Sunday, December 16, 2007

Errands, Tiny Stuff and Sobriety

My Saturday was not as productive as I had hoped.

I didn't get my christmas cards mailed. The Sip-n-Ship was out of holiday stamps. And I didn't spend all that energy making those freakin' cards, and the pretty return address labels, only to use american stamps. No way. So I'll stop by there one morning this week, when they get more festive stamps in.

I did buy another pair of black boots and two pretty scarfs at Goodwill. That was a highlight. These boots will replace another pair of Goodwill boots that are extremely uncomfortable, so it's not like I'm actually adding to the boot pile. Just substituting. And I'm getting into wearing scarfs with outfits. I kept my pretty, red chenille scarf all night Friday night and it really was pretty warm. So I got this really long, crocheted beige scarf that could go with anything. Hip and warm. I love it.

And I treated myself to a happy meal for lunch. Some people may be embarrassed to 1) even go to McDonald's and 2) order a happy meal at the age of 32, but it's just the perfect amount of food. Even maybe a bite or two too much. Little cheeseburger, little fries, little coke. And I got a toy. Strawberry Shortcake.

After lunch, I stopped into JoAnn's to get bags for the christmas cookies that I'll be making this afternoon. I love JoAnn's. These bags were $.99 with 60%. I got 20 of them. Can't have too many bags.

But then I completely lost it and ended up buying a little tree and little ornaments for my office.

A waste of $12, yes, but come on. That is one cute little tree.

And then last night was the christmas party. I gave Jessica and her man a ride and even, gasp, drove them home. Because I was sober. At a party. Wow.

I nursed a glass of red wine for two hours, then a glass of champagne for two hours. Didn't finish either one of them. Didn't really need to. You know those moment when you're "on"? When people laugh at your jokes and you actually mingle well? That's the kind of night I had. There are nights when I have no umph to leave the couch and I'm tired and I just don't want to talk to anyone (like last weekend's christmas party). But I was actually social last night, so I kept busy. When midnight rolled around, though, I was exhausted. I told Jessica I was leaving and she asked if I was okay to drive. I thought it about it for a minute and said "Uh, yes. How weird." So I ended up taking them home, too.

And now I need to go bake. Well, at some point this afternoon. I'm not motivated right now. Maybe I need a nap.


Kristin said...

Very cute little tree. Definitely worth the twelve bucks!

Mom said...

I love your little tree. I need to find one similar to that for my Christmas tree and get rid of the big one FOREVER (especially since your dad will no longer help me put it together!). You did good!