Friday, October 2, 2009

Is This Year Over Yet?

Good gawd, it’s been a busy two days.

We moved! And we signed papers!

The packing took 10 hours on Wednesday. And the move took eight hours yesterday. Our new house is a maze of boxes, but I know what I’m doing – I made the beds and found the toothbrushes before doing anything else.

I have declared that I wish to never, ever move again. Ever. I’m done.

And after a long, busy day of moving, we sat down and signed escrow papers at 5pm. I am now a homeowner.

I like to say, “I’m vesting. Right here, in front of your very eyes.”

We are without internet (and TV) until next Wednesday, so our updates will be few and far between. But at least we’re over two major hurdles.

Now can we please focus on the fun stuff? Like the wedding?!

Only 36 days to go!!

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