Friday, October 30, 2009


We have a question!

So I saw you're online and remembered I need to ask, now: Exactly where did you get your food-waste-suitable bags and bin? Our solution has become... honestly we have no solution. Help.

- Anonymous
(the twit wouldn’t email back when I asked for permission to use his name)

We use the BioBags.

At first, we had a countertop/under the sink composter like you get at Bed, Bath & Beyond. But just FYI, the white ceramic one sucks (it’s not even offered anymore). The neck is smaller than the rest of it, so when it's full, it's too difficult to get the bag out. And we discovered it wasn't big enough for a family of 4, since we can now compost napkins, paper plates, cardboard food containers, etc.

So we got a kitchen trash can, one that you step on the pedal and it lifts the lid. We use the tall kitchen BioBags in that and probably change it out twice a week. The lid keeps the fruit flies out and the smell down, but you still have to take the bag well before the can fills up.

An excellent question this week.

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