Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pants That Fit, Fog, Rebellious Driving, Sappy Crap & Balsamic Vinegar

My day started out with putting on pants that actually fit! Some people are going to be so happy about this. My new, smaller jeans I bought back in July are now too big. Well, they're comfy. They're not flattering at all. But I bought a pair of green cords at Goodwill on Saturday that fit me W E L L. No more sagging seat area! And I'll have you know, now that I can see it, my ass is lookin' good.

Then I drove to work in a cloud. A big, thick cloud. I think I'd rather drive in snow. At least I can see two car lengths ahead of me.

And to add to the danger, I ran a red light. On purpose. Actually, the lady beside me and I both ran the red light. Safety in numbers, right? There's a light on Market Street that is specifically for pedestrians. Well, it turned red, we waited, no pedestrians........and then the light didn't change to green. The walk sign went back to the orange hand, but the light stayed red. I creeped up a little. The lady next to me creeped up a little. We looked at each other. We shrugged. We creeped up a little more. We looked at each other again. We smiled and nodded. We drove through the red light. I felt like I was in a gang.

Work is actually okay. Keeping busy, listening to the iPod, singing along. Being pro-ductive. Oh, I finally brought pictures to work. I've never had pictures at work. I had said after I got hired on directly (because I temped here for three months, then got hired on) that I would celebrate by personalizing my desk. Never happened. In May, I finally brought two pictures of me and Steve, and then we broke up, so in the trash they went. I think I took it as a bad omen. But now I have pictures of my folks and some of my friends and it brings a smile to my face to look at them. Reminds me that I'm loved.

Anywho, enought the sappy crap.

Now I'm waiting for my buddy to get her lunch break so we can walk down to World Wrapps and I can get a bento box. I shouldn't spend the money, but the soup I brought just doesn't look appealing. I don't know why I keep buying soup. I don't like soup. There's no accessories when you eat soup. It's just soup. Soup sucks. Unless you have a grilled cheese with it.

Speaking of lunch, the bistro is serving something that has balsamic vinegar in it. Which makes me nauseous (I have to look that word up every single time I try to type it). Steve used oil and balsamic vinegar for salad dressing and if he didn't rinse his bowl out right after we ate, it would just make me sick. I like the taste of it, but the smell is disgusting. I've moved the bottles of it at the Lockspot Cafe because people use it on their fish-n-chips so there's a bottle at each table. Even with the lid on, the smell creeps out.

Just something to know about me.

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Dee said...

Soup doesn't suck! I love soup. There are lot's of accessories for soup - depending on what kind you are eating: crackers, croutons, rolls or bread (good for dippin'), grated cheese. Or have a salad with it - soup & salad - can't go wrong!