Friday, October 16, 2009

Suddenly, I'm Vain

I had my trial run with Alyssa, the gal who’s doing my make up and hair for the wedding. She’s a friend of Todd’s and very young and very enthusiastic. We did the trial in her mom’s kitchen, with her brother and sister (twins) cracking jokes and giving tips. Her mom came in midway and stated it had been a helluva day and she was opening a bottle of wine and who wanted some.

It was a fun night.


Oh my gawd, the gray! I went in the bathroom to take a look at the finished product and was in awe at the streaks. I’ve never minded they gray before. Really. But seeing it in my perfectly coifed hair was startling. It was like the Bride of Frankenstein. Dark, poofy hair with white running through it. I’m only 34!

I may have to color my hair before the wedding.
I can’t believe it.


I think I might be vain.

You probably think this song is about you...


Lucy Leadskin said...

We love you RaeRae, grey and all!


Kristin said...

The ladies in our family grey early girl. Don't you worry. Go ahead and color those suckers, and don't feel bad about it. As soon as I start getting mine, I'll be doing the same thing. Just like my mom does and Tricia too :) Hope they don't get mad at me for telling their secret!

Anonymous said...

That was a secret, Kristin - I'm telling.
And Rae - have you forgotten what family you come from?? My hair was gray when I was 17-18 years old and your Aunt Jeannie was gray about the same time! Why are you so shocked??
Just don't dye it pink, okay??


Dee said...

Color it, girl, color it! :) You're too young to be sporting gray hair. I can't believe Kristin told my "secret." Hahahaha.