Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tip for the Ladies

I read somewhere a while back that when in a pinch, you could use conditioner as a shaving cream (and you laugh at me for ripping out pages of magazines and filing them away.....) Well, I just happened to be in a pinch recently, so I tried it.

Fantastic. Better than any foo foo shaving gel out there, that's for sure. No, it doesn't smell like aloe or rasberries, but you get a damn good shave out of it. I may never spend money on shaving gel again. Consider yourself "tipped".

And speaking of conditioner, what kind of conditioner do salons use that makes that smell stick around for three days? I got my hair cut Tuesday evening and I showered rinsed it out when I got home. Didn't shampoo it, just rinsed it. But I washed my hair Wednesday morning, and then again this morning, and I can still smell that salon conditioner. Is it some kind of subliminal thing? They think if I keep smelling that conditioner, I'll want to go back and get something else done, thus spending even more money there? It's very interesting.....

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