Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cars and Kitchens

I’m getting used to the new car. Actually, without thinking I apologized to it last week when I hit a pothole at lunch. Crap. I may be getting attached.

I’ve finally figured out the bluetooth system and it’s pretty handy. I got a call on the way home last week when CB was in the car with me and it scared the crap out of her. This voice comes on and says “Incoming Call”. Then I just push a button and start talking. Apparently, I don’t have voice recognition, so I still have to manually dial the phone number. No biggie. I don’t normally dial calls on my drive home, just answer them.

I’ve gotten some suggestions for names for the car. “Sugar” and “Foxy” (as in Silver Fox) and "Silver Bullet" but I told Todd, this car reminds me of a little skinny 20 something guy, with a Beatles haircut who’s addicted to his iPhone and other techie gadgets. You can picture him – he’s in pencil jeans, hipster shoes and probably has stubble.

So, name that boy. If this were a German car, I’d call him “Dieter”, but it’s Korean, so Dieter doesn’t really work.


We got our new kitchen cabinets and counter top!
(like, four weeks ago...sigh..I'm so behind)

We are officially done with the house.
At least for a few months.

Well, we still need a garbage disposal....

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Anonymous said...

Cabinets & kitchen are BEAUTIFUL! Love, MM