Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Weekend Update

Last visit to the old house on Friday. Done!

Dan and Trish visit. Pag’s pizza for dinner and a little champagne. Because WE DESERVE IT.

A little unpacking.

Off to Bellingham Saturday morning for Jessica’s wedding.

Wait. We need new locks?! Agent to handle. Whew.

Arrive in B-Ham. Drop off Kayleigh. Purchase wedding rings.


Arrive at B&B. Where are TBFE’s dress clothes for wedding?!

Off to Sears for pants, belt and dress shirt.

Back to B&B.

Shower and clean up for wedding. Hair dryer doesn’t work. Lights don’t work. Clock is dead. No power.

Transformer blew. 4600 people without power. Wedding hall without power.

Arrive for “sound check” at wedding. Ha. No power. No sound. Generator on the way.

Generator is too late. Jess needs to walk down the aisle. Todd strums the guitar for her. She is radiant.

I sing “Come Away With Me”. People clap.

Dinner in the dark. LED lanterns to show us the food. Very romantic.

Lots of wine. Lots and lots and lots of wine.

I do not fall down! May have broken a toe, though. Not sure how that happened.

Power is restored.

Sunday morning. Breakfast at the B&B. Mexican blintz. Pineapple and banana in a crepe with honey. Yuck. Rae-rae fuels up on coffee and sausage.

Seahawks game! Where to watch? Nothing open. Miss the first half.

Off to Todd’s folks’. Kayleigh is sick. Game is on!

Lunch. Yum.

Back to Seattle. Pick up Tyler. Wait on agent who has new keys to new lock.

New lock isn’t working. Need another one.

Some unpacking. Bedroom is almost done.

Can’t do anything with the bathroom. Need circular curtain rod and shelves. Should arrive next week.

Dinner. Take out. Must quit that. Pants are very unhappy.

Cuddle time with sick girl. Fever of 101. Set her up with a movie.

More unpacking. Kitchen is coming along. Must find the food.

In bed at 10pm. Not too bad.

Up late this morning. Discover water heater is not turned on. Must wait for a shower. Back to bed. Oh darn.

Showered and off to work. Welcome wine on front porch. A friend lives across the street. Who knew?!

Busy at work. Busy at home. Busy busy busy.

Ready for Kauai.

Oh, wait. Wedding in a month!


Anonymous said...

Rae needs to slow down and breath - in and out, in and out. It will all come together. Give K a hug for me and tell her to feel better.

Love ya, mom

The Mysterious Traveler said...

As I contemplate a possible household move to California, I can't begin to tell you how inspiring this is!

Dee said...

How do you even stay sane?? Your mom's right though, it will all work out eventually. One day at a time. And I can't believe your friend had no power for her wedding!!!