another new coach and then 2011 will be a shitty season, and so on and so on and so on. That’s going to be AWESOME for team morale!

Go back to buying buildings and snarling traffic, Allen.
Leave the football decisions to the guys who actually know about football.


Dee said...

Welcome to our world (Redskin fans).

Kristin said...

Sounds all too familiar. It's hell having an arse for an owner. And never having consistency. I feel for you.