Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Mom!

Five years ago, my mom had half of her left lung removed due to lung cancer. According to the American Lung Association, the expected 5-year survival rate for all patients in whom lung cancer is diagnosed is 15.5 percent.

Only 15.5 percent of lung cancer patients live to see their 5 year anniversary of diagnosis.

And my mother is one of them.

Pardon me while I cry.

I had started to go into the whole story of the surgery and sleeping in the hospital room with her for a week and the incompetent nurse that didn't even know that you could unhook the suction tube from the wall so mom could go to the bathroom and the whole epidural fiasco (they put it in the WRONG PLACE) and all the other sad painful memories that, honestly, I would just like to forget....

But then I thought, this is not the day for remembering those painful memories. We've been doing that for five years. This is the day to celebrate mom. And the fact that she's still with us.

So, raise your glasses!


To my mama. I love you.


Anonymous said...

"Clink" - and you even sent me 5 of my very favorite roses - yellow! Thank you for remembering.


perennialgirl said...

Congratulations! Much love from another daughter who's been there.

Anonymous said...

From another daughter who's been there - with a different outcome. God knows, I love your Mama too! What would I do without my email buddy?? ;>) Here's to you Aunt Annie - "clink" - and many, many more years!

Anonymous said...

Clink clink and clink! All I have at the moment is a bottle of water, which doesn't clink too good. But come 4:30 p.m., IT'S MILLER TIME and a can of that clinks better than a water bottle! It is beyond my verbal capacity to say how happy I am that I STILL HAVE MY BEST FRIEND!!!! Love You Annie, and my 3rd daughter, Bink!

tbone said...

Seeing as how you already know my story, you know I mean it when I say ANY survival story is a good one - but when it's your parent, it's that much better!

Keep it up, Mom! :)

Heather said...

Yay Raechelle's mom!!!

Kristin said...

Woo hoo! I didn't even realize. I also love me some Aunt Annie!!! :)Cheers to that!

The Hamilton's said...

"Clink"! 5 years is awesome! Love you bunches Aunt Annie!